Campus Area Network (CAN)? Definition, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Campus Area Network (CAN)? Definition, Advantages, and Disadvantages

What is Campus Area Network (CAN)?

Definition – CAN stands for “Campus Area Network“, and it is also called the “Corporate Area Network“. CAN network helps to link couples of local area networks with small geographical space. CAN is larger to Local Area Network but it smaller compare to WAN and MAN networks.

Campus Area Network (CAN) has main objective is that offer to best accessibility of campus residential regions such as schools, colleges, university, small institutes (Campus), and corporate area (building).

Campus Area Network

Campus Area Network Diagram

Campus Area Network (CAN) means to connect multiple LAN networks to each other through switches and router, and finally to create a single network.

Advantages of Campus Area Network

There are several benefits of Campus Area Network (CAN), such as


In CAN network,  to use some hardware devices of networking such as hub, routers, switches, cable, bridge etc.

Easy accessibility of data

Multiple departments of campus are connected to each other in CAN networks. So message is fired one time, and it transferred to all nodes easily.

Wireless medium

Wireless connections are used to link various offices and buildings with single organization.

Higher speed

It is capable to transfer huge files with higher speed over entire computer network via internet.


CAN Network is combination of multiple LAN networks, and it takes form a single entity. In CAN network, firewall or proxy server are used for security purpose from unauthorized access.

Share internet connection

Single ISP (Internet Service Provider) is used by different client machines.

Disadvantages of Campus area Network (CAN)

Campus Area Network has some limitations such as

  • Bound to some connecting nodesIt does not support maximum number of nodes. It can connect up to 64 nodes due to electrical loading.
  • Campus Area Network (CAN)’s maintenance is more costly to another network such as LAN, SAN, WAN etc.
  • It can support up to 40 meter length.
  • In CAN network,  to seem undesirable interactions in between all nodes

Examples of Campus Area Network

Campus Area Network (CAN) is used in different applications like as

School Campus

Campus Area Network (CAN) is used in the school campus for getting accessibility in different departments such as administrative office, hostel, libraries, athletic facilities, research labs, two different buildings etc.

University Campus

CAN Network is also very useful in university to make connection with various departments and buildings as well.

Other Examples are:

  • CAN networking use in the large organization and industrial sites with its nearby small building regions.
  • Campus Area Network is also used in the some automotive applications.

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