Advantages and Disadvantages of Expert System | Characteristics in AI

Advantages and Disadvantages of Expert System | Characteristics in AI

In this blog post, we are going to explain about various advantages and disadvantages of expert system as well as characteristics of expert system in artificial intelligence with ease. Make ensure that at the end of this article, you will definitely completely educated about merits and demerits of expert system without any hassle.

Expert System is a computer program that imitates the judgment and behavior of a human or an organization that has expert knowledge and experience in a particular field.

Expert System

Generally, there is a knowledge base in this type of system in which there is an accumulated experience and there is a set of rules to base the basis of knowledge in each particular situation described for the program. Sophisticated specialist systems can be enhanced with a knowledge base or addition of rules set.

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Advantages of Expert System

There are many important benefits of expert system. All mention below such as

  • Enhance delicious quality.
  • Reduces the cost of consulting an expert for solving the problem.
  • Provide a quick and efficient solution to a problem.
  • Offers high reliability.
  • It can tackle a very complex problem that is difficult for a human expert to solve.
  • Gathers scare expertise and use it efficiently.
  • Consistency – they provide consistent answers for repetitive decisions.
  • The expert system is available 24/7 and is never on holiday or off sick when needed.
  • The computer uses all the information it has, unlike a human expert who may forget and make mistakes.
  • Capture expertise before it is lost.
  • Reduce dependence upon one expert.
  • Reduce/eliminate error and inconsistency.
  • Allow non-experts to reach scientifically supportable conclusions.
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Automation and improve decisions.
  • Dissemination expertise and normalization decisions.

Disadvantages of Expert System

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There are some limitations of expert system in various areas such as

  • More expensive
  • Taken more time
  • Higher Consumption
  • Not flexible
  • No having common sense
  • Having more bugs in its programs
  • Not able to adapt to altering environments
  • Difficult to maintain
  • Having legal and ethical areas
  • More expensive in development area
  • Having narrow focus
  • Required ground verification
  • No capable to process for complex automation
  • Require update manually
  • Development for specific domain

Characteristics of Expert System

There are several feature and characteristics of expert system in artificial intelligence.

  • Better reliable compare to human expert
  • Better explanation ability like as human expert’s capability.
  • Expert system has adequate response time that means it is capable to perform any task with in small time period, compare to human expert to chase the target point.
  • Symbolic representations is used for knowledge (rules, networks or frames), and it is able to execute their inference with using of symbolic computations which is closed resemble computations of natural language.
  • Expert system has to link with metaknowledge that means it is known about themselves with own knowledge limitations and abilities. Due to implementation of metaknowledge, it makes more interactive and simple for several data representations.
  • Expert system has better expert knowledge, so it is able to deliver accurate solution with applying of its knowledge.
  • Expert system is very domain specific like as diagnostic expert system is designed to troubleshoot computers, and it is able to perform all activities like as human expert.
  • Expert system is able to justify reasoning that means, it allows you to ask expert system for justifying its generated solution otherwise suggestion provided by it. Expert system offers to users entire rules and facts for using to chase their answers.
  • Expert system is able to explain that how to solve any specific by it, and due to this, user’s confidence is getting high.
  • Expert system is designed with using special programming languages like as LISP and PROLOG. These coding languages are simpler for addition, elimination or substitution with using of current rules and memory management abilities. These programming languages are offering few advantages to expert system such as – mix of integer and real variables, better memory management procedures, Extensive data manipulation routines, Incremental compilation, Tagged memory architecture, and more.
  • Human experts like as perishable but other side of expert system like as permanent.
  • It is capable to distribute the human’s expertise.
  • It has less cost of consulting an expert for several domains like as diagnostic expert system.
  • Expert system has higher level of expertise, so it is able to solve any problem with better efficiency and accuracy.
  • Better flexibility to solution of all problems.
  • Separates knowledge from control
  • Focuses expertise
  • Reasons heuristically
  • Limited to solvable problems

Wrapping Up

Now, i hope that you have been fully educated about various advantages and disadvantages of expert system as well as characteristics of expert system in artificial intelligence with ease. If this post is helpful for you, then please share it along with your friends, family members or relatives over social media platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and more.

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