45+ Advantages of MS Word | Disadvantages of Microsoft Word

Hi Friends! Today, we are going to cover about many advantages of MS Word and its disadvantages as well; involving with various drawbacks and benefits of Microsoft word with ease. After completing this article, make ensure you will definitely completely aware about pros and cons of MS Word without getting any Obstacle.

Overview of Microsoft Word

Microsoft word is word processing software that was designed by Microsoft in 1983 as Multi-Tool word.  Its first version was depended on the framework on Bravo that was world’s first graphical writing program. Then, Microsoft renamed with Multi-Tool Word to Microsoft word, then in October 1983. MS word is widely going to use create the professional quality documents, reports, letters, and more. It also allows user to edit or update your new or existed document. The file keeps saving in Microsoft word has .docx extension.


Users are capable to get download the MS Office 365 application to your hard disk and will also have getting to access to the online version. And, this online version offers you the ability to share and collaborate along with other on your files in the real time.

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What Are Advantages and Disadvantage of MS Word?

From this blog post, we are going to cover various major advantages and disadvantages of MS Word | drawbacks and benefits of Microsoft Word with ease. So, you should be known about them before using of MS Word on your computer system.

Advantages of MS Word

MS word is most powerful word processing software along with many advantages over other programs. Today, it is going to use for several tasks like as editing, writing, and creating documents. So, here are few benefits of Microsoft Word as follow them:

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Ease Availability:

MS Word is an most accessible software, and everyone who their functions can use it. It allows to get download on the internet with ease, as well as you can also get it on your PC by buying it on the CDs and DVDs. Users are also capable get it by windows Live. Microsoft word is mostly going to use globally, and at present time, no any other company with such extensive usage.

User Interface:

MS Word allows user a most flexible user-friendly interface that can be grabbed instantly. It contains the over 100 different commands that are easy to get understand and use but extensively powerful. Microsoft word bases on your developed skills and capabilities instead of the technical skill required, while using any other software.

Easy to Solve Errors:

The text that is made by you can be easily revised with the helping of grammar and spelling checkers that makes the text even most readable and attractive. Whenever, your created text is wrong or incomplete, then it will be helping to correct along with one click. While comparing to other software; you don’t have to need to run through as much processes.

Ease Collaboration:

Whenever, you are going to work on a enlarge project along with a large team of people, then many mistakes are done, But, Microsoft Word has the ability that make it easier to work over the same project along with single file and can be modified at once by couple of people. Microsoft word also contains the most advanced text recognition and formatting abilities as compare the open-source program, and making it easier to incorporate picture, tables, and data into your creating documents.

Instant Help:

Microsoft word offers the most amazing helpful tool for you. It is able to assist you along with each problem that are facing in using this MS word and has no any downside effects. User can also get to know how to use this software along with help of user manuals before getting this program. As well as, it is also most readable and easiest to understand the program over the world.


MS word has the different variants of dictionaries that assist in spelling words. Microsoft word also allows to write stories, magazines, blogs, and so on. Hence, it is a mostly using tool along with its numerous benefits over the software.

Great Flexibility:

MS word allows users sound flexibility features that help to mix the identically document’s styles, text color, and fonts. It also enables users to make the professional business documents that are more unique to other softwares. It is also used in Most of schools, colleges, businesses, and other campuses. It also offers the Gets connection to the internet that allows users to write a blog post online directly. Hence, MS word is a most valuable program that assists us make our desired documents and creates them most attractive.

Easy to Customization:

Microsoft word allows users to get customize the look and feel of their task and personalize their work. Users are also capable to edit text’s size, style, font, and color. But, other any software doesn’t provide this ability. It also contains the most advanced text recognition and formatting abilities as compare the open-source program, and making it easier to incorporate picture, tables, and data into your creating documents.

Simplest Editing:

Microsoft word is also going to use for making simplest editing. The work that was finished past can be edited once again without any hassle. Mostly, Microsoft word is used in offices for making their CVs, templates, business latters, resumes, and more. MS word lets user to get reviews your created document and make edit accordingly your needs. It also offers us a best solution to revise our CV otherwise resume before sending it out to important areas.

Grammar Checking:

MS word is enabled with this advanced feature, which assists us making our writing perfectly. It blinks the highlights all your mistakes, like as grammar or spelling. It has also ability to change the sentence structure, eliminate unwanted words, and rearrange the words. This is the stunning feature among of the other software’s features.

Compatibility & Versatility:

It is most compatible along with almost all other data types; as well as it also allows users to get format documents in different manners. Users can also save their documents on the device, and it is most beneficial for users because they are able to use their document even whenever away from their PCs. MS word offers users to provide quality documents with using of its tools to make excellent documents. While adopting this feature, users are capable to make quality documents without getting to use other apps instead of MS word.

Best Accuracy:

While using of Ms Word, users have the permission to get control of their documents. This is because MS word is most powerful and flexible. Hence, user can also enhance the accuracy of its documents due to it’s highly customization feature.

Ease To Learn:

Cause of its user-friendly interface, users is able to quickly learn the basic of MS word in some times. Due to this advantage, users can use MS word without aid of professionals

Good Speed & Efficiency:

Microsoft word permits users to work smoothly; It has various features that make it easy to use. For instance, it will make enable users to correct spelling mistakes as they can write their work without getting any need to re-type them in case of errors.

Most Security & Protection:

Microsoft word offers the protection for your precious data along with security features that make ensure your information is safe. Users can also use password while opening a document, and then you are able to lock the document to prevent from someone seeing it. Users can also give the permissions that only specific person get access to the document.

Keep Save Time & Money:

You can also save your most of time, while doing to work on it without needing to find the internet for information. Therefore, users are able to make documents instantly by using MS word. Hence, it a sufficient app that keep saving money, because it lets users to save money and time while doing work on it.

Easy to Sharing:

MS word also permits you to share your document on the cloud storage via One Drive; as well as you are also able to send email and post to the blog.

Versions list:

If suddenly, you shut the MS word document, then this software will automatically keep save changes in it. You are capable to couple of versions of a document. This document can be restored and select the version you wish.

Convert to PDF Format:

Once completed your editing document, then you can easily convert it to the PDF format. This is most easy and handy feature of Microsoft word.

Save & Print:

Microsoft also allows users to keep save and print option for saving a version of the file on disk. Users are able to get print a copy by helping the same opportunity. As well as, MS word permits the print into PDF format, documentation, letter, and more.

Saving Documents as Email:

Microsoft word permits their users to keep save the document as an email to send it out to other person through email. Thus, users are also able to send it in rich text format and rich text attachment.

Making Connection:

MS word allows users to make a hyperlink for getting cross-reference in between different places like as documents, tables, or websites. Whenever you make click on this button, then form prompts you to fill new items.

Add Images & Objects into Document:

MS word permits users to put the pictures and other objects into your documents. While adding pictures, your document will look most attractive and make text easy to read, then it assists you make the better documents by inserting images and objects for your documents.

Add Audio & Video Content:

MS word also allows users to add audio and video content in your documents, then it assists the users make an amazing and powerful document in the MS word by inserting pictures, audios, video files, and so on.

Making a Drawings:

MS word also permits user to make drawing, then it will help you to do a business in a online job. In the MS word document, you can draw several items that you have to need in your documents. This feature is most helpful for students with homework, research, and the presentation of innovation. It enhances your creativity by offering you a chance to use your imagination.

Word Counter:

This is amazing tool that helps to count the words or characters in documents. This tool also assists to analyse the documents and make ensure that you have not work out of terms. That means, it guides you that how many word are in your document. Most of content writer have to need to count their words of blog post.

Mail Merge:

If your some data is existed in the Excel and you wish to make integration that data in the word document then it takes your little bit time. For instance; if anyone has a letter that to be forward to 100 person. Then you can add those 100 people in the Excel. Next, you have to need make connection the excel to a single word document. Therefore, Microsoft word will make 100 many documents by putting data from excel.

Mobile Application:

Microsoft word also contains a mobile app as well. If you are using the Windows or Android mobile user then you can adopt the MS word as mobile application. This mobile app also allows the flexible user-interface.


This is also great advantage of MS word that permits you to insert your desired text/name onto the copy along with own copyright, while getting to print. Hence, user can set your own watermark for a document, then every time you publish the document, your watermark will be printed on it.

Making the Integration with Office Workflow:

MS word is already integrated along with the office workflow, so users are able to use the many applications in the office suite. For example, it is most easy to edit a spread sheet by using MS word.

Pre-Defined Templates:

MS word allows you various ready-made templates that help you to create start up documents. The template has preformatted placeholders that just you can add you content on them.

Quickly Search:

Users can also find out anything in the document with ease. You can also swap any word in the existed document and it is quickly process as well.

Having Quick Access Bar:

MS word provides you many options to add and delete items from the quick access toolbar. This toolbar assists in your tasks when you are going to type anything. With the help of toolbar, users can also change font size & type, make bold and italic, and so on.

Popup Toolbar:

Whenever you choose any number or word then popup toolbar will be displayed. Then you are able to execute many tasks in this; for instance aligning text, changing the size of font, color of text, bold and other formats as well.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Word

In this section, we are going to explain various disadvantages and limitations of MS word in detail; below shown each one, you can read them:

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If you want to purchase the Microsoft Word then it could be costly for you. But, there are other many alternatives to Microsoft word that are totally free of cost. So, you can adopt free word processors that are most powerful and will satisfy your needs.

More Complicated:

If you are a new user of MS word then you will get feel hassle understanding the features of Microsoft word? This is because, there are lots of options and you might not use mostly option while doing work on your document.

Not Completely Intuitive:

Today, few functions are not fully intuitive, and it may take while to get your desired effects. Sometimes, i had problems with trying to add images and align text perfectly around the images. We know that this option is presented on MS word, but it doesn’t always get the desired effect.


MS word allows users to copy and paste any copyrighted content on the document and there is no limitations on this. Hence, it is possibility to create the duplicated text is higher.

Eliminated Features:

Few familiar features of MS word have been deleted in the past like as iconic toolbar was replaced by the ribbon. Past sometimes, MS word has tools such as speech recognition; this feature became a portion of Windows.

Having Ribbon:

The ribbon is the upper menu at the toolbar, and it is going to use categorize with many different options in the document. Mostly people make feel with difficulty in using ribbon, because various options in easiest ribbon and mostly features are not easy to use by newcomers.

Increase File Size:

If you keep saving same content in the notepad then this document size will be lesser but, if you save content into Microsoft word then its file size will be enhanced. Because, Microsoft word keeps storing the addition information also; thus it will increase the document size.

Requires Higher System:

When you open the office then it is capable to run at lesser system specification, but Microsoft word requires higher system configurations like as higher RAM and fastest processor to operate MS work efficiently.

Not Availability on Mac:

At present time, Microsoft word is not present on the Mac system; just Windows users have eligible to use it. As well as MS word is also available on Windows and Android phone.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the benefits of MS Word in education?

There are many advantages of Microsoft word in education areas (schools and colleges) like as:

  • Enhances document appearance
  • Allows sharing of documents
  • Allows collaboration of documents

What are the major advantages of Microsoft Word in business?

MS word allows you to create any business document like as presentations, proposals, company reports, plans, and budgets. This is because its design features are simplest and easiest to use.

What are the main 10 disadvantages of Microsoft Word?

  • Pricey
  • More Complicated
  • Not Completely Intuitive
  • Plagiarism
  • Eliminated Features
  • Having Ribbon
  • Increase File Size
  • Requires Higher System
  • Not Availability on Mac

What are the pros and cons of using MS Word?

In this blog post, already we have been revealed above various pros and cons of Microsoft Word in detail, you can check them.

Final Remarks

Now i can hope that you have been fully learnt about many advantages and disadvantages of MS Word; as well as various drawbacks and benefits of Microsoft Word with ease. If this article is useful for you, then please share it along with your friends, family members or relatives over social media platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and more.

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