30+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft Access | Features & Benefits

Hi Learners! Today, we are going to illustrate about many advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Access; as well as benefits and features of MS Access with ease. Through this article, you will get to know about various pros and cons of using Microsoft Access without any getting hassle.

Overview of MS Access

Microsoft Access is a most popular database management system that is introduced by the Microsoft, in 1992 as the first version of MS Access; and it is the part of Microsoft 365 office suite that keeps store data in its format.


MS Access merges the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software development tools. This database also allows user to analyse the large humongous amount of information and keep manage data with more efficiently.

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Advantages MS Access

Here, we are going to cover about many merits and benefits of Microsoft Access; below shown each one, you can read them:

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Easiest to Install:

MS Access only consumes few minutes for getting to install, then you will get a database that is fully functionally along with the Wizard to instruct you at each step. Users don’t require to aware any computer language to get access Microsoft Access database. Therefore, the simple computer system is also able to take benefits of this database that can be collected by this machine.

Simplest to Integrate:

Pretty simple, to get integration MS Access along with software programs that is based on the Windows. This is also enabled with other products like as Sybase, SQL, and Oracle for back end or front end tables in the MS Office suite. You can easily keep maintain it as compare other systems.

Eminent Product:

Microsoft Access is getting most popularity as desktop Relational Database Management System over the world.

Massive Amounts of Data Storage Capacity:

MS Access lets you to keep store multiple database objects and other data up to 2 GB. MS Access also allows to numerous users at a single access application. 10 users are capable to get access application over the network at a same time. While using MS Access, user has permission to fire query and analyse amount of data without getting to know of SQL (Structured Query Language).

Most Compatible with SQL:

You should know about that Microsoft Access is compatible with SQL. MS Access allows user to use queries as graphically and SQL statement directly in Macros and Visual Basic for Application Modules. There are possibility to merge and use both VBA and Macros as a programming languages and logic and provide the object oriented possibilities; as well as, it can be fired queries with VBA.

Cost Affordability:

Microsoft Access is inexpensive to use and keep maintain as compare to enlarge database systems like as SQL server and Oracle; as well as it can be used as free for few small business. From when, it is enabled with professional suite of office products, several small businesses that are already have it, and are simplest not using it right now.

Pretty Simple to Share Data:

Microsoft Access is enable with multiple user features that lets you to get share your database with up to 40 persons at once; and then all users have permission to edit and make changes database which is shared by you. On the latest versions, users are also able to make a web application that lets users to modify and make change at the specific aspect of few databases by using the web browser.

Robustness Actions:

MS Access has also ability to work as automation frequently performed actions along with Macros and point and click options. Microsoft Access can also report you as a summarized data into printed or electronic format.

Build-In Templates and Wizards:

Microsoft Access has various ready-to-use templates and Wizards databases with in program, as well as they can be downloaded from Microsoft’s official website. With using them, users can get enhance a database with pre-defined table, forms, queries, macros, and reports.

Easy to Import and Export:

MS Access contains a group of tools underneath the <External Data> menu heading that can be implemented for getting to import an existed data from many sources. It also allows you to import data from Excel, Word, and Web browser. This tool is most helpful, if you have data from several platforms then the <External Data> tab lets you to get export data from Microsoft Access to a plenty of formats. It can be considered as best backup solution for your precious data since all data is saved by helping the MS Access at the same place.

Easily to Upgrade:

Microsoft Access can be easily upgraded for the growing organizations. If your database is taking large shape then MS Access lets users to get upgrade to SQL Server along with a MS Access Data Project.

Simplest User-Interface:

Microsoft Access allows users an advanced and most attractive graphic user interface that makes it ideal for making, managing, producing reports, and analysing database.

Get Access as Remotely from The Website:

If you try to access any data as remote user then MS Access allows you to get full control and functionality, then telecommuting can become a best solution of database managers.

Analysis of Databases:

Users can easily to get analyse a database along with the MS Access than to other database systems. Many assistance services are available on the MS Access, which are getting to help to analyse and make request that is already made database and create reports

Disadvantages of Microsoft Access

There are many drawbacks and limitations of MS Access; as follow:

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Triggers and Advanced Ability:

Microsoft Access doesn’t have any advanced and triggered feature for making scheduling jobs such as backup. Although, these functions can be implemented; but then you have to need complex coding and use the external programs and libraries.

Finite Database System:

If you are going to use a enlarge data then you might be find a limited file size. Then Microsoft Access is not comfortable for you as compare it to the other database systems, which are following the client server model. If you have a smaller or certain database requests then it is best option for you.

Speed Issue:

As technically, it has limitation about 255 users as concurrently. Thought, many users are also capable to login to Microsoft Access at a same time. Then it becomes slow performance, if 10 concurrent users in a divided database.

All Data Kept in One File:

MS Access allows users limited storage space for saving files and data, the one file format decrease the performance and efficiency of application. Then it may report to need few minutes to create and share. It can lead to crashing issue for forms and queries on the some computer systems.

Difficult to Incorporate Multimedia Data:

Due to single file saving problem, multimedia data has to need a lot of space that means only few files can really get down slow database of performance.

Lacking of Support:

Usually database development and in the Microsoft Access is getting to initiate by a full-time member, then this guy has full responsibility for getting to support the database. Whenever, this person is not presented then nobody is responsible for this database.

Availability Only on Windows:

Unlike the other RDBMS (Relational Database System), Microsoft Access database system is cost-effective product. But it is developed only along with business and a Business Premium version of Office 365; as well as, it is available only on the Windows platform instead of other.

Not Availability over the Internet:

It is the biggest drawback of MS Access that it doesn’t works as ‘Groupware‘ that means plenty users are able to get access over the internet and contribute. It has ability only to get download and used over the local system across the LAN networks.

Not Comfort for Group Use:

MS Access has been developed only for specific user usage. It gets experience bad impact, if multiple users try to get access it over the network concurrently. Although as technically, it can be used by 255 users concurrently; but it becomes intensive slow performance along with 5-10 users.

Security and Threats Issues:

If you are going to prefer MS Access database as a concern of protection and threats with comprehensive database security protocols, then it may not convince for you. But, user can ignore this problem by using the MS Access at the front end of SQL server.

Database Corruption:

If you are using the different kinds of Windows operating system at a business like as from Windows 98 to the latest Windows 10; and you are getting to try share the MS Access database along with mixed operating system users; then it may be corrupt the information.

Difficult to Time Critical Transactions:

If you are going to generate data that requires is quickly using or distributing; then it may not be right for you. It is a long term database for data mining and metric evaluation, beyond of this.

Less Scalability:

When Microsoft Access allows the multiple users, then this database can get overloaded as compare to other database. So, Microsoft is not getting to support maximum amount of data.

Less Developer Experience:

Due to lack of developer experience, non-programmer developer immediately gets over its heads during development phase. Furthermost, design decisions might be massive impact the usability and scalability of database gets down the road.

File Server Application:

Microsoft Access is a file server app, instead of client server application that means the whole database and software available at the memory of every user’s system. Therefore, it is insufficient and can lead to bugs and potential corruption.

Large Complexity:

If it is getting to expect that going to use of this database will be going to become mission critical otherwise server greater require to originally decided plan; then it will be suggested to seek alternative databases like as designed with using SQL Server.

Features of Microsoft Access

Here, we are going to show the best features of MS Access that they can be used if you are finding for simplest database management system; below shown each one, you can check them:

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Tables: MS Access tables look wise as an Excel spread sheet that consists the rows and columns. But in which, all rows and columns are represented the records and fields.

The table is the backbone and a storage box of the data that is entered into the database. If the table is not getting to set up perfectly then your database will be slow and provide the wrong output otherwise not make reaction you expert.

Utilization of Data: Microsoft Access is most helpful for making professional tables, and then this created table can be exported in MS Excel, MS Word, and any MS Office applications. MS Access allows user to create the functions like as data input, data edit, and data retrieval. As well as, MS Access also acts as any other database like as keep storing information together, making connection in between different items.

Backstage View: The backstage view allows to keep start the Access software but don’t open the database. With helping the MS Access Backstage view; you are capable to perform various database management works like as opening and creating a new one file.

Relationships: With establishing the relationships, users are able to make a connection in between two different tables. This relationship enables fields of two tables with having the corresponding data.

Query: A query is a request that is given by the user to get understand data outputs. With using of Queries; you can create the edit, calculation, combine data along with any other table.

Forms: MS Access database forms allow you to enter, view, and edit data of one row at same time. With helping of a form, users are capable to manage about how someone makes interaction along with the database information. So, you have to go the Create tab of Access Ribbon menu for getting the blank form, and then you can easily design it as per your need.

Pages: This object class allows to make a data access page that can be easily posted on the website of any organization with using of internet.

Report: When all information is put into the database, then it can be analysed or reviewed by using the report. A report can be easily modified or customized as per the user’s needs.

Macros: Macro is an automation way for getting to access the carry out a consecutive series of action for the database. MS Access offers you a selection of actions, which are going to carry out in the order you enter. Macro also lets you to open forms, run queries, run other macros, change values of a field, and so on.

Module: This lets you a set of pre-defined instruction that to be made by the developer in the database. They are getting to use throughout the database.

Tell Me: This ‘Tell me what you want to do’ feature is showing at the right on the ribbon on top. Users are able to write whatever task you wish to do and you can have a list of suggestions.

Attachment: Multiple pieces of data can be attached together and recorded into database. Microsoft Access is getting to support file attachment like as documents, graphics, and pictures into the database.

Input Masks: The input masks identify the valid format of your given input value in a field; although this feature only works for Access desktop databases. Input masks can make ensure the consistency of put value, especially in sensitive value field such as phone numbers and ZIP Codes.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the advantages of MS Access over MS Excel?

Microsoft Access is the best solution to keep manage data that is getting to help organised, easy to search, and availability to plenty users as concurrently. But, Excel is usually better for performing complex calculations, exploring possible outcomes, and producing high quality charts.

What are the advantages of MS Access over MS SQL Server?

MS Access allows to keep store data into a format certainly to Access based on the Access Jet Database Engine. But, SQL database is especially developed for RDBMS (Relational Database Management System).

What are the limitations of Microsoft Access?

Microsoft has many limitations like as:

  • Microsoft Access doesn’t have any advanced and triggered capability.
  • MS Access allows users limited storage space for saving files and data, the one file format decrease the performance and efficiency of application
  • It is available only on the Windows platform instead of other

What are the 5 main features of MS Access?

In this post, already we have been explained above various features of Microsoft Access; you can read them.

What are the most important benefits of Microsoft Access?

  • Software Integration
  • Open Database Connectivity
  • Data Distribution
  • Legacy Data

The Final Verdicts

Through this Article, you have been fully educated about several advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Access; as well as benefits and features of MS Access with ease. If this post is helpful for you, then please share it along with your friends, family members or relatives over social media platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and more.

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