35 Advantages and Disadvantages of Chromebook | Pros and Cons

Hi Learner! Today, we are going to reveal all possible things about what are advantages and disadvantages of Chromebook; as well as involving with pros and cons of Chromebook with ease. This is unique Article over the internet, so i make ensure that at the end of this blog post; you will definitely fully aware about benefits and drawbacks of Chromebook computer  without getting any issue.

Introduction of Chromebook

A Chromebook is a thin client laptop that runs on Google’s Chrome operating system and performs at their best when linked it to cloud based infrastructure through the internet connection. Chromebooks are capable to get boot up quickly within 8 seconds and excel in linking users to the internet as instantly and efficiently. When it is connected with internet then you will basically perform all your tasks on Cloud storage service is known as ‘Google Drive’.


Chromebook was designed in 2011 with using the Google I/O conference. Now, it has become best-selling notebooks since 2012. The primarily aim of designing of Chromebooks are that to keep store user’s apps, photos, videos and documents as remotely on Google virtual server. Whenever, any Chromebook is getting lost otherwise destroyed, the user’s data remains protect because it was never kept save on the Chromebook.

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Chromebook Advantages and Disadvantages

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of Google Chromebook? Now we will explain to highlight the benefits and drawbacks of Google Chromebook; as well as many pros and cons of Chromebook computer system without any hessle.

Advantages of Chromebook over Laptop

Here, we are going to cover various pros and benefits of Chromebook over the laptop; below shown all, you can read them:

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Chromebooks are Inexpensive:

Chromebooks are getting very less price than to other kind of laptops, because you can buy a normal Chromebooks at the price of 250$ to 350$. Chromebook is a great option to use for normal online works like as navigate social networking portals, streaming videos, checking emails, using other online applications, and etc. By using the Chromebook, you can easily perform your research work

Chromebooks are Stable and Fastest:

Chromebooks have ability to boot up with in few seconds. When you hit the power button then laptop will get turn on almost instantly and boot up seconds further. While running the Chromebook; it may be barely any lag time whenever it comes to open and shutting programs. Usually, you will get few lag, but its performance is fastest. Sometime it will get crash as well. Therefore, this OS is most stable and run very smoothly.

Longer Battery Life:

If you are using the Chromebook then it allows you to use up to 13 hour as well. Most of Macbooks provide the 4-5 hour battery life, then users are able to any office work otherwise research work with ease by helping of Chromebook.

Speedy Booting:

A fastest Chromebook is able to boot up within 8 seconds; the main reason behind of this speed is the utilization of SSD apart of hard drives like regular laptop.

Touchpad Gestures:

Chromebooks also allow you to use many finger gestures to perform several actions, like as:

  • By using three fingers, you can view all windows, swipe up or down.
  • Make right-click and tap two fingers on other touchpad.
  • To make swipe left or right with helping of three fingers, you can switch between tabs.

Less Prone to Viruses:

Chromebook is an most protected system, therefore anyone are unable to attack being any malware/virus. If you are trying to open any app/website, which are containing any virus then Chrome OS will first warn about this. Whenever, by mistaken, any virus infected content then there are less possibility to get infected with virus because of safe-browsing encryption and verified boot.

Cloud-Based Storage:

While purchasing the Chromebook, it provides you the 100GB of cloud storage as free. Then, you can utilize this cloud storage space in spread sheets, slides, photos, Google drive, and other Google applications as well. This may be more sufficient storage space to perform any task online.

No Require the Software Updates:

You know very well that Chromebook has great cloud based environment. So you don’t have to need any software updates, because all updates are completed in the cloud. Google has a responsibility to keep maintain its servers; therefore user don’t have to perform anything to keep your installed app up to date. As conclusion, that updates need zero effort from your side and are nearly quickly.

Lightweight and Compact:

Most of Chromebooks are going to come in market with smaller in size than mostly laptop. They can also be designed with thinner and lighter because of their less taxing operations. The Chrome operating system is basically fully web-based, therefore the components required to build the computer run are not high end and can be minimized.

Don’t Need IT Expert to Fix Your Problems:

Chromebooks are most easy to use as compare to Windows laptops. So, i glad thanks to cloud based environment of Chrome operating system. If most of users are used the Windows, then you know very well about how frustrating it can be troubleshoot issues. Sometimes, user might be required to dig into Windows registry on in complicated configuration screens that may result in unusable software if you are uncured; and getting to install the drivers can be a big dilemma as well.

But, with using the Chromebook , everything are available into cloud and executed for you. As well as, Google contains the fairly decent knowledge base, which let you to treat most of problems.

Great Collaboration and Productivity:

If you are getting to frequently collaborate along with your team as remotely, then the Chromebook is a best solution for you’re as well. Chrome operating system makes the remote collaboration easily and allowing you to cross checks the edits of others and submits your task for getting to review without place boundation.

Supervised Controls:

If your kids are using the Chromebook then it allows you to create the supervised account that helps to keep monitor your kid activities.

All Stuffs are Backed on Cloud Environment:

As you know that Chromebook has own local SSD storage with 32GB capacity, but they primarily trust on the Google Drive cloud system. Now, Google cloud is not the free service – to be precise; so you can get access only 15 GB storage capacities if you are free user. If you have to need addition storage then you have to buy a Google Cloud Plan.

While purchasing the Chromebook, Google offers the free 12-month subscription of Google One that provides 100 GB of cloud storage. With cloud synchronization; user may switch to another PC/Laptop being Google Chrome and continue you work. All documents are saved as automatically; cause of this, without any panic to lose your edits either; as well as your all data on the cloud is encrypted.

Inexpensive Softwares:

The benefits of Chromebooks are their affordable software prices. Just you have to go to Google Play Store otherwise Chrome Web Store, then you will get struggle to search the app that need tens or hundreds of dollar of monthly. It doesn’t matter that you are performing – editing videos/photos or writing content; then Chromebooks will offer you the chance to execute your task a little to without paying.

No Get Upgrade Hardware Regularly:

If you are using the Chromebook then you don’t have to require the hardware upgrade frequently as Windows system. The reason of this is that all applications are going to run into cloud system. Just you have to need a latest version of Chrome operating system as well as stable internet connectivity.

Better Synchronization:

Chromebooks allow to get sync all your applications and their passwords along with Chrome browsers on the other computer system. Therefore, if you are getting to use the Chrome browser at work on another home PC/laptop then your bookmarks and other preferences will get automatically sync to your Chromebook and vice versa.

Best Option for Users Who Work Remotely:

If you travel most of time and work remotely often, then Chromebook is the best solution for you because it allows to keep store everything into cloud storage and gets to continue your task not matter where are you moving. As well as, Chromebooks are also great option when you are away from your house because they are light weight and longer battery life.

Get Access to the Library of Android Apps:

Chromebook system also lets user to get support Android applications that means user can easily run any android app from the Chrome OS. Therefore, you are able to use both Chrome extensions/apps and android applications.

Good Supported by Google:

Chromebook is the product of Google, then Google is providing the tech support to their users. As you know, that Google is a trustworthy company. Hence we can be ensuring that Google is not getting to shut down in the nearly future.

Disadvantages of Chromebook over Laptop

There are many limitations and drawbacks of Chromebook over a laptop; as follow:

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Limited Local Storage:

Usually, Chromebook has only 32 GB local storage space that means you are capable to keep save some pictures and other stuffs like as on the device itself; but it is not enough space. You can also store little stuff to place like Google Docs and Drive. However, this problem is there is not sufficient storage space for anything apart from text documents and pictures.

No Microsoft Office:

If you have to need Microsoft Office otherwise has been going to use Microsoft Office for longer time, then Chromebooks may be not the best solution for you. Google offers you to use its own free online suite of Office like services; it is similar to MS word in few ways but it may take more time to use it.

Google Cloud Printing to Print:

Chrombooks also allow you to get print, but before it; you should be setting it up to work being your printer, it may be getting more hassle. Few printers are not compatible along with your Chromebooks then it would make it not possible for you to print document from your system. Therefore, in this case you will get more difficult to print than it seemingly requires being.

Useless Offline:

If your device is going to offline then it is not much you can do with it. You have to need get access to Google Docs for editing the documents, so it can be accessed with being online access. If you have a lot of documents then you might need be kept to save on Google Drive. Therefore, you are unable to get access these documents without going to access with the internet.

Less Software Compatibility:

Mostly software organizations recommend designing software for Mac and PC because they are getting massive based uses. So, Chromebook system is not getting to support enlarges software but it is most focused along with Internet based applications.

Bad Gaming Experience:

Chromebooks are not getting support to Mac and Windows enabled games. You are eligible only to play online game; therefore Mac and Windows supported games are not accepted for installing. Just you are able to play Android games on your Chromebook.

No Advance Video and Photo Editing:

Chrome OS enabled devices are unable to make high-level videos and photos editing task. Chrome OS doesn’t allow to get installs the Photoshop and other adobe program on Chromebook. It has some other apps present, which allow to use for basic editing of videos and photos, not accepted for professionals. The hardware is enough in Chromebook for editing tasks.

No Specific to Chromebook:

If you are already getting to use any PC otherwise laptop then you don’t have to require purchasing any Chromebooks, because all features of Chromebook are already available on your PC and laptop.

Reliable Internet Connection:

Most of Chromebooks apps are getting to need a fastest internet connection to use the Chrome operating system. Chromebook’s all applications are totally cloud based. Mostly Chromebooks offer the 30 GB of local storage space that is not sufficient for keeping store tons of data. When, you wish to watch a movie then you have only one way that is stream online via YouTube, Netflix and other platforms.

Not Support Branded Softwares:

Adobe software and Gotowebinar are most popular programs for photo editing and online meeting as respectively; but these are not presented into Chrome operating system. They are only work on Mac OS and Windows operating system.

Extensive RAM Usage:

Chrome browser has a lot of extensions then it consumes higher Ram; therefore Chromebook are going to use high RAM.

No External Optical Drive:

As you know that Chromebooks don’t come with optical drives, whereas optical drives are usually useless today because all stuffs are available online and we are also using the USB storage. But, still you are depended upon the CDs or DVDs, and then you are out of luck.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the main advantages of a Chromebook over a laptop?

The Chromebook is the best solution as compare to laptop due to the less price, better security, and long life battery.

What are the benefits of Chromebook for students?

Due to many benefits of Chromebook, most of students are going to use the Chromebooks in the classroom like as:

  • Affordability & Durability
  • Easy to use
  • Robustness
  • It can be used used with Google Apps
  • Security and administration tools
  • Best option for distance learning
  • Its design gets fulfill the diverse student needs
  • Improved the efficiency and productivity

What are the disadvantages of Chromebooks in the classroom?

A Chromebook has many downsides in the classroom for education such as:

  • Offline Ability
  • Less Storage capacity
  • Not Compatibility with Adobe Suite
  • Not Installed the Microsoft

What are the limitations of a Chromebook vs laptop?

In this article, already we have been explained above many drawbacks and limitation over the laptop; you can check them.

Final Verdicts

Now, i can make sure that you have been completely educated about what are advantages and disadvantages of Chromebook; as well as involving with pros and cons of Chromebook computer with ease. If this post is valuable for you, then please share it along with your friends, family members or relatives over social media platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and more.

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