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Introduction to IoT Devices

Internet of Things represents to a network about computerized devices connected to the internet and other computer network. They are capable to work as remotely and exchange data along with one by one or the centralized network. IoT technology can be supported by connectivity and device interoperability.


Now these days, most of organizations from different areas and these sectors are using this concept to improve, automate, simplify, and control different process. Now, here we are going to show you many remarkable examples of IoT devices in daily life with ease, you can check them:

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  • What are IoT devices examples?
  • What are the main examples of IoT in agriculture?

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Examples of IoT Devices

Internet of Things is growing every day because it keeps saving time and permits their users to automate specific tasks. Keeping remember that IoT enabled devices is linked with another device to the internet, then this established connection lets you to manage device, collect data, and know the status of the product. Here, we are going to share few cool examples of Internet of Things, so you will get inspired and know more detail about IoT technology.

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Home Appliances with IoT:

The IoT makes the people’s lives easiest by monitoring and managing their lifestyles. There is vast market for the intelligent electronics, television systems, health tracking, virtual reality, watches, and etc. As well as, Internet of Things is making lead the market along with application like as personal asset tracking and home security.

Smart Appliances:

Appliances LG’s ThinQ line are enabled with machine learning and can be easily linked with Google Assistance and Amazon’s Alexa. LG’s ThinQ app allows users to make connectivity with devices and then linked devices will fire the alert when maintenance is required. Consumers are able to select from smart appliances such as:

Smart Washing Machines:

These washing machines let users to control mostly everything from your smart phone. Few Samsung models, notify user on the phone when soil level of the clothes is higher, then suggest the different washing cycle to enhance the cleaning process.

Smart TVs:

Smart TVs are the most remarkable examples of the IoT device at your house. Today, almost all TVs are coming enabling with Wi-Fi that allow user to link to the internet. With using these features, users are able to share images, videos, and screen of your device; users are also able to speak it and can ask for certain clip that you wish to watch.

Smart Toothbrush:

Few people don’t have enough time to think about particular moment of brushing their teeth, otherwise whenever they should change it for a new one. Opposite side, the difference for a better mouth cleaning depends on the concept the person uses. This toothbrush can be connected with app on your phone and see user when a certain portion of the mouth is clean. As well as, this app also displays users if they require brushing their teeth otherwise when it will be change the head of the product for the new one.

Smart Lights:

Energy is getting to raise its price, and capable to manage the energy level at your house will be better advantage in the long run. Users are able to control each one from your smartphone, when you are not staying at your house. You can set the light to turn on at the specific time duration, might be persuade potential thieves keep away from your home. These smart lights can be connected with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistance; and user can give the command to control them such as color effects, intensity, and more.

Smart Oven:

Another best example of Iot is Tovala’s smart oven that is paired with oven along with meal-kit delivery subscription service; its primary objective of offering users an effortless and cook food, if you keep away from house. This smart oven is going to operate by scanning QR  and bar codes and linking to Wi-Fi that is used to monitor the best temperature and time to cook food to prevent the burning or under cooking.

Energy Saving Appliances:

Electrolux is most eminent home appliance company that providing the washers, dryers, fridges, and so on. Electrolux was founded in 1919; and their products are making to design to be sustainable by helping sensor technique; and it avoids to excessive energy that is using in fridges and dryers.

Cars Automation with IoT:

Automation car driving has been growing up with the help of artificial intelligence as well as smart sensor technology in IoTs. Next generation of automation car will help drivers to drive keeping safe, prevent the collision and alert about the condition of vehicle and road. For examples are parking assistance, line changing assistance, cruise control assistance, efficient fuel /energy management, and etc. As we gather massive volume of data from lots of vehicles with helping millions of camera and sensor units. Artificial intelligent are able to predict specific case on the road and assist to applicable in the next generation of vehicle for excellent security and efficiency.

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OTA Software:

OTA (over-the-air) is the update and data management service that is offered by Airbiquity Company. Airbiquity enabled users are able to select friends and family members automatically and quickly push the alert in the event of any crash.

GPS Tracking System:

GPS tracking system allows to fleet tracking’s authorities to keep monitoring the vehicle internal & external condition and driver performance. If you found that any driver is getting the habit of accelerating rapidly and braking hard, then this information can be utilized to keep maintenance and prevent the accidents and improve the fuel efficiency. Zubie Company provides the better GPS tracking system.

Tesla Automation Service:

As you know that Tesla is getting to more popularity in the electric vehicle market, that means Tesla is producing the IoT enabled vehicle. IoT enabled cars offer the access to features via Wi-Fi just, as well as basic map, music streaming, and navigation. So, you can buy the Tesla’s premium connectivity for getting to access all features via cellular data and Wi-Fi. Tesla Company also provides the Tesla app to drivers that help to link their vehicles and able to keep monitoring the schedule service, climate controls, charging history, and roadside assistance.

Security and Privacy with IoT:

This is the excellent and most remarkable applications of Internet of Things, smart home really provides the home protection and most convenience that the further level. However, they have many levels at which IoT is implemented for smart homes, so it is better that blends intelligent utility systems and amusement together.

Smart Security Cameras:

Wyze offers the many IoT enabled devices and appliances that help to people to manage the products; they can be made interaction along with more seamlessly. It designs the smart security cameras serve both wireless and wired solution and able to stack at the upper of each other to offer most coverage. Wyze app is most supportable to all manufacture’s devices so users are able to see video feeds whenever they are keeping away from house.

Voice Controlled:

JOSH.AI Company offers the voice controlled home automation that are able to connect to different devices. So, voice based Josh operating system also can be connected with smart devices such as tablets, TVs, watches, and smartphone. Other solutions of home security range from door locks and doorbell cameras to ceiling and outdoor cameras.

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Remote Monitoring App:

By helping of single app, Wink users are able to keep monitoring and control near about everything in their homes. This app lets their users to control different kinds of products from several manufactures. For instance, Wink is capable to link with Dropcam wireless video monitoring camera; as well as you can also remotely keep monitoring your property to check for intruders and damage.

Glass Break Sensor:

SimpliSafe company provides the wireless and cellular home protection system that are getting to disaster-ready, work on additional secure network, protected against power outage, and employ deep encryption.

Retail Sector with IoT:

There is a best option to make shopping even most exciting for your customers and that is to adopt the modern tech such as IoT of course. Most of retail complexes are able to make use of the IoT in a wider range of operation to make shopping a most efficient experience for customers and also easily for workers. Internet of Things are also capable to keep handling the inventory, improving store operations, decrease the shoplifting and theft, as well as avoid the longer queues at the cashier cabins.

Price Prediction:

Engage3 offers the price image tools that allows to retailer set costs and can evaluate the competitive prices by helping of machine learning to merge in the store audits, point of sales data, and web scrapping. This system also serves the prediction analytics, product database, and historical pricing data that is containing millions of UPCs and billions of annual cost updates.

Waste Management Sensors:

Enevo provides the IoT enabled containers sensors to keep manage waste and recycling services for different areas like as retail. These sensors gather dumpster data that can be compared with collected schedules, therefore waste haulers unable to bill customers for getting to collect that were not made.

Mobile IoT Devices:

IoT linked technology allows to assist mobile workers enhance the customer care, omni channel sales, operational efficiency, and sales associate knowledge. This technology is adopted by Spectralink Company that offers the solution for retailers to equip mobile workers such as delivery drivers along with devices and apps that are linked to its AMIE platform.

Healthcare and Medical with IoT:

There are various examples of Internet of Things into the healthcare sector, where doctors are able to keep monitoring the patients remotely via web of interconnected devices and machine without getting to need to be in direct touch with them. This can be most helpful, if the patients are not getting any critical diseases otherwise if they have any simple infections problem. One of the main use of IoT in the healthcare industry with using robots. Some surgical robots can assist doctors to perform the surgeries more efficiently along with highly precious and control. Disinfectant robots can clean surface instantly and thoroughly by using the highly intensity ultraviolet light.

Heart Monitor:

Cordella heart failure system links to patients and doctors via proactive monitoring along with objective such as early detection of heart failure, most efficient patient management, better informed medical intervention, and etc. Doctor implants a small Endotronix sensor to keep monitoring pulmonary arterial pressure beyond of doing a much more invasive heart catheterization.

Data Collection:

Nexleaf offers the data analytics tools and lightweight sensor service those in the global public health and getting to climate change sectors. Few non-profitable firms; and its team of software engineers, public health expert, computer scientist, and other works in less and middle income countries.

Inhaler Sensor:

With connecting sensor into the inhaler, users are able to learn more about what triggers asthma attacks while keeping to stay with connecting family members and friends; healthcare providers via a online app. Propeller provides these sensor that helps to determine about how many inhaler puffs were required to control an attack.

Smart Agriculture with IoT:

Statistic is getting to estimate the ever- growing world population to arrive near about 15 billion by 2050. To provide the feeding that huge population one requires to marry agriculture to technology and get excellent outcomes. It has many possibilities in this area for example is ‘Smart Greenhouse’. The green farming concept increases the yielding of crops by using of controlling environmental parameters. But, manually handling output is production loss, labour price, energy loss, and getting the process low effective.

Farming Equipment:

John Deere adopted tech start-up Blue River Technology and next the Deere’s objective of using IoT and machine learning to smart agriculture. IoT enabled equipment keeping to monitor the significant farming factors such as air, soil temperature, moisture levels, relays, and wind speed gathered data to farmers; then it will be improve the efficiency of fertilizers and pesticides.

IoT Herd Tracking System:

HerdDogg designs the light weighted sensor that are connected to ears of herd animals to gather herd data and broadcast it to the cloud, where it can be getting to access through firm’s app. This company also provides the drones that are enabled with GPS; and locate the animals then farmers and ranchers are able to oversee their herds remotely.

Smart Cities with IoT:

IoT have already established many cities with more efficient such that they have to need some resources and have enhanced energy efficiency. Several sensors are fitted throughout the town with different abilities for many tasks like as controlling waste management, traffic management, keep saving water & monitoring energy expenditure, optimizing streetlight, making smart building and etc. For examples, some cities working on making a smarter with IoT like as Geneva, Zurich, Osla, Singapore, and so on.

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IoT Enabled with Scooter and Bikes:

Most of companies are providing the e-bike, scooters, and wheelchair that are compatible bike, then users are able to connect to through an smartphone app. The main goal of super pedestrian is to sustainable as its vehicles charges less than often with 61 miles range and recycled after their lifecycle.

City Planning Software:

Many companies are offering the urban planning software that is going to use for designing the sustainable cities and can be evaluated the energy usage.

Manufacturing Sector with IoT:

The manufacturing and industrial automation are also getting big benefits of IoT application. With helping of RFID and GPS technology, you can track the product from its initially on the factory floor to its placement in the destination store, and all supply chain from begin to end. These sensors can collect the precious information on the travel time, environment conditions, and product condition. While enabling the sensors to factory, you can keep to identify the bottlenecks in the production, thereby decreasing lost time & waste.

Production Insights:

Tulip offers the better platform that helps to frontline operations teams build functional and users friendly apps that integrating with hardware throughout the factory. IoT enabled devices, sensors and machines permitting them to offers the real-time production insight and visualization of shop floor data. As well as, this system provides to uses for creating and customized report, dashboard and visualization to better fit their require along with the self-service analytics tool.

Safety Management:

StrongArm Technologies design many IoT enabled safety wearable that are going to use a huge industrial data set to offer workers along with athlete level attention and keeping them safe while on the job. These wearable devices can gather gigabytes of data each day from every worker, time at work, machine data, calculating metrics, and CCTV activities to get safety score that are able to uncover weaknesses or blind spots.

Production Monitoring:

Amper provides the production monitoring system that uses the machine learning, IoT sensors, and data science to increase the manufacturing process. These registered sensors has different factors like as energy use and downtime, then owner and supervisor is able to plan schedules, pinpoint areas of growth, and cut costs.

Cloud-Connected Pallets:

PalleTech Company designs the cloud connected pallets for getting to manufacture and shipping. These pallets offer to keep tracking of their products and recycling opportunities, while users are able to get significant data like as shock reading and temperature through a smartphone app.

Temperature and Moisture Sensor:

Axzon Company provides the sensors that are able to collect real time data on moisture and temperature while getting to automotive manufacturing process. They can also predict the maintenance technology monitors the condition of factory elements to assist avoid the breakdown and time-taking repairs. These sensors also help to prevent the melted motor windings, overheating, and cause bearing to break.

List of IoT Devices

In this section, we will cover list of top Internet of Things devices that are going to use all over the world; below shown each one, you can check them:

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August Smart Lock: This IoT device is most proven and reliable that assists users to keep managing their doors from any remote region. It also provides the additional layer of security for your house and keeps thieves away.

Kuri Mobile Robot: Kuri is the first house robot and most eminent too. This device can make interaction along with users and captures all moments around the house daily. The prime goal of designing Kuri is to get amusement.

Belkin WeMo Smart Light Switch: This IoT enabled device assists you to keep managing your house lights from the wall and by helping of your voice command. WeMo Light Switch connects to your existing house Wi-Fi network to offer wireless access of your light without getting any hub and subscription required.

Google Home Voice Controller: It is the one of most eminent IoT devices out there today. It offers the voice enabled features such as thermostats, volume control, alarms, lights, and etc.

Amazon Echo Plus Voice Controller: It is another most popular and trustable IoT device on the market. It also serves the voice-enable services such as setting timers and alarms, checking the weather, answering phone calls, and so on.

Footbot Air Quality Monitor: Footbot is most valuable IoT device that helps to measure perfectly indoor pollution, and then helps to enhance the air quality in home, workplaces, cafes, and other public areas.

Flow by Plume Labs Air Pollution Monitor: Flow Air pollution is a stunning innovation in the IoT market. This device is an personal air quality tracker that helps to inform the user in which region the air quality is worst and polluted and vice versa. It can display all outcomes in to map that is presented in its app.

Nest Smoke Alarm: This is most helpful IoT enabled device. It is smoke alarm that is able to speaks, thinks, and alerts your mobile phone if any unwanted emergencies at your house. You can control this alarm along with phone without using any additional hardware.

Nest T3021US Learning Thermostat Easy Temperature Control: This device assists to manage the home’s temperature and cooling environment along with no effort from the user for Nest thermostat. It can be used as per your activities and control room temperature as automation. This device is capable to make interaction along with Alexa for voice control.

Philips Hue Bulbs: Philips Hue is most popular IoT enabled device and is utilized as the personal wireless lighting system that lets to manage your light and make the perfect ambiance for each moment. It can be synced with movies and music.

Amazon Dash Button: It is IoT enabled device that lets user to answer your door from any remote location. This device constantly captures motion changes and unwanted activity at your doorstep.

August Doorbell Cam: It is most effective IoT innovation that permits users to answer your door from anywhere otherwise remote spot. This device can pair along with all August Smart Locks to easily allow guests into your house.

Bitdefender BOX IoT Security System: Bitdefender Box is most valuable IoT device and it works as Smart Home Cyber security Hub that keep safe away several internet linked devices from stolen passwords, identity theft, spying, malware, and more.

Ring Doorbell: Ring Doorbells is a most trustworthy IoT enabled product that permits users to answer the door from any location by helping of your smartphone. You can secure your house along with security cameras from Ring video doorbell. It also offers the double clad home network protection to users.

WeMo Insight Smart Plug: WeMo smart plug is most useful IoT product that assists to turn on your lights and other home appliance; as well as serves the capability to keep monitoring them from anywhere remotely. It can support both IOS and Android devices.

Particle Photon Wi-Fi with Headers: It is amazing particles IoT enabled board that offers everything that a user requires to establish a connection project. As well as, it can make prototyping simplest and easy due to plugins. It is available with a real-time operating system along with open source design.

NETGEAR Orbi Ultra-Performance Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System: It is most powerful IoT device that keep maintaining the whole home mesh Wi-Fi system that can cover the complete house along with fastest Wi-Fi. It can eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and buffering.

Logitech Harmony Universal Remote: Logitech Harmony is most innovated IoT enabled smart device for daily life. It has universal remote that allows you to control your house lighting, media, and other smart devices from one area as remotely. This device is most compatible more than 5000 brand and new brands are also capable to add in this feature. It has one click activity buttons such as watch a DVD.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the examples of IoT devices at home?

There are many real life examples of Internet of Things in your home like as smart speakers, connected thermostats, home security systems, smart TVs, smart bulbs, energy monitors, connected appliances, connected car devices, smart door locks, and etc.

What are the major examples of IoT devices in healthcare?

Healthcare examples are defibrillators, nebulizers, wheelchairs, oxygen pumps, Endotronix sensor, Inhaler Sensor, and more.

What are the main examples of IoT in banking?

CCTV cameras, smart alarm systems, vehicle telematics, and other monitoring technologies are using in the bank to make ensure 24*7 security of ATM, offices, CIT vehicle, and etc.

What are the examples of Internet of Things in education?

Smart Boards, Attention to Attendance, Emergency indicators, audio enhancers, Wi-Fi clocks, and so on

What are IoT devices examples?

In this post, already we have been described above various examples of IoT devices in several areas in detail, you can check them.

What are the main examples of IoT in agriculture?

  • Greenhouse operations with AI
  • Soil temperature sensor
  • Soil Moisture sensor
  • Smart collars for cattle

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