20+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Firewall | Benefits and Drawback

Hi Learner! Today, we are going to illustrate about many advantages and disadvantages of Firewall as well as drawbacks and benefits of Firewall with ease. Finally from this post, you will get to know completely all remarkable pros and cons of using firewall in network without any hassle.

Firewall is a protected layer in the computer that helps to secure it from unauthorized users or code, which can be malware, Trojans, and virus. Today, modern routers are also available with a pre-defined firewall system, and if the computer are linked with the computer network. In this scenario, the routers allow you protection all those system via their security layer. These softwares are capable to protect any dangerous codes otherwise elements.


A firewall works as barrier in between a private internal network and public internet. The main goal of using this protected network firewall in the network is to permit non-threatening traffic in and traffic out. That means it filters the useful and trusted traffic from all traffic and doesn’t permit the worst and unreliable traffic to flow via computer network.

What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Firewall System?

In this comprehensive post will describe about most valuable advantages and disadvantages of firewall as well as benefits and characteristics of firewall, which helping you taken the decision about whether this firewall system is helpful for you to protect your computer from unwanted access.

Advantages of Firewall System

Now, here Let us describe some of the advantages and benefits firewall system in detail, you can check them:

Traffic Monitoring:

The Firewall system permits you to keep monitors the data from where it comes in and out of your system. It serves the quickly response time and capable to handle the massive traffic loads. This regulation is getting to predetermine the rules and associated filters. The skilled team and well enabled equipped are also able to offer sound prove protection to your system depended upon the incoming and outgoing data from the firewall system.

Protection from Virus:

Malware especially kinds of Trojans are most harmful to the users, because Trojan silently enters on your computer system and getting to spy over all works you perform with it. Then, all collected information by them will be pushed to the web server. Perchance, user will not able to know their availability until the unwanted behavior of your system. In this situation, firewalls are capable to instantly block the Trojans before they get any damages to your computer.

Prevent from Hackers:

Hacker always keeps alert on the internet constantly look for the computer systems in order for keeping to carry out their illegal activities. Whenever, hackers feel that any such system, then they will get to begin to do malicious activities like as spreading the viruses. Instead of those hackers, there may be unknown person like as neighbours finding out for an open internet connection. Thus, to protect this kind of intrusions, firewall is a best solution for providing protection.

Easy Installation Process:

If you haven’t sufficient technical skill, then you are also able to install the firewall systems on your computer system. While getting to install the firewall, there is not any require for higher level technical information. If you want to get some assistance for installing the firewalls, then you can take reference the internet resources that are completely informative. Few most advanced operating system such as Windows 7, Windows 8, 10 already have pre-configured firewall system. But, the hardware firewalls can be little bit tricky to install, then you can take the assistance a professional expert.

Prevent from Spyware:

Now these days in the globe almost data-driven; and it has witnessed various spyware attacks on your system that getting to result massive over the network users in the form of data stolen. Keeping the network protection from those spyware attacks like as malicious and Trojans programs. Then, you can implement the firewall at the networks. The firewalls works as an essential blockade from these malicious and Trojans programs


The firewall’s features are grouped and then managed such as bandwidth management otherwise content filtering or other protection feature. They are grouped each other and other policies are implemented to them.

Enhanced Privacy & Security:

The firewalls system may play the major role in corporate security management; and it also provides the excellent security and privacy from the vulnerable services. It is more restricted to unauthorized users from getting to access the private network that is attached to the internet. Firewalls also assist to safe your precious data and secure. Most of companies are doing to spend millions of amount on the security their system from external malware attacks. As well as, firewalls are also capable to block DNS information of the website. Cause of this IP address and names will not be appeared to the hackers.

Virtual Connectivity:

The routers are capable to attach with other networks by using of LAN networks. Therefore, users can link to the internet at any time and thus it can be said that virtual connectivity is possible.

Disadvantages of Firewall System

In this section, we will reveal all possible things about disadvantages and limitations of firewall system in detail; below mentioned all, you can read them:

User Limitations:

As you know very well that firewalls allow help to prevent the unauthorized access for your system from the network. But, being using the average user, this can create the big problems for enlarge companies. The policies are implemented by the firewall system can be most strict sufficient to prevent worker from doing the specific tasks. With getting the outcome of this, the overall productivity of the organization can be impacted severely. Sometimes, this can also get employees from adopting the backdoor exploits. Therefore, this condition can lead to security issue since the data flowed via these backdoor exploits are not monitored perfectly.

More Expensive:

If someone tries to use the firewall then its investment can be very depended on the kinds of it. Obviously, hardwares of firewall are more costly as compared to firewall’s software. Moreover, the firewall’s hardware also needs the installations and maintenance that can be pricey. These firewall configurations are unable without hiring a professional IT expert. With comparing this to software of firewall; there is no much investment and it is easily to deploy them by an average user.

Obstruct Some Firms Activities:

The firewall allows user to block access privileges to various websites that are affected by any virus or malware. This can be superb for its user, but enlarge organizations usually face issues because of it. A using of firewalls, you have to adopt its security guidelines and that can get bad impact the employees’ work productivity.

Complex Operations:

Firewall is getting to become most difficult for a enlarge firms to bear the vast maintenance price of the firewall system. The firewall can be most significant for individual, because the individual team has to be constituted for the firewall’s activities and to make ensure the other network with remaining the protect from intrusion. Therefore, it serves rise to an extra financial bordered on the organization.

Malware and Trojan Attack:

The firewall is a protect system from the simple kind of Trojans; so it is unable to protect the system from the complicated malware that can insert the computer system being trusted data. Then, here it needs to get powerful installing, sophisticated and most effective anti-malware for instant action.

Firewall Elimination:

With using of software based firewalls are getting to install few of significant files enabled with the operating system kernel and dll files and thus whenever we have to need to delete these firewalls, then they can refuse to eliminate them fully from your system.

Decrease the Performance:

The overall performance of the computer system is totally depended upon the using of software firewalls. As you know very well that the processing power and RAM memory of system has an vital role for delivering a better performance and whenever an firewall executes at the background of the computer system; then it gets degrade the more processing power and other RAM resources. Cause of this, the overall performance of your PC can gets affected. Apart of this, firewall’s hardware is computer independent, so they don’t use the computer resources and hence your system performance doesn’t degrade as per usages.

Careful Maintenance:

Small scale businesses feel free with affordable firewall for their computer systems. But, for the enlarge firms; it requires to have a dedicated team of IT professional who are able to keep maintain all the maintenance related to the firewalls. Thus, it will scale the firm’s capital expenditure; and they will require accommodating all these employees. Therefore, they have to need work with modern policies offered by a firm that can be challenging to run. Thus, maintenance problem is also one of most essential drawbacks of the firewalls.

False Firewall:

Now these days, few software-based firewalls are available in the market that gets committee a great deal; but when you will use them, then fails to complete their promises. As well as, they are unable to most protect and secure our computer system from malware, viruses, and hackers.

Conclusion: Pros and Cons of Firewall

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