How to Post Reels on Instagram? Create, Upload, Shared of Instagram Reels!

Instagram Reels is a new concept on the Instagram that helps you to record and edit multiple 15 second videos set to famous songs, but do you know that how to post reels on Instagram? Don’t take headache because further in this post will be solved your problem, if you don’t know it.

Instagram embedded with new features into its main app like as offering can be created, share, and view Instagram Reels all within Instagram!


Instagram provides the <Reels> option to anyone for getting become creator on Instagram and get to reach new audience on globally.

In this article, we will explain about how to post reels on Instagram:

  • How to Create Instagram Reels
  • How to Upload Instagram Reels
  • How to Shared Instagram Reels

How to Post Reels on Instagram

If you are using the Instagram app and then you wish to post your created reel on your Instagram Account, then you can do it with following few simple steps; below mention all:

Let’s start!!

How to Create Instagram Reels Step #1: Choose Music, Speed, and Filters

  • For creating your first reels, you have to start with opening your Instagram Stories camera and then select the Reels option.
  • Firstly, find out the song form Instagram music library to accompany your reels. If, you want to use your own original voice then you can use IG recording reels with it. Now you can shoot your video
  • Note: If, you want to try share a reel with your original voice then your audio will be worked as attribute with you. If, you’re account as publically then other someone else can also create reel along with your audio by choosing <Use Audio> from your shared reel.
  • Now, you can choose the song as per you need.
  • Now, have to set your timer and countdown.
  • Timer helps you to record any types of your clip hands free. When you get press record then you will look a 3-2-1 countdown. You must be selected amount of time before recording to start.
  • To select multiple effects from Instagram’s effects gallery and gets to start record couples of clips along with many effects
  • In the end, you have to select speed up or slow down part of the video or audio, because it helps you to make slow-motion videos.

How to Create Instagram Reels Step #2: Shoot Your Video

  • Now, here you have to record your Instagram Reels that process likes as to record a video for Instagram Stories – <Press and Hold the capture button>, and then progress indicator will be appeared at the top of your screen as you record.
  • A reel is recorded as series of clips or you can any video upload from your gallery.
  • When, it is done, then you have to option for adding the effects to your videos such as stickers, GIF, and text as well.

How to Create Instagram Reels Step #3: Hit Share!

Now, you ensure that everything is ok than, hit the button for sharing your Instagram reel.

Note: while sharing your Instagram Reel, you have to potion for adding a caption, hashtags, tag your friends, and can be selected where you wish to shared it.

Note: You can also choose any specific location in your video where you want to display your text.

You can also post your reel along with your followers by sharing it with your Instagram feed, where it will show under a new reel portion on your profile.

Instagram has latest feature “Reel” that is found directly in the middle of menu bar at the bottom of your screen.

How to Share an Instagram Reel to Your Story

You can do it with following few simple steps; below all mention:

  • Firstly, open the Instagram app on your using device.
  • At the bottom of app, select Reel icon (Its looks as clapperboard) that is placed in the middle.
  • If, you want to share Reel, then gets to scroll through reel until you are able to find one.
  • Choose the share icon that is showing on the left side (its shape as paper plane)
  • Hit <Add reel to your story> option that appears in the pop-up menu.
  • When, your reel shows in your story then you have to option to customize post. If you want to customize it then you can proceed.

How to Share an Instagram Reel in a Direct Message

  • Here same first of all, open the Instagram app on your device.
  • Choose the <Reel> icon that is showing at the bottom of screen.
  • Now, get to scroll for searching the reel that you want to share.
  • When, you have searched your favorite reel then click on <share icon> that is showing in the left corner.
  • Then appear the pop-up menu, and gets to scroll for searching a friend or group chat where you wish to share the reel with them. As a alternative, you can also use search bar that shows at the top to find user.
  • Type a message in the text box that is above the “Send” button.
  • If, you are done it, the select the “Send” to share the reel via direct message.

How to Share an Instagram Reel with Someone Who Doesn’t Have the App

  • Instagram allows to option for sharing the Instagram reel with those people who haven’t IG app with using of your device “Share To” option.
  • When you have searched and selected the reel that you want to share, and then click on <three horizontal dots> icon and next to share icon.
  • Now, will be appeared the popup menu, and select the “Share to”
  • In the finally, you can select the medium where to send the reel. If you are using the iOS device then you can AirDrop the reel, and share it directly to someone via text message. You can also choose other variants of apps to share it.

How to Track Instagram Reels Analytics

You can monitor the performance of your shared reel with using these metrics; below mention all:

  • Likes: It shows you how many users liked your reel.
  • Comments: Show all made comments on your individual reel.
  • Saves: Show how many times bookmarked to your reel.
  • Shares: Show how many times IG users shared your reel.
  • Plays: It shows the number of times your reel has been played.
  • Account Reached: It shows you that how many unique Instagram users saw your Reel at least once.

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