How to Add Music to Snapchat Video on iPhone & Android? Easiest Ways!

Now these days, Snapchat is the most popular social media app and it doesn’t need to any introduction. Due to more competition with other apps like as TikTok and Instagram, Snapchat has introduced a new <Sound> feature. With using this feature, user can easily add music or song to Snapchat video and picture pretty simple. Through this article, we are going to let you know about how to add music to Snapchat video and Snap on your iOS and Android device with ease.


Before going to ahead, you should be known about the <Sound> feature of this app. Snapchat has resealed ‘Sound’ feature, in October of 2020 that allows you to add music or any lyric to your photos or video. Users can also integrate Snapchat along with a streaming service such as Pandora, Apple Music, Soundcloud, or Spotify. So through this post, we will provide all possible stuffs about to add music on Snapchat stories and Snaps with ease!!

How to Add Music to Snapchat Video & Snap

In this section, we will reveal all possible tricks, which help you to add music or song lyrics to Snapchat stories, videos or other photos with ease; below mention all procedures:

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  1. Add Music to Snapchat Story
  2. Create and Put Your Own Recorded Sound on Snapchat Video & Snap
  3. Get Custom Background Music to Snapchat Videos
  4. Add Music to Snapchat from Spotify
  5. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Can You add Music To Snapchat After Recording?
  • Why Can’t I Add Music To My Snapchat Videos?
  • Can You Look Up Music To Snapchat

Let’s Start!!

How to Add Music to Snapchat Story

Snapchat provides a huge selection of song clips that you can easily put into your Snapchat stories or other Snap/video. Here, search function is available, and then you can find for suitable songs or music. Here’s how:

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  • Launch Snapchat app and go to Camera Screen.


  • Then click on the <Music Sticker> icon that locating right side of screen.


  • This will display drop down menu being many options for genres and recommended songs, you can search or choose one of them.


  • When you selected any music, you will see slider above the record button that helps you to select any specific part of song; you want to add in your Snap and video.


  • Next, you have to click on <checkmark> to add it to your video or snap.


  • Once done it, this will be created a small sticker with artist and song name, and place it in its desired location.


  • And finally, tap on <Send To> to send it to your friend.


How to Create and Put Your Own Recorded Sound on Snapchat Video & Snap

If, your favourite sound or music is not available into Snapchat’s library, then you can also record your own custom voice and put it to your video or snap; here’s how:

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  • Go to Snapchat’s music and sound section, select <My Sound> tab, and then click on <+ Create Sound> option


  • Then you will get two options <Upload from Camera Roll> and <Record Sound>, then tap on ‘Record Sound’ option to record your own sound.
  • Press the <microphone> icon to get start recording your voice.


  • Next, click on <Record> button to pause recording.


  • Enter then name of recorded sound and press on <Save Sound> option.
  • Further, go to camera screen and click on , and then choose the <My Sounds> tab.
  • Press on <Play> button that showing next to your sound, click on <Next> button.
  • You can adjust sound slider, if necessary and put any filter or enhancement as well. And finally, click on <Send To> to push your Snap along with your own recorded audio.

How to Get Custom Background Music to Snapchat Videos

If you want to add your own heart touching music to Snapchat videos and pictures, but Snapchat hasn’t any function that lets you to get music from other platforms like as Apple Music or Spotify, don’t worry! Here we will talk you about to put own background song or lyric to Snapchat; here’s how:

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There are many online video editors available in the market, which help to make professional quality stories being putting custom music. But here we will suggest InVedio that allows easy user-friendly interface and offer many other features as free.

  • First of all, you have to make free account in <InVideo>. Then it offers more than 5000 templates to select from, as well as also feature to put text and music or lyric to existing video/Photo. But, if you wish to make fresh content then you have to start with <Blank Canvas>, and choose 9:16 aspect ratio for Snapchat stories, and click on button.


  • Now, you have to come at its editor section, and then hit the <Upload Media> button or drag-drop your desired files to upload your video or picture to editor.


  • Once uploaded successfully, drag your video to the center at the workspace to get start your change. And you will see a pop-up that ask you to trim your video. Edit you video as your choice and save it.


  • When your video is prepared, then to add music or lyric to your Snapchat video by selecting <Music Icon> that locating at left side of screen, and grab from InVedio’s in-built audio library across genres, sfx, mood and etc.


  • If, you would like to put your own selected music in this video, then simple click on <Upload music> button that locating at right side of search bar to upload files from your system.


  • Further, you can adjust the timeline of your uploaded music to align along with your video.
  • Once done it, click on <Download & Share> button to export it. Once rendered, your video is ready to be share on the Snapchat app.

How to Add Music to Snapchat from Spotify

If your favourite song or music is available at the Spotify, then you want to share it over Snapchat. Then it is pretty simple process; follow all steps one by one:

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  • Open Spotify on your phone and choose the song that you want to like.
  • Next screen, press on <> three vertical lines at top-right corner.
  • And tap on <Share> option.


  • Next, you have to click on <Snapchat> icon.


  • Now you can forward it from here to posting just as along with any another Snap or Video.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can You add Music To Snapchat After Recording?

Yes! It is possible, you can easily record your sound or download you favourite song from other source like as Spotify or Apple Music, and then add it on Snapchat stories and pictures. Above both procedures are mentioned, read carefully.

Why Can’t I Add Music To My Snapchat Videos?

Might be your phone is getting any hardware problem; otherwise updated version is not installed on your device. Because feature is available into latest version, then go to Play Store on Androds and App Store on iPhone and click on button.

Can You Look Up Music To Snapchat?

Now Snapchat provides a ‘Search‘ feature. Few years ago, you used another app to add background music. But, now you have to need launch Snapchat app, and tap on to right side, search for any artist or track that you wish to use on it.

The Bottom Lines

This guide shows you about to add music to Snapchat videos and Snaps on your iPhone and Android phone. You can also put background song or music picture or memory from in-built audio library or from your own custom sound. If this article is useful for you then please share it along with your friends, relatives or family members over social media platforms like as FB, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter or more.

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