How to View Private Account on Instagram? With Using 11 Methods

Instagram is a amazing social media network that allow to interact with people across the world. Few people use the Instagram as for interaction, making friends, and dating but other uses it for exploring their business.

If, you haven’t account on Instagram and you have not time to make an account, then you are able only to see Instagram their profiles, pictures, and stories.


In this article, we will help you that how to view private account on Instagram along with its profile, story, photos, tags, and more without an account or registration. At the end, you will say that i can do it!!

How to View Private Account on Instagram

Here, we will spread the light on several methods which help you to view private account on Instagram; below mention all –

Follow the Page and Send Request

  • This is oldest way to follow the any person.
  • If, you send the follow request to Instagram private account, then you have to need for wait to accept the request by owner.
  • If, by luck, IG account holder happens to be online around time while sending request, then having chance to accept your request and approved, and you will be able to see their private profile right now.

Search on Google

  • Open your browsers like as Chrome or Safari or Monzila, and enter the username into search bar.
  • Once, page loads, your search result appeared as Photos, News, Videos, and more.
  • Click on photo tab, and then it allows to display collection of that person’s public posts and profile pictures

Search other Social Platforms

If, you are crazier to view any Instagram private account then you have to check their Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.

Use Instagram Private Profile Viewing Apps

These third party apps are great method to see IG private account like as stories, profile, photo, and more without following and login or registration account.

Here, we will explain various apps; you can choose one that is best for you; below mention all –

  • Insta Stalker
  • Private Insta
  • Insta Looker
  • IstaPrivate
  • InstaGramies
  • com
  • Instagram++ extension
  • UnlockPrivate

Insta Stalker

  • Open the in browser on your devices.
  • Then, you have to need the input as username of account, and then this App will display our different kinds of suggestions for you can select specific account.

Benefits of Stalker for Instagram

  • No need to install and login
  • Fastest and secure
  • Anonymous

It offers services are:

  • Story Stalker for Instagram
  • Instagram Web Viewer
  • Instagram Search Engine
  • InstaStalker Website

Private Insta

  • With using of <Private Insta>, you can also view private Instagram page without getting any

hindrance. Private Insta is easier to navigate; it works like as Insta Stalker.

  • You must be filled out some survey before getting to access to private account.
  • Private Insta helps you to view what they comment on or like as well.

Insta Looker

  • If, you are getting worry to fill survey, then you can prefer <Insta Looker> app to see private Instagram account without getting to obstacles of surveys.
  • It is easier to use because you just have to type private username, and click on start viewer > select from results that will be appeared.
  • It has most eminent feature that it helps you to download a picture or video from the page.
  • Private Instagram Viewer
  • Private Instagram Viewer is most trending ways to see a private Instagram account’s posts and stories.
  • It is completly free as well as allowing you to see private account fastest.
  • Open <> and enter the IG private account then you can see its shared photos, stories, videos, tags, and all.

Note: It has also surveys and human verification.


  • IstaPrivate is also another best online app that allows to view private Instagram account without getting to login Instagram account.
  • Open <IstaPrivate> online tool, and enter the username and hit on view profile, then it will display output instantly as Instagram private account’s photos, stories, tags, and all.


  • InstaGramies is also amazing online tool that allows to view Instagram’s private profiles anonymously.
  • Open <InstaGramies> website, and insert username then you will access the private IG photos, profile, tages, and all. For iPhone and Android

How to use it? You can follow few steps; below mention each one –

Use in iPhone

  • Open <Setting> then Go to <General>
  • Find out button <Background App Refresh> and ensure it turn on.
  • Now, Go <Battery> portion and get to turn off low power mode.
  • Enter into <App Store> and put set to ON as automatic downloads.
  • Further visit <com>
  • Then few lists will be appeared , and click on <VIEW PRIVATE ACCOUNT>
  • After completely page load, you are able to see box labeled <Target Instagram Username>
  • Now type the username of IG private account which you want to see.
  • Click on <Connect> and wait few seconds for responding to system.
  • You will receive a message that asking you for confirmation account, check it and hit on <Confirm>
  • In the end, you will obtain the message that reads, <Private data successfully unlocked for IG account>
  • Now move to back Instagram and search for username

Use in Android

In the Android device, you do not need to change any setting. You have to visit and follow few instructions described above.

Instagram++ extension for iPhone and Android

Instagram++ extention can be used in both devices < iPhone and Android>

Use in iPhone

  • Get to turn off auto rotation
  • Have to Go <Setting>, Hit on <General> then turn on
  • Visit on your browser, and type the <Instagram> in the search bar.
  • Now <Instagram ++> will be displayed as Instagram app, and click on it for downloading and gets to inject app extension into your main Instagram app.
  • Now, new window will be appeared where you have to complete some simply commands.
  • Then, getting to wait for some time for activation, and move to Instagram.
  • Now, you can search private account with entering username of private account.

Use in Android

Only, you have to need to change auto rotation for Android. Then it completely turned off then you can visit <> and follow all steps which are mentioned above.

UnlockPrivate app for iPhone and Android

First of all, we have to download <UnlockPrivate app> in your both devices; below mention each one –

Download the UnlockPrivate app on your iPhone

  • Have to GO <Setting> and get turn ON your
  • Go to <Battery> and check that low power mode is turned off.
  • Visit <com> on your browser
  • Now, you can search <Private Instagram Viewer>
  • Then app will be appeared as pop up, and then inject it into your phone.

Download the UnlockPrivate app on your Android

  • Go to <Setting> and then turn off power saving mode
  • Have to Go and turn off auto-rotate
  • Now visit <com> on your browser and download this app as explained above.

How to view private accounts using the app

  • Have to Go Instagram and search for private account that you want to see.
  • Open <UnlockPrivate app> and enter the username to view private account
  • Then click on <View Profile> button
  • Wait few seconds until it load, and move to back Instagram app and refresh the private account page.

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