How to Stop Mac from Going to Sleeping? Using Simply 8 Ways!

In this article, we will guide you about how to stop Mac from going sleeping and you can also say how to disable or turn off sleep mode on Mac. In the end, you will say it is incredible easy task, and I can do it within few seconds.

how to stop Mac from going sleeping

Macbook lets you to set to go to sleep after selecting amount of time in order to help save your system power or laptop batteries.

If sometimes you wish to stop your Mac from going to sleep – for example while watching movie or download or upload enlarge file, then it is incredible easy to prevent Mac from sleeping.

What is Sleep Mode on Macbook

Sometime when you have to forget use of your Mac for long time; for example ongoing work, you get asleep otherwise make or receiving call for long period and forgotten your shutdown you Mac, then Mac’s display will get slightly dimmed. Screensaver will be activated as soon as and screen will become completely black, this is called “Sleep Mode”

On Sleep Mode,  to stop all your Mac visible activity but keeps on vital processes. It is totally different from shut down because in sleep mode Mac is capable to check Mail app in background process. For example, when you press any key on keyboard otherwise click on Mac’s screen then your Macbook will completely awake up at once, without any essential loading process.

How to Stop Mac from Sleeping

In this section, we will teach you step by step about how to disable or turn off sleep mode on Mac otherwise you also can say how to keep my Mac from going to sleep; here below all easy methods are mentioned:

Let’s start!!

How to Prevent Mac from Sleeping Using Energy Saver

Sleep Mode is amazing in built features on your Macbook, Mac allows you to privileges to control and how you can turn on as well. This option is available into System Preferences is known as “Energy Saver“.

  • Firstly, you have to <Apple logo> and click on it, and then some options will be appearing into list form then click on <System Preferences>

how to stop Mac from going sleeping

  • Then new window will be opening and hit on <Energy Saver> on same window.


  • Now <Energy Saver pane> will be open
  • n and then drag the <Turn display off after> slider to <Never>, and click on <OK> if you will get any pop up.

how to stop Mac from going sleeping

  • Further, you have to need click tick box for <Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off>

how to stop Mac from going sleeping

Now your Macbook will never go to sleep mode, if further you want to get enable this feature then you can follow all steps which are mentioned above, and you can drag slider to left side and defined time as per your preference. Then your macbook will get sleep after selecting time of disable.

Note: On your laptop, you can select <Power Adapter> option, and then get turn on <Prevent computer from sleeping automatically>

How to Prevent Mac from Sleeping using Terminal as Temporarily

You can turn off your Macbook for going to sleep with help of <Terminal command prompt :>

  • Firstly, you have to open <Terminal>, for this Applications folderUtilitiesTerminal
  • Now write <pmset -c sleep 0>, this command allows to turn off sleeping mode during computer is plugged in.
  • If you want to get turn off sleeping during consuming battery power then mention this command <pmset -a sleep 0>
  • If you are not admin then use this command <sudo pmset -c sleep 0> and then applicable then admin password.
  • And hit <Enter>

There are following commands, you can use them as per your need and then press enter.

  • caffeinate -m: Preventing disk from going idle
  • caffeinate –i: Prevent your system from idle sleeping mode
  • caffeinate -d: Preventing your display from sleeping mode.
  • caffeinate -t Like as caffeinate -t 1000 & it means your Mac system will be get awake as per defined time duration.

How to keep Mac from going to sleep Using Third party Apps

Some people are not skilled then they can prefer to few apps, these apps allow you simple interface to get turn off sleep mode on your Mac. Like as Amphetamine, Owly, Anti Sleep, and more.

Here we will discuss few simple steps that how you can keep your Mac from going to sleep with using apps:


  • Firstly download and install it from its official website.
  • Once proper setup, you have to need open this app and then hit n <Next>. And you can study about it and again click on <Next> on all subsequent screens to learn more about this app.
  • Now you have to click on <two half-circle icon> that is appearing on top right side menu bar. Then few options will be display into list form.

how to stop Mac from going sleeping

  • Further hit on <Indefinitely> option, and then your Macbook will not sleep.

how to stop Mac from going sleeping

  • And final, press the <Amphetamin icon>, and few result will be elevated then click on <End Current Session>

how to stop Mac from going sleeping


Owly allows you simple interface to handle your Macbook’ s sleeping preference.

  • Firstly, Owly app download and install from its official website
  • Once done it, open this app on your Mac.
  • Click on <Owly icon> that is showing at the top of your screen in to menu bar that allows to get turn off your Mac from sleeping mode for define some amount of time.


KeepingYouAwake is simple menu bar app that is totally depend on caffeinate command-line tool, and it also prevent your Macbook from sleeping. It is more convince for replacement to now- defunct Caffeine. In this app, you can select from many available options.


Make right click on its icon and select the Activate for Duration > Indefinitely, and it also allow you to add custom amount of time and select to automatically deactivate when your system’s battery level is getting down to specified threshold.


Lungo app also allow to simple interface to keep Mac awake, and it is available in built-in dark theme that have to match along with macOS dark mode.


While opening this app, it offers you multiple concise list of pre-defined periods and access to preferences.

Lungo app cans also support commands such as activate, deactivate, or toggle and parameters like hours and minutes.


AntiSleep is only one app that offers you pretty control on whether to allow or prevent sleep under many states or conditions. AntiSleep can capable to keep your Mac awake for multiple predefined working conditions.


In this app, you can select to activate the app on many dissimilar events. If you are providing presentation, connected an external disk, the battery reaches a critical level, and more.



Wimoweh is most amazing and powerful app that allows full detailed of processes and power assertions that Mac is capable to create to prevent sleep. Sometime your Macbook gets awake, then you can use Wimoweh app to search the rogue process.

How to Make Schedule Sleep on Macbook

Here, we will guide you about to schedule sleep on Mac step by step. To do this:

  • Firstly you have to go <Apple logo> and click on it, and then choose <System Preferences>
  • Then open <Energy Saver Pane>, and then click on <Schedule>

how to stop Mac from going sleeping

  • Now new window will be appearing along with two checkboxes: “Start up or wake” and “Sleep

how to stop Mac from going sleeping

  • Now you can choose day of week and time when you want to wake and sleep your Mac.

how to stop Mac from going sleeping

  • And finally hit on <OK>

Now your Mac will be awake or sleep as per selected your days and times.

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