‘Zoom Share Screen Not Working’ on Windows/Mac/Android – How to Fix

In this article, we will guide about how to fix: Zoom Share Screen not Working on the across platforms like as Windows & macOS for PC and Android, iOS, and iPhone for Zoom mobile app. I hope, in the end your problem will be fixed.

Today, Sharing of your system is an essential factor of any online video meeting. But while going on meeting, black screen or error code 105035 can be happened because this is very common issue. In this scenario, your other participants are not able to your sharing screen. They can see only blank screen or error code 105035.

Zoom Share Screen not Working

Zoom Share Screen Not Working-Fix It

In this section, we will tell you all reasons caused by your Zoom share screen not working on Windows, Mac, and Android and fix them as well. There are 11 reasons; below mentioned all:

Now Let’s Start Troubleshooting!!

Fix 1: Enable Proper Zoom Setting

Zoom share screen not working issue is occurred due to wrong Zoom settings, so  you should be try to adjust proper setting; you can follow few steps; below mentioned all:

  • Open Zoom and then click on <Gear> icon that is showing at top right corner.

Zoom Share Screen not Working

  • Now few options will be appear and select the <Share Screen> option, and then make tick on <Enable the remote control of all applications>.

Zoom Share Screen not Working

  • Further hit on <Advance> tab on same window.

Zoom Share Screen not Working

  • Then elevated few search result and make tick on box to <Limit your screen share to frames-per-second> and then chose value under 10 from drop-down menu.


Now close setting window and get to start screen share to test. i hope your issue will be resolved otherwise go to next fix method below.

Fix 2: Update Your Graphics Driver

If you’re Zoom share screen not working and displaying a black screen then your graphics diver is damaged ok or outdated, so you prefer to update graphic driver to solve your problem.

You can visit manufacturer’s website to find appropriate driver and install its driver manually. Must be careful, you don’t take wrong driver model and version otherwise you can get risk into compatibility issues.

If you are not aware about this then can be used reliable third party program for example Auslogics Driver Updater. This program helps to detect your operating system and all device drivers which are installed on your computer.

After using this, you have not need to take headache about finding for compatible driver for your system. This program performs with precision and accuracy to ensure that only updated and official drivers are installed.

Fix 3: Update Graphic Card Setting

Sometimes your graphic card can get automatic switch trigger as black screen while Zoom screen sharing. If you are using NVIDIA graphics card then follow few steps; below mentioned all;

For Windows

  • Make right click any free space on your PC and then click on <NVIDIA Control Panel> option.

Zoom Share Screen not Working

  • Choose the <Manage 3D settings> from showing left pane.

Zoom Share Screen not Working

  • Then new window will be appear and click on <Program Settings> option and then hit <Add> button on same window.

Zoom Share Screen not Working

  • Now click on <Browser> tab

Zoom Share Screen not Working

  • Further you have to need navigate Zoom’s installation directory that is existed at the C:/>Users>YOURUSERNAME>AppData>Roaming>Zoom, and open the <bin> folder and make double click on <exe> to add this file.

Zoom Share Screen not Working

  • Choose the <Integrated graphics> that is showing under the “Select the preferred graphics processor for this program“.

Zoom Share Screen not Working

  • And new window will open and click on <Apply> tab and close the application.

Zoom Share Screen not Working

For Mac

Click on Apple logo and open Apple menu and then select <System Preferences>.

  • Further choose <Energy Saver>, next page will be open and uncheck the box <Automatic graphics switching>

Zoom Share Screen not Working

Now finally get to restart your system to change effect, and then launch Zoom to check that share screen move to normal. I hope your issue will be fixed otherwise proceed next step to try.

Fix 4: Uninstall and Reinstall Zoom

Here, we recommend you to reinstall Zoom, an effective fix for many technical problems with the app, including screen share issues.

For Windows

  • Open your <Control Panel> and go to
  • Now hit on <Uninstall a program> and choose Zoom.
  • Further click on < Uninstall> option and app will be removed.

Zoom Share Screen not Working

Finally you have to restart your PC and again download and install Zoom. Test your screen sharing.

For Mac

  • Go to Menu bar, and click on <us> then choose in drop down.

Zoom Share Screen not Working

  • Further, you will get alert <Do you want to uninstall this app?>, and click <OK>

Zoom Share Screen not Working

For Android and iOS

  • Long pressing on app icon and then select <Uninstall> option in drop down
  • Next, you have to go Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) to install Zoom again.

Fix 5: Quit and Reenter Zoom Room

Sometime Zoom share screen not working issue is occurred due to stored temporary cache, because it may has interfered with your screen share, so firstly you should be clear these caches. To do this you get to quit and reenter Zoom room.

For Windows

  • Go to Taskbar and open Windows tray, and then make right click on <Zoom> icon and choose .

For Mac

  • Click on <Zoom> icon on the top of <Menu Bar>, and then Choose <Quit Zoom> in the drop-down.

For Android and iOS

  • Tap on home button and then remove it from your Recent Apps

Fix 6: Check Device’s OS Edition

If your phone is getting an outdated and damage O/S version then you can face many technical errors in apps along with Zoom as well. So you should be checked it and update as soon as.

As per Zoom Support, for going to screen share:

  • Android devices – Android 5.0 or above.
  • iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) – iOS 11 or above.

Check Android Device’s OS Version

  • Open <Setting> app and get scroll down and select <About Device >. Here you can see your device’s OS version.


Check iPhone Device’s OS Version

  • Open <Setting> app, and tap on <General> option and next choose <About> option. and check into <Software Version>


Fix 7: Checking to Update Zoom

You can encounter many minor technical issues simply with installing latest version Zoom on your computer. If you are using old version Zoom then few features will not work properly and screen sharing issue one of them.

Go to profile pic and choose the <Check for updates> to check if here new Zoom version available for download.


Fix 8: Enable to Use Mic and Camera in Zoom

  • Having go to <Settings> and choose <Privacy> option.
  • Now new window will be open and click on <Camera> option that is appearing under <App permissions>.
  • Further gets to turn on two options: and <Allow apps to access your camera>.
  • And go to <Allow desktop apps to access your camera> and making ensure that Zoom is present in the list.


  • Now, same procedure for your Mic, and making ensure that Zoom has ability to access and use your camera and mic

Test if your Zoom screen sharing is going on now.

Fix 9: Disable Other Apps which Consuming Extra Resources

Zoom can get interfere with your camera and mic while running other apps in background, so do disable them. To do this:

  • Open your and go to option.
  • Now make right click on all unnecessary apps one by one and choose.


Fix 10: Enable Screen Sharing Permission for all Participants

If you are participant in Zoom video call and you have to need ask host to enable screen for you.

By default Zoom gets to disable screen sharing for all participants for obvious reasons. So you need to enable screen sharing for participants and ask them for getting to start screen sharing over the running Zoom call.

For Windows and macOS

  • Host has to go to <Advanced> option under <share screen> option, and then on this window, you get enable screen sharing for all participants.


For iPhone/iOS and Android

Click on <More> option that is visible at the bottom right, then meeting page will be display, further under <Allow Participants to> turn on <Share Screen> option.


Fix 11: Enable Stable and Good Internet Connectivity

If you are using Zoom video call then should be required high speed internet connection for getting smoothly online meeting. Especially you wish to share screen then you have to need minimum of 800kbps – 1mbps of download/upload speeds for an optimal video conferencing experience. For screen sharing, you’ll need around 150kbps.

We prefer few steps to boost your internet speed; below mentioned all:

  • Get to turn off your WiFi router, take space about 2-3 minute and then turn on it. Then all cache will be removed in your router.
  • Move closer to your WiFi router, this way help to prevent packet damage and boost up internet connection stability.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do i fix Zoom share screen error code 105035?

To fix Zoom share screen error code 105035, you can try the following steps:

  • Update your Zoom client to the latest version.
  • End the CptService.exe file process.
  • Modify the case-sensitive folder name.
  • Troubleshoot the Zoom SDK client.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Zoom application.

Why is my screen sharing failing to start Zoom error code 0?

Zoom error code 0 during screen sharing may result from outdated Zoom software, insufficient system resources, or conflicting applications. Resolve it by updating Zoom, closing unnecessary programs, and checking your internet connection. If the problem persists, reinstall Zoom and ensure your graphics drivers are up to date.

How can i fix Zoom black screen during screen sharing Mac?

If, you are facing issue ‘Zoom black screen during screen sharing on Mac’, then you can fix it with following steps:

  • Sign in to the Zoom desktop client, click your profile picture, then click Settings. Click the Share Screen tab, then Advanced, and check <Use TCP connection for screen sharing>.
  • If using MacOS Big Sur, then it can be considered using a wireless connection or changing Zoom screen share settings to use a TCP connection due to a known issue with UDP protocol.
  • Making ensure that your graphics card; especially if it has automatic-graphics , switching is not causing the black screen issue during screen sharing.
  • Check for any recent Mac updates or Zoom client updates that may have caused the issue.

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