How to Fix “Zoom Camera Not Working on Mac” 11 Best Ways

How to Fix “Zoom Camera Not Working on Mac” 11 Best Ways

If you want to try join a Zoom meeting on your Mac system, but anytime it is not getting to work properly. Don’t worry!! You are facing more problems while video conferencing along with your friends or colleagues.

So in this article, we will explain how to fix Zoom Camera Not Working on Mac and in the end your problem will be fixed totally.

Zoom Camera Not Working on Mac

If you are getting problem about Zoom Camera Not Working on Mac or unable to detect camera then don’t take headache, because here we have 11 best ways that help you to fix this issue from your Mac.

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Let’s start!!

Fix 1: Making Ensure Having Zoom App in Mac

You are able to join Zoom meeting through you using browser, but some time it might fail to run properly. So you have to need “downloading the Zoom app” properly.

If you are already getting Zoom app then launch it and click <> from menu bar. Now further click on <Check for Updates> and install if any update is presented. 


FIX 2: Getting to Check Mac Internet Connectivity

Before going to ahead, you must be check that Mac is getting an active and stable Internet connection. How to check, you can follow few steps:

  • Firstly open your browser and try to visit any page for testing.
  • And other side, you can check on clicking Wi Fi icon at the top of your screen, if you view checkmark next to name of your using router, your Mac is linked to Wi Fi.

If, WiFi issue is presented on your Mac

You can fix this problem with following few steps, below explain each one:

  • Firstly you can get turn Wi-Fi off and again on back. It can solve minor internet coverage issues.
  • Click on <WI-Fi> option and then click on <Turn Wi-Fi Off>


  • Again click on Wi-Fi icon and you can check <Turn Wi-Fi On>. Make ensure Mac reconnect to Wi-Fi network properly.


  • If problem does not solve then here Internet Service Provider is responsible for providing internet access, and you have to need reach out their support.

FIX 3: Getting to Check Zoom’s Server

It can rare, it has possibility that everything is ok on your edge, and but issue is happening at the Zoom’s side. Make ensure that all things are working properly on Zoom’s side as well. For this, go to Zoom’s status page and make sure everything is operational. If not done then you have to need wait until things are solved.

FIX 4: Shut down Other Unused Apps Which Consuming Resources

  • Firstly, Press <Command + Space bar> to appear <Spotlight Search>.
  • And write <Activity Monitor> and open this app.


  • Here, you find out apps which using CPU power unnecessarily, and close them. For this – click on <app/process name> and hit on <x>, and finally click on <Quit>

FIX 5:  Getting to Set Zoom Permissions

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You have to need granted some permission to Zoom for accessing certain functionality on your Mac system. Here, you go:

  • Click on <Apple icon> that is showing at the upper left corner of your screen
  • Now click on <System Preferences>


  • Hit on <Security & Privacy> option that look wise as “house-shaped icon


Provide Access to Following:

  • Camera: It allows you to use your webcam while making or receiving calls.
  • Microphone: It others to hear you when you speak during calls.
  • Accessibility: This allows you to use a remote during calls.


If your Mac is operating macOS Catalina 10.15, then we can recommend to give access to these features; like as:

  • Files and Folders: It allows user to share files during chat, save file from chat and can be record call to your Mac system
  • Screen Recording: It allows users to share your screen on call.

FIX 6: Shut down Other Apps Which are Working in Background

It can one cause of Zoom is not working perper on your Mac because Microphone or Camera are used by other kinds of app. Before getting to join Zoom meeting, you must be closed those app that may be consuming Microphone or Camera resources. These apps such as: Skype, FaceTime, Google Duo, and Photo Booth.

Close and Reopen Zoom app

Use only two steps to close Zoom app; like as:

  • Click on <Zoom icon> and then open new window and select <Quit>


  • And your Zoom app has been closed successfully.

You have to need re open the Zoom, and i hope your Zoom is working proper.

FIX 7: Disable and Enable Zoom App

Now you have to need Uninstall Zoom, and then follow few steps:

  • Open <Finder> on your Mac
  • Now click on option, and then elevated search result and make right click on <>


  • Hit on <Move to Trash> option.
  • Make ensure trash is empty and getting to restart your Mac.
  • And finally, getting to download and install Zoom app again, and provides it mendatary permission while making first call in Zoom.

FIX 8: Disable Firewall

While getting to turn off Firewall, your Zoom may work properly. Now you can follow few steps:

  • Open <System Preferences>
  • And make click on <Security & Privacy> option
  • Click on <Firewall> and hit on <Turn Off Firewall>


  • After completing this process, you have to need restart your Mac system and can use Zoom.

I hope, Zoom will work proper without any problems.

FIX 9: Getting to Recycle Mac

Now you have to need click on <Apple logo> and select <Restart>

When Mac reboot done completely then try to use Zoom, Now it will work properly.

FIX 10: Shut Down Zoom App Forcefully

  • Now you have to need click on<Apple logo> that shows on the top left.
  • Select <Force Quit>
  • Choose <Force Quit> and click on <Force Quit>
  • Getting to wait some time and again open Zoom app

FIX 11: Getting Disable Antivirus Software

We know very well that antivirus program is developed to protect Mac system, but sometime it can close programs and apps which you want to run. It has possibility that your antivirus software flagged Zoom as a threat, preventing it from running on your Mac. Get turn off antivirus program on your Mac system to see if that fixes the problem.

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