Sound Not Working on Mac: Fix with 13 Easiest Hacks!!

Is the sound not working on Mac? Have you Macbook speakers not working or Mac audio not working properly? Then don’t worry and go proceed.

So, in this article, we will explain you about how do you solve issue ‘sound not working on Mac, Macbook, Macbook pro, and Macbook Air’. At the end, you will say that is incredible easier task and i can do it myself!!

sound not working on Mac

Sometimes you Mac or Macbook is not able to make sound either via built-in internal or external audio device, and then you are getting more frustration. If yes, then this article is most helpful for you.

Sound Not Working on Mac – Troubleshoot

If you are getting more frustration cause of ‘sound not working on Mac’ as well as internal and external speakers not working on your Mac, then don’t take worry. Here we will show up 13 tricks that help to solve your minor and major audio problems.

  1. Checking your Volume Level in Mac’s Speaker
  2. Checking your Connectors
  3. Getting to Restart Your Mac
  4. Checking to Individual Apps
  5. Checking your AirPods
  6. Getting to Reset Core Audio
  7. Checking Sound settings
  8. Checking Ports and Hardware Components
  9. Getting to Select Correct Audio Device
  10. Getting to Reset PRAM and NVRAM
  11. Check Latest version of macOS and Install
  12. Bluetooth Sound not Working on Mac
  13. Issues with External Devices
  14. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Why does my Mac suddenly have no sound?
  • Why is there no sound when you start my MacBook Pro?
  • Why is my MacBook air not playing sound?
  • How do you reset the sound on MacBook?

Let’s Get Started!!

Checking your Volume Level in Mac’s Speaker

If your Macbook volume is not working properly then you have first step is to check your Mac’s audio volume. Making ensure that you’re audio is not turned off or muted.

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You can also check your audio level with playing any song randomly or from your web browser.

Fix: Navigate System Preferences > Sound > Output and then uncheck <Mute> option that is appearing next to “Output volume slider”.

sound not working on Mac

Checking your Connectors

After setting proper sound volume, if still your problem not resolve then we will highly recommended to check your connected connectors.

If you are using headphones along with their USB or HSMI connectors then you have to plug out and then plug in, and wait some second then check your Mac sound. Now you can check audio port for debris, if you get notice as red light around your audio port that means your debris is getting to block, and then to clean it properly.

Getting to Restart Your Mac

This is a one of best and simple solution to a sound problem in your Macbook as shutdown your system and gets to restart it again after few seconds. Once done it, might be solved all temporary glitches and bugs which disrupting your Mac‘s sound functionality.

Checking to Individual Apps

If you sound is playing at proper volume level in these apps like as Music or Spotify, but as same time this audio not working on other apps such as browsers Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc. That means, you sound setting in your Macbook is “Ok“, so now here you should be check sound setting in your Individual Apps which are using on your Mac system.

For Example: Mostly, browsers contain small volume indicator next to the tab, and making ensure that this volume indicator is not getting to turned off. You can check it while playing any video clip on your browser. // image 5

Checking your AirPods

Stunning, AirPods will get automatically connect with your Macbook, if they come to nearby this and you have not manually disconnected them. If you happens, that means your sound volume is coming from AirPods besides of internal speakers!

Getting to Reset Core Audio

If your sound problem is continuing till now then may be any issue along with your Mac’s audio interfaces, causing by many bugs, missing or distorted audio. 

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So you have to need reset core audio because it is main component of your Macbook that offering power sound output & input. And after getting to reset core audio, might be fixed your problem. Here’s how?

There are two ways:


    • Launch <Terminal App> by using Spotlight search bar.

sound not working on Mac

  • Once opened Terminal, you have to type: <sudo killall coreaudiod> and press Enter key
  • If this will ask your password then you can introduce.


Open your <Activity Monitor> and then type <coreaudio> in this search bar and make double click in <coreaudio> that is showing in then elevated search result.

sound not working on Mac

Now open <coreaudio window> and hit on <Quit> tab.

sound not working on Mac

This will open popup to confirm that you really want to quit it and then click on <Force Quit>.

Now your Macbook will get automatically reset the process and getting to restore sound output on your Mac system.

Checking Sound Settings

After following above all tricks, still you problem “audio not working on my Mac” not solved then just you have to need adjust “Sound settings”. Here’s how?

    • Go to System Preferences > Sound
    • This will open <Sound Window> and press <Output> tab and choose the option.

sound not working on Mac

  • Making ensure that your output volume is set properly that means your speaker should be not muted.

Checking Ports and Hardware Components

If you have been checked all software aspect and these all OK condition, but still you are getting issues along with audio or sound. Then you have to need examine all their ports like a Thunderbolt, HDMI, USB, and headphone sockets

Detach all wired hardware parts, and then determine the integrity of these cables to make ensure nothing is broken. Now shutdown your Macbook and get plug in these peripheral at once and restart it, now you can check your audio with playing each time.

Checking your headphone socket if you are hearing crackling voice while using headphone.

Getting to Select Correct Audio Device

If sometime you are not able to hear any sound after getting to plug in your headphones otherwise by connecting your PC with any external audio device. Might be, few audio bugs are presenting in your Mac but it is not exact reason. Sometime your Mac choose wrong output audio device while getting to plug in new one.

How to check it and make correct. To do this:

  • Navigate Apple menu > System Preferences > Sound > Output.

sound not working on Mac

  • Next this will open new window and choose <Output> tab, and then select the right output device for your audio.

sound not working on Mac

  • If you device is selected already, which you want to play audio then you can select different audio device, and again re-select the one you wish solve this problem.

Be Carefully!! Don’t forget to uncheck the mute option and adjust the output audio.

Getting to Reset PRAM and NVRAM

Mostly, Mac use do not aware about PRAM (parameter random access memory) or NVRAM (non-volatile random access memory), which show in PowerPC and Intel Macs in order.

They allows to control few settings related to audio and volume, these could be most useful if you get “sound not working on Mac“, might be Macbook volume is locked or presenting  other sound problems.

How you can reset NVRAM and PRAM on your Mac system; show below:

  • Turn off your Mac and after few second it again restart.
  • While it booting process, hold down <⌘ + Option + P + R> keys from your keyboard

Now you have to keep pressing these keys until:

  • Hear startup sound play for second time – it is on older model without T2 chip.
  • Apple logo displays and invisible for second time – on new model along with T2 chip.

Now i hope that you problem along with “volume not working on Mac” have been resolved.

Check Latest version of macOS and Install

If still you are suffering issue to ‘sound not working on Mac’, then Apple suggest you that should be make ensure you are using latest macOS version.

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For checking which version is running at present on your Mac, go to <Apple menu> and choose <About this Mac>. Now this will open window with mentioning your version of macOS. If your version is not latest then you should be go with latest macOS version. To do this: Go to App Store, find out and install it.

I hope that your problem ‘audio not working on Mac’ will be shorted out.

Bluetooth Sound not Working on Mac

Your Macbook has a ability to play audio wireless through Bluetooth, if you have Bluetooth enabled headphones or speakers then you can listen to songs, podcast or anything else on your Mac or Macbook.

If sometime, they do not perform properly, and then solve their problems; below mentioned all:

  • Making ensure Bluetooth is turned on
  • Navigate System Preferences > and then select the’ Bluetooth pane

sound not working on Mac

  • If here you see, Bluetooth is switched off then gets to switch on.

Making ensure your Bluetooth enabled Speakers or Headphones are Connected Properly

  • If it is not presented, then set them in the pairing mode and when they display, press the <Connect> option.
  • But sometimes, they are presented into list but not connected then making ensure they are turned on and Control-hit on them in the main window and select <Connect>.
  • Check the list where your headphones or speakers are listed that is showing into main window.

Issues with External Devices

Sometime when you try to connect any external device, then audio will be produced from your using internal Mac speaker. Bizarrely, your connection still output in the perfect image and connected with HDMI device that would not appear in to “Preferences > Sound > Output”.

Before going to ahead, you must be check all connection and proper verify HDMI cable for any physical damage.

Make ensure that your device is compatible because few out dated components which may not able to receive sound through HDMI connection. And now:

  • Here you have to go Sound > Sound Effects
  • Now in the <Play sound effects through> portion, press the drop down menu and select your connected device.

sound not working on Mac

  • Further you have to need restart you Mac, and that System Preferences > Sound > Output and choose your device (for example LG TV) from <Select a device for sound output> option.

sound not working on Mac

  • Now open the <Audio MIDI Setup> app
  • And choose <HDMI> option from left pane and select your TV from <Output> tab.
  • If by chance, your speaker would not view next to , then hit on <Cog button>, and then choose <Use this device for sound output>

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why does my Mac suddenly have no sound?

If your Mac suddenly has no sound, there are several possible explanations and solutions. First, check that the volume hasn’t been muted unintentionally and that the Output volume slider is not set too low. Also, try playing a different audio file or disc to isolate the problem.

If these steps don’t work, try unplugging any headphones or external speakers, checking the sound settings in System Preferences, and running maintenance scripts. If the issue persists, it may be a hardware problem, and you should contact Apple Support or visit a Genius Bar.

Why is there no sound when you start my MacBook Pro?

No startup sound on a MacBook Pro could be due to muted volume, corrupted system files, or hardware issues. Try resetting NVRAM/PRAM, checking sound settings in System Preferences, or connecting external speakers. If problems persist, consult Apple Support or visit an Apple Store for further assistance, as it may indicate hardware problems.

Why is my MacBook air not playing sound?

If your MacBook Air is not playing sound, several solutions can be attempted. First, ensure the volume is not muted and the output volume is sufficient. Unplug any external devices and check the sound settings in System Preferences. If the issue persists, consider running maintenance scripts or contacting Apple Support for hardware assistance.

How do you reset the sound on MacBook?

To reset sound settings on a MacBook; you have to go to System Preferences > Sound. Under the Output or Input tab, select the desired device. Adjust volume settings and ensure the correct output device is chosen. If issues persist, restart the MacBook or try resetting NVRAM/PRAM by rebooting and holding Command + Option + P + R during startup until the second startup chime.

The End

Here was a quick complete guide about how to fix -Sound Not Working on Mac with using 13 simplest methods with ease. If this article is useful for you, then please share it along with your friends, family members or relatives over social media platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and more.

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If you have any experience, tips, tricks, or query regarding this issue? You can drop a comment!

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