How to Fix: “Mac Cursor Disappears”? 16 Hacks You Can Try!

If you lost mouse cursor on your Mac then you will get more annoying for folks whose work depends on the mouse cursor, so in this article, we will show you how you can solve if your mouse keeps disappearing on Mac or Macbook with using of 16 incredible easier hacks

mouse keeps disappearing on Mac

Why does your Mac Mouse cursor Disappear (Pointer)

There are many reasons, causing one of them your mouse cursor keeping to disappear on your Mac or Macbook; below mentioned all:

  • If you want to try connecting your Mac with external any monitor that using higher resolution.
  • Mac system is getting to consume more CPU & RAM resources, so here need to any program that helps to handle it.
  • Might be your Mac machine is suffering to many bugs & glitches.
  • If you have to install several third party apps then might be one of them could be interference their internal functionalities.

Mac Cursor Disappears – Troubleshooting

Here, we will guide you about Troubleshooting: “Mouse keeps disappearing on Mac”

There are 16 tricks to solve your issue if you lost cursor on your Mac or Macbook; below mentioned all:

  1. Making Right Click on Mac
  2. Simply Click and Drag
  3. Using System Preferences
  4. Getting to Reset SMC
  5. Getting to Identify Interfering Apps
  6. Getting to Reset NVRAM or PRAM
  7. Getting to Visit your Dock or Menu Bar
  8. Execute Maintenance Scripts
  9. Using Mission Control
  10. Booting Mac in Safe Mode
  11. Checking your Wireless Mouse
  12. Getting to Disable Keyboard Shortcuts to Zoom
  13. Getting to Reset Mac
  14. Checking Hot Corner 14
  15. Shaking your Mouse 15
  16. Turn off Third-Party Screensavers

Let’s start!!

Making Right Click on Mac

This is incredible easier method to find out your disappear mouse’s cursor otherwise you can use keyboard shortcut <Cmd + left click of mouse>. When you execute it process then your mouse’s cursor is appear at once.

Simply Click and Drag

One of best solution is to make click on your desktop and drag. Simply hold as though you are selecting an item or bunch of text, and now this will appear your mouse cursor on your Mac’s screen.

Getting to Switch your Windows, while pressing <Command + Tab> keys

When you want to try another app then return to the app that you were with using <Command (⌘) and Tab Keys>. Due to this operation, if issue persists that means many bugs are presented into this app. Now you have to basically switch move back to your active app.

Using System Preferences

Here, few System Preferences settings which can help to appear your mouse’s cursor; below mentioned all:

  • Zoom: Navigate to “Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Zoom -> More Options and choose {Enable temporary zoom}”. Now mouse cursor size option will be activated.
  • Shake: Navigate to Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Display -> Cursor and enable “Shake mouse pointer to locate.” While moving your mouse, your mouse cursor will get temporarily zoom on your screen.
  • Cursor Size: Navigate to Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Display -> Cursor Size, now this will make your cursor large.

mouse keeps disappearing on Mac

Getting to Reset SMC

SMC stands for “System Management Controller“, it is a Mac hardware tool that allows you to handle many parameters such as keyboard, lighting, fans operation, and more. Here you get your Mac restart will reset SMC; to do this:

  • First of all, you have to get shutdown your Mac and Macbook.
  • Simultaneously pressing <Shift + Control + Option + Power button>
  • Now you have to need wait some time to Mac start until hearing start up sound.
  • Further, free these keys and SMC is reset.

Getting to Identify Interfering Apps

While using of Force Quit, you can eliminate your interfering apps. To do this:

  • Simultaneously press <Command + Option + Escape>
  • Choose app and click on <Force Quit>

If now your mouse cursor moves to come back as visible to you that means due to this, your mouse’s cursor is not appearing. Then remove this app; here’s how:

  • Launch your Finder window on your Mac
  • Next choose <Application>
  • Now you have to find out faulty app and drag it to your Trash
  • And you can empty your Trash bin.

Getting to Reset NVRAM or PRAM

  • Get shutdown your Mac and Macbook
  • Now get restart Mac while pressing simultaneously and hold <Option + Command + P + R> these keys.

mouse keeps disappearing on Mac

  • You should be kept holding these keys up to 25 seconds.
  • When you hear second chime sound then release these keys.

Getting to Visit your Dock or Menu Bar

If my mouse’s cursor goes to disappear then you have to scroll blindly on your Dock that are showing at the below of your screen. Now your mouse cursor should be visible at the front of you.

mouse keeps disappearing on Mac

Execute Maintenance Scripts

If,  you have been tried all above troubleshooting methods but your mouse cursor still not appearing at the front of you. Then you can optimize your Mac system. When you run Maintenance Scripts on your Terminal then it helps you to solve several problems by rotating and deleting system logs, complex scripts, and temporary files.

How to execute maintenance scripts on Terminal App?

  • Firstly launch Terminal app on your Mac.
  • And paste in sudo periodic daily weekly monthly.
  • Hit enter and introduce your password.
  • If Terminal gets prompt back that means your scripts are done.

Using Mission Control

Sometime while launching Mission Control, it helps out to restore your mouse cursor. When open Mission Control then hit < Mission Control key (F3)> on your keyboard, alternatively can be used <Control + Up arrow> shortcut way.

mouse keeps disappearing on Mac

If you have to set up Hot Corner on your screen, then you have require to move mouse pointer in one of them to restore missing cursor on Mac..

Booting Mac in Safe Mode

This is most effective method to restore disappear mouse cursor on my Mac, when you will get boot your system into safe mode then automatically fixes all minor glitch and bugs including “Mac Cursor Disappeared”. Here’s how:

  • Firstly shutdown your Mac system properly
  • After sometime switch on Power button and then press “Shift Key
  • Keeping hold this Shift key, until Mac boots up properly.
  • Now you are able to appear your mouse cursor normally.

Checking your Wireless Mouse

If you are using wireless mouse then might be your device has to need charging or replace its removable battery. After that your mouse cursor will be appearing.

If you are using USB mouse then plug out and re plug in.

Getting to Disable Keyboard Shortcuts to Zoom

Turn off keyboard shortcuts to zoom is better hack to locate your mouse’s cursor that is at once up and gone. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to Apple logo > System Preferences > Accessibility > Zoom
  • And now make uncheck to every checkboxes.

mouse keeps disappearing on Mac

Getting to Reset Mac

This is basic hack if your mouse cursor is getting to disappear. Then you have to try to reset your Mac, and then your mouse cursor should be appeared. Here’s how:

Two ways:

  • While using keyboard shortcut – pressing down and keep hold <Command + Ctrl + Power keys> until you Mac’s screen gets blank.
  • Go to Apple menu and select Restart

After sometime, again you can start Mac system, and then check your mouse cursor.

Checking Hot Corner

If your Hot Corner is getting to turn off then it is best place to begin. And then you can try to move your mouse cursor going to screen corner. If here nothing activates then we are suffering to some issues.

Going to turn on Hot Corner; here’d how:

  • Navigate Apple menu > System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver
  • Next click on and further choose <Hot Corners> option.
  • Now you can allot items to your corner with making click on the drop down menu and hit on <OK> tab.

Because everyone prefer to shortcuts, and so Hot Corner is a best tool.

Shaking your Mouse

If you are not able to view your mouse’s cursor then you can try to shake your physical mouse. By default, this feature is already turned on, but if it is not then you must be enabled it:

  • Go to Apple logo > sand select System Preferences
  • This will appear window and then select the <Accessibility> icon
  • Next hit on <Display> option that is showing in to sidebar.
  • Now you have to need check off option <Shake mouse pointer to locate>

Turn off Third-Party Screensavers

If you are getting to keep Mac cursor disappears. Might be you are using any third party screen saver app, if yes then we suggest to disable or uninstall them. 

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