How to Unzip File on Mac? Using Simple 6 Hacks!

When sometimes you wish to try download any file, but it is presented in a .zip format. If you don’t have knowledge that how to unzip file on Mac; don’t worry, this article for you.

how to unzip file on Mac

Here, we will explain you about how to open or extract files or folder on your Mac computer with using simple 6 methods. In the end, you will say that is easier task and i can do it myself!!

How to Unzip File on Mac

In this section, we will guide about how you can unzip or extract files on your Mac machine with helping 6 incredible methods.

Now let’s start!!

How to Unzip Files on Mac Archive Utility

First, let’s take a look at how to unzip files using native software found in your macOS like as “Archive Utility”. Archive Utility is a in-built tool in your Mac that manages the .zip format files or folders.

With following few steps one by one you can unzip files or folders on Mac or Macbook. Let’s start!!

  • Firstly you have to launch Finder by using Spotlight and Launchpad and type finder in their search bar.
  • Once done, opened it, to locate your .zip file in your Mac otherwise if your archive is presented in an email then open and download it.
  • Next make double click on file, you want to unzip.
  • Now this will make folder along with same name as ZIP file in your current directory and unzip file into this folder.

NOTE: If you wish to change your default folder location then access Internal Hard Drive > System > Library > Core Services > Archive Utility. Once done it, choose the <Preferences> and you can set location by pressing <Save Expanded Files>.

how to unzip file on Mac

How to Open Zip Files on Mac Using Terminal

If you want to open zip files on your Mac by using Terminal app, then follow few simple steps: below mentioned all:

  • Firstly launch Terminal app though Spotlight or Launchpad.
  • Once opened it, type <cd> command to change directory to where your compressed file or folder is kept. For example: if your zipped file is presented into document folder then use this command <cd document>
  • Now finally use this command: unzip {your file name}, for example your file name is then you would be entered <unzip>

Now your files will be unzipped and you can open it.

How to Extract Files on Mac Using Third-Party App

If you are getting to hassles while extracting files on Mac above two methods then we have to suggest you these few best third party apps. You can choose one of them; below list mentioned:  

  • Unarchiver App
  • BetterZip App
  • Archive App
  • WinZip

Decompress Files Using Unarchiver App

This is one of best trick to open ZIP archives in your Mac and Macbook. Unarchive app lets you simple user-friendly interface that you can easily extract your file or folder on your Mac system. To do this, you have to follow few simple steps; below mentioned all:

  • Firstly download and install Unarchiver app from your App Store.
  • Once installed it, open Unarchiver and link it along with archive files.
  • Next make double click on any ZIP file or folder to decompress with ‘Unarchiver’.
  • Unarchiver app can also support to extract ZIP files like as .sit, gzip gz, tar, zip CPGZ files, bz2 bzip, and RAR file as well.

Decompress Files Using BetterZip App

If you want to prefer any third party app to decompress any ZIP file then especially we suggest you ‘BetterZip‘. BetterZip has amazing feature that you can preview your ZIP files in to BetterZip window before going to extract it.

But, how you can decompress files along with BetterZip window? Just follow few simple steps:

  • Firstly, you have to need download and install it from your App Store.
  • Once done it, launch BetterZip on your Mac or Macbook.
  • Next choose ZIPPED archive you wish to decompress.
  • Further, have to select <Extract> option that showing at the upper of BetterZip window.

Now your selected files will be extracted and you can use it.

Decompress Files Using Archive App

Follow few simples’ steps:

  • Firstly you have to need download and install it from your App Store.
  • Once done it, launch BetterZip on your Mac or Macbook.
  • Next choose ZIPPED archive you wish to decompress.
  • Further drag this file to Archive window, and choose it from its menu.
  • Now select <Extract> option that appears at the bottom of same window.

Decompress Files Using Using WinZip

  • Firstly download and install it from official website.
  • Once done, open WinZip on your Mac
  • Select <File> tab in menu and elevate context menu and choose “Open Zip File > From this Mac
  • This will open new window and hit on <unzip> icon, and appear drop down list and select unzip this zip file to your Mac, iCloud drive, Google Drive or Dropbox.

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