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What is Green Computing, Advantages | Disadvantages | Examples

What is Green Computing

Definition –  Green Computing refers to durable computing of the environment. This reduces the use of electricity as well as power and reduces environmental waste when we are using a computer. It Computing has the same goal with green chemistry, which is now the life of the product and makes the product more energy efficient, the abandoned product and factory waste are more easily recycled and to be biodegradable, less Dangerous Use Content.

green computing

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History of Green Computing

Do you aware about that your computer how much energy use? Probably do not know, if you do research then you will be realizes that green computing has more important for saving your computer’s energy. If you do study about those old computers which were required more space while consuming more energy, so more time was taken in managing those computers.

                The starting of Green computing was named as Energy Star, and it was originated in 1992.This Energy Star was using in all electronic product like as Printers, television and refrigerators, in that time saved more energy but that is not used in computers. After spending some time Green computing name was converted into Energy Star, after that was used in computers for saving energy.

Goals of Green Computing

There are different objectives of green computing are:

  • To minimize the implementation of hazardous products.
  • More production of energy efficiency.
  • To use the recyclability of wasted product and factory wasted products.
  • To design proper algorithms for improve the computer’s efficiency

Do you aware about that how many liters of water are used to making one Ram component. Probably don’t know, if you know that you shocked that you consume in one month for daily usage that amount of water.

Research continues…

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Types of Green Computing

Solar Power System

In this program we utilize the sunlight and produce the Solar Power for personal and commercial usage. Canada, Spain and California have first position for implementing this technology. This is great achievement for green technology. When we talk about green computing then photovoltaic solar panels are most miracle example because it easily converts electricity power into electrical energy

Wind Turbine Program

Other great type is Wind Turbine system because with the help of this system anyone can generate electricity power. After embedding wind turbine has no bad effect to environment. It decrease the carbon dioxide emissions. But require huge money for set up of wind turbine, so it is not possible to everyone.

Geothermal Power

This is also exclusive type of green technology. With the help of this Geothermal plant can be generated electricity, and people can utilize of this power in daily usage such s heating and cooling house.

Need of Green Computing

  • Save huge money
  • Save environment
  • Decrease the risks in further life
  • More consumption of energy
  • for recycle of waste product
  • Inspiring to worker
  • For retaining high ticketing customers

Importance of Green Computing

When news claimed that the environment was not a renewable resource, it actually came home and people began to realize that they had to make their own share in protecting the environment. Therefore, this computing is an important consideration for keeping our environment clean and safe. When this computer becomes involved in recycling, it is difficult to settle old computers and there is more to take place in the landfill.

Either way, the problem is that electronic waste is increasing within this decade. Many negative effects are gradually shown toward this environment, especially for humans. Due to the quick bottleneck of electronics, this resulted in a terrible 70% of all hazardous wastes. Many toxic substances, such as heavy waste and flame-resistant plastics, have excessive computer waste, which easily sprouts in groundwater and bio-accumulation. In addition, for the manufacture of electronic chips, large quantities of resources are required and some deadly gases and chemicals are used for humans.

In an average year, 24 million computers have become obsolete in the United States. About 14% (3.3 million) of these will be recycled or donated. Over 20 million computers, the rest US In the form of wastewater products will be rid, destroyed or sent or later disposed of in temporary storage.

We do not care what happens to our laptop’s death and just stop believing it. The reality is that it is either disbanded in the landfill or developing countries. Their children are separated from their hands by hand and toxic bits melts to find valuable metals like gold or traces.

Moreover, E-Waste trade chain is created in developing nations for the imported obsolete electronics. They utilize numerous laborers, gatherers, fragments, agents, scrap merchants and reusing to reuse parts for segments, reused segments, consume or corrosive plunge and other non-business procedures to reuse non-useful segments. Surrender. After burning and other wastes are disposed of, acids and other chemicals expended, solid waste finally ends in rivers. As a result, there was a serious problem of water pollution

Approaches to Green Computing


Abstract computer resources, Example connect one printer with all computers.

Terminal Servers

In which use on common server and share with all terminal, after using this program power save up to 80%.

Power Management

In the old technology, computer’s components consume more power in which no have proper management to serve power to all part of computer.

Power Supply

In our Old computer system use of 60% power supply, and 40% are wasted, but now in green computing technology improve the efficiency of PC.


our Hard drive consume more power for storing some data, So now require the new technology.

Product Recycling

In which recycle the wasted products of computer

Green Computing Strategies

The strategies of Green computing have decreased the consumption of overhead energy and have used the server maximum through a strategy including server virtualization. But technology trends, such as increase in data analytics and artificial intelligence, can reduce progress in green computing strategies.

Green Computing Applications

There are many areas in which Uses of green computing

  • Energy Management in Data Centre’s
  • Green Cloud Computing in Energy Efficiency
  • Green Wireless Network
  • Green Parallel Computing with Big Data Systems
  • Green cloud computing along with genetic algorithm

Examples of Green Computing 

  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Renewable energy sources don’t use fossil fuel.

They are available freely, are environmentally friendly and generate less pollution. Apple, who is building a new corporate center, is planning to use most of the building’s wind turbine technology, and Google has already built a wind-powered data center.

Green Computing Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Green Computing:

Here different benefits of green computing are

  • Lessened vitality utilization by green registering advances converts into low carbon dioxide emanations, which emerge because of the absence of petroleum derivatives utilized as a part of intensity plants and transportation.
  • Conservation of resources means less energy is required to produce, use and dispose of products.
  • Saving energy and resources saves money.
  • Green processing includes changing government arrangement to empower reusing by people and organizations and to lessen vitality utilization.
  • Reduce existing exposure in laptops such as chemical, cancer, nerve damage, and is known due to immune responses in humans.

Disadvantage and  Challenges of Green Computing 

  • It can really be quite expensive.
  • Some green computers may be very low.
  • Rapid technology change.

Conclusion of Green Computing

At the most simple level, green computing is not a rocket science and certainly does not require large amounts of cash in case of up-front investment. As stated above, the active step for a green computing takes a little effort, yet low energy consumption usually changes to immediate savings.

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