What is Inkjet Printer: Definition, Types, Uses, Examples

What is Inkjet Printer: Definition, Types, Uses, Examples

What is Inkjet Printer

First inkjet printer was introduced by Hewlett-Packard in 1976.

Definition: Inkjet printer is a computer hardware peripheral that can be connected wireless or with wired to the computer system. Inkjet printer are mostly used in the home and small offices usages, because they are able to perform basic multi-functions like as print, scan, photocopy, etc.

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Inkjet printer works as a principle of inkjet technology. In this technology, to spray the ionized ink directly with using of magnetic plates on the paper and that are fed through the printer. The print head spins back and forth, and get to spray thousands of these small droplets on the paper.


Inkjet printer helps to provide the higher quality images along with vivid colors. They are cost-effective and easy to operate, and they always ready to get printout without needing any warm-up time.

Types of Inkjet Printer

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There are different types of inkjet printers; below explain each one –

  • Single Function Inkjet Printers
  • Multifunction Inkjet Printers
  • Photo Inkjet Printers

Single Function Inkjet Printers:  These types of printers are capable to perform only simple printing functions. These printers are very useful in home and small office usages where to need print enlarge documents with great efficiently.

Why to Prefer

  • Easy to operate
  • Less expensive
  • Various inks can be used as per your printing need
  • Easy to use
  • Able to print Black & White and color
  • Produce quality pictures depend on the model.

Multifunction Inkjet Printers: Multifunction Inkjet Printer is also known as the “All-in-One” functions printer. These printers are getting more popularity for using in home and office. They are capable to perform various tasks like as Printing, scanning, and copying. They need to replace ink cartridge, and they can also provide print Black & White or Color.

Photo Inkjet Printers: Main aim of photo inkjet printer is to make pictures stand out, and they are capable to produce color printout in several print sizes. These printers are costly compare to other inkjet printer because in which various types of inks are used like as dye and pigment based.

Why to Prefer

  • Best option for photographers
  • To perform multiple functions like as printing, scanning, and copying
  • Uses 6 to 12 ink cartridges

Uses of Inkjet Printer

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Inkjet printers are used in several areas for performing various tasks; like as –

  • Inkjet printer is used in home and small office to perform for printing text due to their high contrast and speed.
  • Inkjet printer is also used in banks and electricity department for taking bank statements and electricity bill, because it is capable to run long time without any hindrance.
  • Inkjet printer is also able to provide high quality color print out, so it is also used by photographers and graphic designer
  • It is used for printing signs, billboards, T-shirts, and more.

Examples of Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printer is an example of non impact printer that means this printer is able to produce printout without hitting a ribbon. Below some examples of this types of printers; such as –

Canon Inkjet Printers

  • PIXMAIP4800
  • PIXMAIP4850
  • PIXMAIP4950
  • PIXMAIX6550
  • PIXMAMG5150
  • PIXMAMG5250

HP Inkjet Printers

  • DESKJET460
  • DESKJET5740
  • DESKJET6540
  • DESKJET6840

Dell Inkjet Printers

  • A942, A944, A946, A962, A964

Brother Inkjet Printers

  • DCPJ4110DW
  • MFCJ4410DW
  • MFCJ4510DW
  • MFCJ4710DW
  • MFCJ6920DW
  • MFCJ6720DW
  • MFCJ6520DW
  • MFCJ650DW
  • DPCJ552D
  • DPCJ752D


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