What is Mobile Computing? Top 20 Applications of Mobile Computing!

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What is Mobile Computing?

Definition: Mobile Computing System mean Wireless communication and its applications  are generic technology that refers to numerous devices that are supportable to access transmitted data like voice, video, and text any time and any where over the wireless network infrastructure.

mobile computing applications

In mobile computing technology, includes mobile communication, mobile hardware, and mobile software and this react as human-computer interaction. Cause of these has improved the quality of our lives.

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  1. What is Mobile Computing?
  2. History and Evolution of Mobile Computing
  3. Why is Mobile Computing Used?
  4. How Does Mobile Computing Work?
  5. Components of Mobile Computing
  6. What is Mobile Technologies Used For?
  7. Future of Mobile Computing
  8. Applications of Mobile Computing
  9. Mobile Computing Services
  10. Types of Mobile Computing Devices
  11. Types of Mobile Computing
  12. Mobile Computing Architecture
  13. Mobile Computing Security
  14. Mobile Computing Downsides
  15. Mobile Computing Upsides
  16. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • What is mobile computing and its importance?
  • What is the use of mobile computing?
  • What is meant by mobile computing?
  • What is mobile computing and its applications?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile computing?
  • What are characteristics of mobile computing?

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History and Evolution of Mobile Computing

In 1894, Marconi done experiment along with Hertzian rays and identify the waves over very long distance. Then developed the first wireless telegraph company.
• 1980 – Developed first consumer Laptop.
• 1981 – Developed portable Computer by Epson.
• 1984 – First touch screen laptop was developed.
• 1990 – New portable laptop released by Apple with 640*640 display screen.
• 1992 – Released standard Windows 3.1.1 Operating System.
• 1993 – Developed first PDA by Apple.
• 2007 – Launched first I Phone along with touch screen.
• 2009- Launched first smart phone with Android.
• 2011 – Start evolution of Mobile Computing.

Why is Mobile Computing Used?

Mobile computing is going to use in various areas of life, with including business and consumer markets, entertainment industries, and other specialized vertical markets. It is getting to enable users to be untethered from the power source for duration of time that making it advantageous for getting to travel and remote workers who have to need to remain staying connected while on the move.

The importance of mobile computing has recently increased due to remote work and study environments, making it a vital part of everyday life. Additionally, the use of powerful devices and networks, the availability of apps, and the ability to appear bigger in size and richer in resources are accelerating the use of mobile computing in organizations.

How Does Mobile Computing Work?

Mobile computing’s functionality consists the combination of software, hardware, and communication technologies. Mobile computing devices are rugged and enterprise-class devices with extensive wireless communication options and advanced data capture capabilities that allow mobile, on-the-go workers to exchange real-time, business-critical information whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Generally, mobile computing system involves a mobile device and a wireless network connection based on Wi-Fi or cellular wireless technology, such as 5G. Mobile devices typically can store data locally, and access to that data doesn’t require a network connection.

Components of Mobile Computing

Mobile computing consists of three main components: mobile communication, mobile hardware, and mobile software.

Mobile Communication: This refers to the infrastructure put in place to ensure seamless and reliable communication, including wireless network infrastructure, protocols, data formats, bandwidths, and portals necessary to facilitate and support the stated services.

Mobile Hardware: This includes mobile devices or device components that receive or access the service of mobility, such as portable laptops, smartphones, tablets, and personal digital assistants.

Mobile Software: This is the actual program that runs on the mobile hardware, dealing with the characteristics and requirements of mobile applications. The most important software component is the operating system, which is the brain of any computing system. For a laptop, this may be Windows, Linux, or macOS, and for a smartphone, it may be Android or iOS. The different applications running on a device are also part of the mobile software.

What is Mobile Technologies Used For?

Mobile technology is used for cellular communication that has evolved rapidly over the past few years to years. It has of portable computing devices, two-way communications devices, and the networking technology that making to connection them like as smartphones, tablets, and watches.

While getting to integration with information technology and communication technology has brought remarkable changes to social life, and mobile technology. Mobile technology is pervasive and most growing, with the number of smartphone users surpassing 3 billion and the global mobile workforce expected to reach 1.87 billion by 2022.

Its applications domains are increasingly broad; and gradually getting to replace other sources of communication, including post offices and landlines. Mobile technology has been progressed from a simplest phone and texting device to the multi tasking system that can be implemented for GPS navigation, gaming, internet browsing, and instant messaging.

Future of Mobile Computing

The enhancement in Artificial Intelligence, increasing the speed to computing terminals So the future of Mobile computing is more brightness.

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Increasing the technology in portability and light weighted devices, so as per this statement mobile computing devices are improving in portability and small in size.

Now these days, most of people have increasing laziness, they want to perform all task while sitting in own house. so mobile computing fulfill this are because you can done mostly all task on mobile computing device like as want to shop then no require physically visit at any store, you can visit any e-commerce website and make your order. 

As per research of this year that 80% the mobile devices converted into smart phone, because mobile company are working as per future trend to mobile computing.

Moving a data facility to the cloud not only streamlines operations and minimizes the need for extensive local infrastructure but also offers the advantage of seamless scalability, allowing organizations to effortlessly adapt to changing data requirements and spikes in demand.

Now conclusion, Mobile Computing future is most brightness because all user and companies are adopting of mobile computing.   

Applications of Mobile Computing

There are different types of real life applications which are used in the Mobile computing, such as:

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Use in Traffic

During traveling in traffic if we require to know road situation, latest news and when if feel more stress in driving then can play music and other important broadcast data are received through digital audio broadcasting(DAB). If we forget the road then we can know our exact location with the help of global positioning system (GPS).In case if got accident then can to inform police and ambulance via an emergency call to the service provider, which help to improve organization and save time & money.

Emergencies Situation

To play a vital role in the medical sector can hire an ambulance with great quality wireless connection and help of this can carry significant information about injured persons. The useful step can prepare for a particular accident and doctor can be consulted for diagnosis. Only Wireless networks work of communication in nature disaster 2 such as earthquakes, tsunami, flood, and fire. In worst conditions only decentralized, wireless ad-hoc networks survive. Means that can handle Emergencies situation by mobile computing easily.

Use in Business

As per business point of view CEO help of this computing system can represent the presentation at the front of their clients while can access hot news of the market. Help of video conference could be discuss at the topic without hindrance any time. Another side if traveling salesman wants to access the company database as per requirement then can be retrieved data on his wireless device and maintain the consistency company’s database. Cause of these every employee are updated up to date.

Credit Card Verification

Credit card verification using this computing most secure. In respect of Sale terminals(POS) when customer buy items in malls and other small shops when and pay bill in the form of swap credit card for transactions then need to establish network in between POS terminal and bank central computer then over protected cellular network verify the credential information of card fastly, if match it then proceed further otherwise denied get boost up speed of transaction process and relieve the burden at the POS network.

Replacement of Fixed Networks

Wired network has been replaced in wireless network e.g. trade shows, remote sensors and historical buildings. in wired networks, weather forecasting, earthquake detection and to get environmental data are impossible. This is possible only in adapting the replacement of fixed networks in this computing.


Wireless networks are capable to deliver the latest information at any suitable regions and can download knowledge about concert at morning through wireless network that concert is conducting in any region as well as Another growing field of wireless network applications lies in entertainment and games to enable, e.g., ad-hoc gaming networks as soon as people meet to play together. So Infotainment by wireless computing is more easy.


Defence counsels are able to take decision for using mobile computer in court. Whenever the opposing counsel are getting to reference a case that are not familiar, then they can implement to get direct, real-time access to on-line legal database service, where they can collect on the case and related precedents. So, mobile computers let instantly get access to a wealth of information and making person better informed and prepared.

Social Media Portal

Few mobile applications let users to keep in get touch along with their friends and relatives by sending picture, audio, video, and text messages.

To Collect Stock Information

In such environment whereas to get access to stock is very limited like as factory warehouses. Therefore, with using of mobile computers, you can also get access the small electronic database. It also lets to data collate directly written to a central database through CDPD network, so it holds all stock information hence the need for getting to transfer of data to central computer at a later data is not mandatory.


Mobile computing concept is also using by governments to offer many services to get update their rural areas like as health, safety, farming, weather, education and other related information to governance. Therefore, government are getting to link rural areas along with head quarter offices for monitoring.

Using in Organizations

Head manager can also use mobile computers to prepare the critical presentation to valuable clients. They can also get access the latest market share data, and revise the presentation to take benefits of this information. They can also get communicate along with office about possible new offers and call meetings for discussing responding to new proposals.

Tour and Travel

Today, truism is making a largest industry in pan world. Most of tourist spots are at remote location from the developed areas. Therefore with using of wireless communication, you can easily to connect for people who are joying their tour. They are easily to make connect along with family and relatives and finding out for travel service, hotel services food services and more.


Few mobile applications let the facility of transaction like as pay bills, recharge mobile and so on.

Paging & Electronic Mail

With helping of mobile unit, you can easily to send and read emails for any small or large scale business or individual; it also let them to keep in get touch along with any colleagues as well as immediately development that may affect their work. To get access to internet, implementing mobile computing technology, provides the individual to have massive arrays of knowledge at their fingertips. With using of paging, you are also getting more intercommunication capability in between individuals and using of a single mobile computing device.

Health and Fitness Apps: Monitoring health, tracking fitness, and accessing wellness information.

Telemedicine: Remote healthcare consultations and monitoring through mobile devices.

Mobile VoIP: Making calls over the internet using apps like Skype or WhatsApp.

Smart Home Control: Managing smart home devices remotely through mobile applications.

Field Service Management: Keeping to manage and tracking field-based operations and services with using mobile computing devices.

Mobile Computing Services

Software as a service is best platform with the help of rendering the many utilities and applications on the internet world in the form of services.

Cloud Computing help to optimize your resources and scale up while control your cost.

Suggest the best mobile hardware and software for your using utilities and applications.

In arbitrary wireless network service help to connect freely network, and with the help of this concept, you can access data anywhere without time and place limitation.

Mobile terminal phases are

  • Provide the current and appropriate O/S and other software.
  • Examine the loading time of particular software.
  • Setup the wireless networks such as WAN and LAN

Types of Mobile Computing Devices

There are many types of Mobile Computing devices that permit to user for accessing all type of data and information from anytime and anywhere without boundation of time and place. Today, these devices are more demanded in market because having small size and light weight.

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Types of Mobile Computing

There are two types of mobile computing,  such as: 

  • Portable Computing
  • Mobility Computing

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Mobile Computing Architecture 

Mobile Computing has 3-tier architecture with various its functions, in which include major three segments are:

  1. Data access layer
  2. Application tire in middle line
  3. Client tier on the surface

Each tier is spitted in many network and not require any physical location on all terminals on the network.

mobile computing

  • Presentation Layer:

This layer provides data to the user and allows to data feeding and manipulation, and proceeds all data as Business layer.

  • Business Logic Layer:

Business logic work as a server for user requests from work point. This works according to bringing or entering business rules through the data layer.

  • Data Access Layer:

This layer work as DBMS access layer because this layer provides data to other two layers. Allow dependencies on the storage area can be done updation.

If you want to get know detail information about mobile computing architecture with diagram as well as 3-tier architecture then you can prefer this.

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Mobile Computing Security

Two types attacks are existed in the Mobile Computing security:-

Passive attack – In this attack intruder only monitor the transmitted data over the network.

Active attack – In which intruder gives some modification in the original data.

Concern Security is:

  • Encrypted data
  • Outsource detection
  • Lack of data capacity
  • Terminal tracer
  • Set up timeout system
  • Use reliable sources such as Google Play and Amazon App

Mobile Computing Downsides

There are many limitations and challenges in Mobile Computing. Explain below

  • Battery consumption hindrance
  • Interference is persisted in shielding.
  • Inefficient bandwidth in transmission.
  • Connection losses over entithe re network.
  • Network stability.
  • Interoperability problem.
  • Protection constraints.

Mobile Computing Upsides

Now these days, Mobile Computing has more need because there are various benefits such as:

  • Increasing Productivity  Mobile devices can be used in the field of various instruments, so reducing time and cost for customers and themselves.
  • Entertainment For entertainment purposes, mobile computing devices can be used for both people and customers for personal and even presentations.
  • Portability The main advantages of this, you are not bound to one Zone . It help to access any wireless devices without place boundation.
  • Cloud Computing This service is available to save documents on online servers and whenever you make a connection to the Internet, they are able to access them at any time and anywhere and these files can be used for many mobile devices or even That can also access on PC.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is mobile computing and its importance?

Mobile computing is a generic word that represents to those devices which let people to get access data and information from anywhere and anytime that means, you haven’t any place bound.

What is the use of mobile computing?

Mobile computing technology is going to use in many sectors such as small and large scale business, credit card verification, infotainment, Collect Stock Information, and so on.

What is meant by mobile computing?

Mobile computing is a concept that covers the development, designs and evaluation of mobile application by using of perfect solutions that meet user needs. This technology is used to perform a wider range of tasks on devices that are portable.

What is mobile computing and its applications?

Mobile computing is a concept that allows to transmission of voice, data, and video through PC or other wireless enabled computing devices without any getting to connect a physical connection. Mobile computing technology is going to use in many areas like as small and large scale business, credit card verification, infotainment, Collect Stock Information, and more.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile computing?

Mobile computing has many benefits and limitations, so you should be known about this. Therefore, through this article we have explore above all advantages and disadvantages of mobile computing; you can read them.

What are characteristics of mobile computing?

Mobile computing has many characteristics like as Portability, Wireless Connectivity, Context Sensitivity, Social Interactivity, and more.

Conclusion of Mobile Computing

Today, mobile computing is ever changing, and it has involved drastically over years and will keep continue to evolve as we go into the future. Therefore, through this article we have been revealed all possible stuffs about what is mobile computing and its applications, history, future, characteristics, features, services, types of mobile computing devices, security and architecture & structure, as well as involving their related FAQs.

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