Advantages and Disadvantages of Trackball Mouse – Easy Guide

Mostly people spend most of day at the front of a computer being a regular mouse that you can get wrist pain and discomfort from moving it back and forth over the table; so instead of a mouse, you can use a trackball. This is the innovative alternative of a regular mouse. So, here we will guide you about various advantages and disadvantages of trackball over a regular mouse; as well as pros and cons of using a trackball.

Introduction of Trackball

You can also use a trackball with alternative to a regular mouse. If you have not little bit space for placing the mouse then trackball is a best option to mouse. The trackball use for taking full control over the cursor (pointer) that is flow on the screen of desktop and laptop. Mostly, Trackball placed on the keyboard and down to space bar key.


For moving the cursor of pointer, user traces the finger on the surface of trackball’s socket. Two buttons are also embedded with trackball socket, for selecting any object or text as well. Now these days, mostly some computer like as Macintosh PowerBook and Laptop are come with inbuilt trackball system.

Trackball Advantages and Disadvantages

Each user must be known about numerous advantages and disadvantages of a trackball mouse.

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Advantages of Trackball Over a Regular Mouse:

In this section, we will spread the light over the several benefits of a trackball mouse; below shown all, you can check them:

Require Less Space

You know very well that a regular desktop mouse needs a mouse pad for executing accurate operations, but a trackball doesn’t require any mouse pad to perform its tasks; and requiring the less space for positioning.

Can Work on Any Place

A track mouse is able to work on any surface place, so it doesn’t need any smooth surface to operate. Therefore, you don’t require any table or desk and even any mouse pad to use it. User can easily to operate the trackball on your legs, beds, and pillow and use them as a remote control that means not matter where you place it.

Easy to Operate

Another pros of a trackball mouse is that they are easier to do work and can sufficiently be used for other tasks from work to gaming. It has the easily operate able buttons and ball, so a trackball is easier to use compare to a regular mouse. Beyond of this, you don’t need to move your hand around too much because just you have to require move the ball.

More Accurately

Trackballs are more favoured for the graphic designers because they have more accuracy and precision compare to a regular mouse. As well as, trackballs are mostly going to use for gamers because they provide the fluid consistent movement.


We can also use a trackball as the regular mouse, whether you are using left handed or right handed. And you can also change the settings of its buttons as per your needs no matter what hand you use.

More Ergonomic

While using a regular mouse, your hand requires to move it across the desktop to meet your target position of your cursor on your screen. Therefore, a lot of repetitive wrist movement for hours a day and this can lead to pain, injuries, and discomfort. But, apposite it; a trackball mouse offers the benefit of decrease strain and unwanted movement because you have to need move the ball and not the mouse.

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Therefore, a trackball mouse is most comfortable and safe by the occupational health and safety administration

Other Advantages of Trackball

  • Trackball provides to users for accessing 4K-5K high resolution screen compare to other traditional devices.
  • More comfortable for user’s wrist and palm
  • Trackball has more speed.
  • No need more services.
  • Most suitable for playing game
  • Having ergonomic merit because for performing task only move ball instead of entire socket
  • No required more space for positioning of trackball.
  • Trackball’ buttons are well designed that provide rest while performing task by this device.
  • No need for any track pad like mouse need mouse pad.
  • Trackball is more suitable if users are ambidextrous because trackball can be used very easily with any hand either this is right hand or left hand.
  • Have good disability.

Disadvantages of Trackball Mouse

A trackball has some limitations, so you should be known about them; below mentioned each one:

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  • More expensive because trackball cost may be vary up to 20 $ to 100$
  • Not easy to use because trackball’s cursor performs more activities while spinning ball with lightly because it has more accessibility.
  • Need accurate control over the ball with one finger or thumb because can be got more difficulties to cut, paste, click and drag.
  • Physical Limitation: if your hands have small than user can face more difficulties to operating these devices.
  • Not comfortable to fast pace games.

Final Words

Through this article, we have been explored about various advantages and disadvantages of trackball over a regular mouse; as well as pros and cons of using a trackball with ease. If this post is useful for you, then please share it along with your friends, family members or relatives over social media platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and more.

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If you have any experience, tips, tricks, or query regarding this issue? You can drop a comment!

Happy Learning!!

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