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What is TouchPad – Advantages | Functions | Uses

What is Touchpad

Touchpad Definition/Meaning – Touchpad is a controlling input positioning device of computer. Touchpad is also known as glide pad and glide point. Touchpad is best alternative option to computer mouse. Mostly, Computer touchpad device is attached on the laptop, but some time it found on keyboard as well. Computer touchpad is totally controlled by user’s finger, when they slide his fingers on the surface area of touchpad. Touchpad allows to fast movement cursor on the monitor screen while slow finger movement on the touchpad’s surface zone.


Computer touchpad has two buttons that are called left-click and right-click same as mouse buttons. In latest touchpad is acquired large surface area for fingertips, and their buttons are embedded below the surface area due to users convenience. 

Touchpad History

  • First touchpad was designed by George E. Gerpheide in 1988 along with Psion’s MC 200/400/600/WORD Series.
  • Touchpad had been started to be used in laptops in 1990.
  • Apple Computer has to release the certified license for using in their Powerbook laptops in 1994.
  • Synaptic also designed their touchpad as branded in the computer industry.
  • After that, Epson also was taken of that opportunities and launched their touchpad product in marketplace.

Advantages of Touchpad

Below, we will spread the light on the touchpad features as well as benefits such as:

  • No required more space for using it because touchpad is embedded in to laptop or keyboard.
  • Touchpad has better as well as fast selection control any objects to mouse.
  • No need any smooth surface area under it like as using for mouse.
  • Easy to operate.
  • It is more sensitive device.
  • If you are using laptop then it more comfortable while laying on your bed.
  • No tension for wireless and wire device because it is built in your laptop.
  • No need to pay extra money for buying it because touchpad is linked
  • On your keyboard or laptop.
  • When you are travelling then it can be easily carry without any hindrance.
  • It has good portability.
  • It has better finger control.
  • It has fast navigation via various application areas and internet as well.
  • Need little bit finger movement for moving the cursor on the screen.
  • No more wait for using mode while booting your system.
  • Touchpad provides the rest to wrist while using it compare to mouse because it can be used by one or two finger, not use your fully palm.
  • Touchpad is attached with your system, so it does not need special drivers for its installation in the computer system.

Disadvantages of Touchpad

  • Need some skills for using touchpad to handle the cursor’s position on your monitor screen.
  • Touchpad cannot be used while wearing gloves in winter season.
  • Probably, some problem can be arising while controlling the cursor on the monitor display, if you are using first time.
  • Touchpad is costly to mouse.
  • Mostly, touchpad is built-in on the laptop.
  • If you are performing some activities such as drag and drop then some difficulties can be create.
  • It can be created disturbance to sending signals through sensor, if you are using moist and sweaty fingers.
  • It has more difficult to use in cramped condition as there space limitation for moving.
  • Required limited area for using it.
  • Not possible to scroll across the monitor screen in one go.
  • Touchpad cannot perform massive movement.

Touchpad Function

There are numerous touchpad functions with solving the question that how does Touchpad work? Below describe every one

Enhance Sound – Perform dragging with your finger to upside direction on the touchpad surface.

Decrease Sound – Perform dragging along with finger to downside on the touchpad.

Pause/Resume – Lightly tap two times to touch pad surface.

Play forward track – When you drag your finger to forwards side on the touchpad.

Play backward track – Execute dragging to reverse side on the touch pad.

Fast forward – Drag finger upward direction on the surface of touch pad while holding it minimum 1 second duration.

Rewind function – Drag finger downward side on the touch pad while holding it minimum 1 second duration.

Call assistance with personally – Tap center of touch pad for 2 seconds.

Attend/Decline call – little Tap on the touch pad two times.

Release call and Toggle between two calling person – For performing this task, you little press of center area of touch pad probably 2 seconds duration.

How to Use Laptop Mouse (Touchpad)

If you do not know the procedure of using the touchpad then follow these steps one by one:

  • Ensure that your touchpad is must be turn on mode. If not, then Go to “Start” > “Control Panel”, and going to ON touchpad.
  • When you have entered the Control Panel then open the mouse properties and choose the option “Touchpad”.
  • Now you have to inside the “Touchpad” option, then open the image of touchpad for changing its setting. Open new menu choose “Device Select”, and press the “Enable”.
  • Select “OK” and shutdown windows if open any.

Now you are enabling to use of touchpad along with various functionalities such as:


“Click” means to “Press and release the touchpad buttons”. There are numerous uses of “Clicking” like as

  • Click any particular point in the document, and can be start for editing it.
  • Can be used in couples of windows for checking the check box and radio buttons as well.
  • Can be used “Double Click” for opening any file or folder for editing them.


When you click right button of touchpad, then new shortcut menu will be open, and in which various options are given. Users can select any option as per need like as if you choose the “Desktop Properties” then can be changed all setting of desktop as per his convinces.


 Drag means to “move the cursor on the monitor display at any location while holding the left button of touchpad”.  With using this function, you can drag all objects at any location such as up, down, right, and left. If, you select any object then it becomes highlighted then that object is ready to perform activities that are selected by user. Such as has been become “DELETE” while pressing delete key.


Users are able to scroll of enlarge documents or webpage such as website with using touchpad. When you want to use scroll function in touchpad then marked the area on the right side or left side then your finger is able to scroll the document up or down directions.

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