How to Edit PDF on Mac for Free? Make a PDF Editable (8 Ways)!

In this article, we will explain you about how to edit a PDF on Mac for free version with using 8 simply hacks. At the end, you will say that I can do it myself!!

If, sometimes you want to few editing in your PDF document and you are using Mac or Macbook then you don’t need to download any third party program to edit PDF file. Mac is enabled with two amazing apps like as Preview and Quick Look, with the help of these apps you can do many editing in your PDF document.

how to edit a PDF on Mac

How to Edit a PDF on Mac using Preview?

Your Mac is enabled with Preview in-built amazing feature to open PDF document that lets you to fill in PDF document created with accessible features like as fill in boxes for your name and address.

Preview allows you to Filing in a PDF Form, Highlighting Existing Text, Adding New Text, Redaction a PDF Document’s Sections, Rotating PDF Page, Adding a Signature, and Inserting Drawings and Shapes. Below explain each one:

Filing in an PDF Form

If you wish to try open PDF document along with fillable fields in your Preview app, then you can edit them with making click on the form elements directly. This will displays as text boxes or checkboxes that you can make to interact with.

how to edit a PDF on Mac

Now you can add information to your file by clicking on fillable text box. Once done it, then must be saved it by going to File > Save.

Highlighting Existing Text

Preview lets you to highlight text in your PDF document to make stand out against the rest. Here’s how:

  • Click on <Highlight> button into menu bar of Preview.

how to edit a PDF on Mac

  • And then you have to use mouse cursor to choose any text you want to highlight.
  • If you don’t like this existing colour of highlight then you can change it by clicking down arrow icon next to Highlight button, and choose one of bunch’s color in drop down menu.

Adding New Text

If sometimes you want to try type something on your PDF document on Mac directly, then Preview allows you to insert additional text to PDF document by using of text boxes. Here’ how:

  • Click on <Markup> button, and then select the button.

how to edit a PDF on Mac

  • Now text box will visible on your document, and can be changed position text box by using your mouse. Then make double click on text box to start editing it.

Redaction a PDF Document’s Sections

Preview allows you to redaction tool to remove any section of your PDF document. Here’s how:

  • Navigate Markup > Redact > OK, and then choose the portion you want to hide from visible area.

how to edit a PDF on Mac

  • Once completed it, must be saved PDF by going to File > Save.

Rotating PDF Page

If sometimes you wish to try rotating a specific page in your PDF document then Preview also allows you rotation option. Here’s how:

  • Open your PDF document in your Preview app.
  • Choose the certain page you want to rotate from sidebar.

how to edit a PDF on Mac

  • Now you have to need click on <Rotate> button to rotate your page.
  • Once done it, to save your change File > Save.

Adding a Signature

Preview also lets you to quickly insert your signature to your PDF documents.

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Inserting Drawings and Shapes

Mac’s Preview lets you to insert custom shapes like as circles or square otherwise can be freely draw any object on your PDF document with helping of free drawing tools such as (Sketch and Pen). Here’ how to use:

Click on <Markup> icon to display toolbar. For putting a shape, click on shape icon, and then select a shape to draw. Then your selected shape will show in your PDF document automatically.

how to edit a PDF on Mac

If you want to try draw freely, choose either the Sketch or Pen icons, and then use mouse cursor to draw onto PDF document’s pages directly.

how to edit a PDF on Mac

Merge Multiple PDF Documents

  • To combine PDF documents, you have to need open one PDF in your Preview app.
  • Go to View > Thumbnails to view thumbnails of all pages.
  • Navigate Edit > Insert > Page from file and open another PDF file.
  • Select destination and keep to save this updated document as PDF.

Splitting PDF Files

To separate pages in a scanned PDF, you can simply drag these pages you wish to delete from thumbnails pane to desktop.

Compress PDF File

You can reduce your PDF document by using Preview app.

How to Edit a PDF using QuickLook?

QuickLook is also Mac’s built-in previewing app that is semi version of Preview app. QuickLook lets you to quickly view and edit to PDF documents on your Mac free of cost.

Here’s how to use some edit tools in Quick Look to fill in a PDF document on your Mac and Macbook.

  • Firstly locate the PDF document in <Finder> you wish to edit.
  • Next select it and hit the <Spacebar> key from your keyboard.
  • Once you pressed spacebar then preview of file will display on your Mac’s screen.
  • Next you see icon looks as <Pencil> at the top right of same window and click on it.
  • Further you will view few editing tools, and these tools like as drawing tool, shapes, and third position a txt tool, you can click on that as per your need.
  • Now if you click on text tool a box then it will appear with word Text inside, and then it can be moved at any position on your Mac’s screen, as well as type something whatever you wish to insert to PDF document.
  • Text is existed red color by default, but you can change appearance, choose drop down box beyond A and select colour, font and size of your text.
  • Once you done it, hit on <Done> button to save all changes.
  • Now this completed PDF document can be shared.

How to Edit a PDF using Third-Party Editors?

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If you wish to need other extra features, then you can try a third party PDF editor. Here we will show you some third party PDF editor; you can select one as per your need.

PDFpen App

PDFpen lets you to make corrections or rewrite few texts along with original document with editable text blocks, as well as can be used to highlight, draw, and scribble on your PDF file.

How to Correct Text

  • Launch PDFpen application, and then open your PDF file you want to edit.
  • Next highlight the text along with PDF and press the <Correct Text>
  • Now you can delete current text and type your desired text.

To Add and Edit Image in PDF Document

  • Hit on <Insert> icon and select the image you wish to insert.
  • Next you can resize and move image with dragging it around internal PDF document.
  • Make adjustment in image by making double click on image.
  • Now it lets you to delete image and drop new ones also.

Prizmo App

Prizmo app lets you instantly capture text as well as making it fluid and editable.

Make PDF from the image along with Prizmo. Here’s how:

  • Press the <+> icon on Prizmo App.
  • This will open drop down menu and find out your source.
  • Next you have to choose image you want to convert to PDF and hit on <Add> option.
  • Further press the <Recognize> that showing at top right corner.
  • Now you will see editable text on right side of same window.

PDF Expert

PDF Expert editor lets you to edit text, edit image, to merge multiple PDF files, make Table of content in your PDF document, to insert hyperlink, to redact PDF file, to delete PDF file’s pages, and more.

Edit Text in PDF File

  • Firstly you have to need Download PDF Expert as Free version
  • Next hit on <Edit> option at the top toolbar and choose <Text> item.
  • Select a fragment of text you wish to edit.
  • Now you can make change and click on blank space.

Delete Pages in PDF File

  • Select Thumbnail that showing at the top bar.
  • Choose the page you want to delete.
  • Now click on <Delete> button at the top bar.


Skim is a free version PDF reader and editor for your Mac. Skim lets you to view and edit any type of PDF document, as well as allowing to insert comment, highlight sections, take snapshots, and etc.

Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor lets you to directly manipulate text in your PDF document, to edit text directly also, to delete text, to change formatting, to change position of text in your PDF file.

It also allows you to share and collaborate on PDF documents along with colleagues and friends directly.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat editor allows you to add electronic signature, to convert other document into PDF, to spit PDF into many files, to add handwriting text, add fillable form elements, add comment and more.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why can’t I edit PDF on Mac?

Editing PDFs on Mac can be limited as many PDFs are created as read-only documents. To edit, you may need specialized software like Adobe Acrobat or third-party apps, as the built-in Preview app offers limited editing capabilities for certain PDFs.

How can i edit PDF without Adobe Acrobat on my Mac?

You can edit a PDF on your Mac without Adobe Acrobat using the built-in Preview app. Preview allows for basic PDF editing, such as annotating, adding signatures, rearranging and deleting pages, and adding and copying text. If you need more advanced features, you can consider using other third-party apps like PDF Expert or online PDF editors

How do you edit a PDF online for free on Mac?

To edit a PDF online for free on Mac, use web-based platforms like Smallpdf, PDFescape, or Sejda. Upload your PDF, make edits, and download the edited file. These tools provide basic editing features without requiring any software installation, making it convenient for Mac users.

How do I convert a PDF to an editable document on a Mac?

On Mac, you can use Preview or online tools like SmallPDF or Adobe Acrobat online to convert a PDF to an editable format. Open the PDF in Preview, select “Export as PDF,” then choose a format like Word. Online tools often require uploading the PDF and downloading the converted document.

Wrapping Up

Through this article; we have been shown above all possible methods that help you about how to edit a PDF on Mac for free version; as well as make a PDF editable with using 8 simply hacks. If this article is helpful for you then share it over social media platforms like as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram and more.

If you have any experience, tips, tricks, or query regarding this issue? You can drop a comment!

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