How to Get Subscribe Button on Snapchat Profile? Easy Guide

Wondering about how to get subscribe button on Snapchat Profile? Don’t take headaches! You have visited at right page because here we will show you all possible stuffs about how you can get the Snapchat‘s subscribe button on iPhone & Android device with ease.


On Snapchat, subscribe button lets you help to make a strong community of followers. People who wish to follow you can easily do so by tapping on subscribe button. But problem is that Snapchat doesn’t offer everyone to appear subscribe button on their profile. So through this post, we will try to all simple procedures that allow to get a subscribe button on your Snapchat profile without getting any hassle.

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What is Snapchat Subscribe Button?

Similar to YouTube’s subscribe button, subscribe button of Snapchat also lets you subscribe to your favorite creators, brands and celebs on Snapchat. Don’t worry! Snapchat allows you the subscribe button as free of cost. You can also control your profile subscription under the discover page.

What Do You Need to Use The Subscription on Snapchat?

Snapchat lets you latest feature named as ‘Public Profile’. With using this feature, you can connect to wider range of group audience. Snapchat also lets you to collaborate along with other content creator and marketers. While getting higher number of your followers, you will make popularity among of users.

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Before using this feature, you should be fulfilled few requirements like as:

  • Making ensure all privacy settings including ‘Contact me’, Notifications to <Everyone> to set up for public profile.


  • Your age must be at least 18 years, not below it.
  • You earned at least 400-1000 followers on your Snapchat account.
  • Your Snapchat profile is at least 60 days old.
  • You would be following Snapchat’s community guidelines strictly.
  • At least one bidirectional guy that is minimum one of your friends has accepted your friend request and you to have accepted their request.

When you have completed these requirements, then you can go to setting up Subscription on your Snapchat account.

How to Get Subscribe Button on Snapchat?

In this section, we will spread light on all possible things which help to get the subscribe button on Snapchat for iOS and Android device with ease; below shown all headlines, you can navigate them as you wish:

  1. How Do You Get the Subscribe Button on Snapchat?
  • Making Your Snapchat Public Profile
  • Become a Snapchat Creator
  1. Why Do You Get Subscribe Button Instead of Add Friend on Snapchat?
  2. How to Protect Your Snapchat Subscriber Button?
  • Keep Monitor the Subscribe Status
  • Get Your Account Verified
  • Touch Snapchat Support Team
  1. Can You Message Someone Who Has Subscribed to Snapchat?
  2. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • How do I know who subscribed to me on Snapchat?
  • How do you get the Subscribe button on Snapchat 2022?
  • How many views do you need to get a Subscribe button on Snapchat?

Let’s Get Started!!

How Do You Get the Subscribe Button on Snapchat?

If you want to get a subscribe button next to your name, then with using two simplest methods; you can easily enable the subscribe button on your Snapchat account. Below shown both ways, you can check them:

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Making Your Snapchat Public Profile:

  1. Firstly, you have to open Snapchat app on your iOS or Android device and logged in with using their credential details.
  1. Once opened it, go to your <Profile Page> by tapping on your <Bitmoji> icon locating top-left corner.
  1. On ‘Profile Page’, click on <Geared Icon> ‘Settings’ option that showing up at the upper-right hand.


  1. Head over the ‘Settings Page’, perform scroll down and underneath <WHO CAN> section; you have to change few three settings from My Friends to Everyone for getting the profile public.
  • Contact Me
  • View My Story
  • See My Location


  1. By default, these settings are going to set the ‘My Friends’. Then you have to need move back to your profile page and tap on the <three dots> next to ‘Spotlight & Snap Map’


  1. Next, you will get a menu along with three options; then select the <Create Public Profile> option.


  1. Further, just complete the process of public profile creation; once done it, move back to your account page and you will view a section of ‘Public Profiles’.


  1. Now, tap on <My Public Profile> option to open your created public profile, then you will view a subscribe button next to your displaying name.


Become a Snapchat Creator:

If you want to become a Snapchat creator and get the subscribe button, then you must be created a public profile. You should grow up an audience by continuously posting on Stories and Spotlight.

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Before going to ahead, you must be fulfilling few requirements then you can become a creator:

  • Your Snapchat profile minimum at 7 days old
  • You gained at least 100 subscribers.
  • You have minimum one bi-directional friend.

Once completed these criteria; you have to follow two easy steps for becoming a creator on Snapchat:

Original Snapchat Lenses

Lenses are most amazing visible feature that helps to make Snapchat so popular. You can also use the Lens Studio to create, publish and share original lenses along with your audience.

While using these lenses, you can easily promote your profile on Snapchat audience. You can also create a community filer of a location or moment, frames, or lenses that followers and the public can play with.

Share Content Regularly

A creator should always be in touch along with followers and fan; they should post lots of good original quality content. Then Snapchat will definitely focus your efforts and reward you with subscribe button.

Why Do You Get Subscribe Button Instead of Add Friend on Snapchat?

If you add the subscription option to your Snapchat account, then it will let you to connect and post videos, picture and stories with enlarge audience.

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On Snapchat, Add friends option to make large list of your friends; but subscribe option lets you to make widen audience area.

Due to many reasons, users always are going to use Subscribe instead of Add Friends:

  • The guy you used to be friends along with unfriends you on Snapchat for any reason.
  • It has less probability of someone accepting your friend request, but then deleting you from their friend list after some days or weeks. Cause of this, you should be most convinced to subscribe on their profile. It is inexpensive trick of earnig followers.
  • If you are using a publicly accessible account, then it could be most legitimate reason. You will get a subscription option beyond of add friend, if you select to create your Snapchat account public. Those who want to follow your account must subscribe.

How to Protect Your Snapchat Subscriber Button?

There are three key factors that help to protect your Snapchat subscriber button; below mentioned all, you can check them:

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Keep Monitor the Subscribe Status:

You should be always monitoring on your subscription status by using to ‘Discover Page’. Then you will view the discover icon at the below right corner of your camera viewfinder. All eminent profiles are showing up on the discover page. So, here you can check your profile that how it perform to safe the subscriber button.

Get Your Account Verified:

To get verify account is the best idea to keep your online brand safe on social media app. Similar YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter and Snapchat also has a verified account criteria that proves the identity of a creator, brand, or celebrity. You can get your account verified if you wish to maintain your subscribe button forever.

Getting the verification process on Snapchat is not an easy task, because you should have minimum 50,000 views on your shared posts to keep verify your account. Once you earned 50k views; Snapchat will push you an invitation email to make your profile verified.

Touch Snapchat Support Team:

If someone tries to impersonate your profile and securing you from protecting subscribe button, make contact Snapchat support team. Here’s how:

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  • Firstly you have to launch your Snapchat app on your phone.
  • Go to ‘Settings Page’; and click on <Support> option.
  • Next, hit on <Contact Us> button.
  • Further, you have to choose the <My Snapchat isn’t working> option.
  • On resulting page, perform scroll down and click on <Other> option.
  • Underneath Need help with something else option, choose <YES>.
  • Next, choose the <My issue is not listed> option.
  • Now, you have to fill out the form and submit it.

After receiving your form, Snapchat team tries to solve your issue. You can also send your proof of identity to convince Snapchat. Unfortunately, if you request gets refused, then you can re-submit this form again.

Can You Message Someone Who Has Subscribed to Snapchat?

Yes! But condition applies. You are able to send messages to person who haven’t subscribed. Your message will be sent but will see as a ‘Pending‘ message to recipient In order for your message to be delivered. So you have to need get subscribe to the account you wish to send the message to through Snapchat.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I know who subscribed to me on Snapchat?

Simple trick: When you click and keep hold on user on Snapchat, then their Snapcode will be showing up along with their name and username.

Keep in mind:

  • If use you clicked is following you back in Snapchat, if you are mutual friends, then you can see their Snap score.
  • If the use is not a mutual friend, then you are unable to view their Snap score.

How do you get the Subscribe button on Snapchat 2022?

We already explained above all possible things, which help to get the Subscribe button on Snapchat 2022. You can read them.

How many views do you need to get a Subscribe button on Snapchat?

You have to need get over 50,000 views on your posts, and then Snapchat will send an invitation email to make your account official and verified.

Summing up

I hope that you have been learnt about how to get subscribe button on Snapchat for iPhone and Android device. We have revealed all relevant information that you may need to know about this. If this article is useful for you, then please share it along with your friends, family members or relatives over social media platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and more.

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