How to Make Public Profile on Snapchat? Get Snapchat Creator Account

If you want to expand you online presence and enhance your followers, then you need to get a Snapchat creator account. If you don’t aware about it, don’t worry! Here, we will reveal all things related about how to make a public profile on Snapchat for iPhone and Android device without any problem.


Snapchat lets you to take photos and edit them along with verities of filters that will be able to share the snaps with another Snapchat account users. Small business owner can take benefit with making a Snapchat creator account and use it to engage with their customers by making and posting amazing ads for their business.

What is Snapchat Creator Account?

Snapchat Creator Accounts allows a Public Story that is separate from your My Story. Your gained followers are able to view the Stories posted to your Public Story in the Subscription section of their Stories page. This Public Story could be recommended to the Community.

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Before getting a Snapchat creator account, you must be followed few necessary requirements like as:

  • The primary and most important criteria to create a public profile is that your age must be 18 years or above.
  • Second eligibility is for creating profile for those users who have been active more than 24 hours.
  • You must be minimum 1 bi-directional friend that means you and your friend have sent friend request with each other and accepted it.
  • You must follow the community guidelines, it is not daunting task to understand them.

How to Make Public Profile on Snapchat?

In this section, we will provide you detail information about process of making Snapchat creator’s profile. Snapchat lets you offer many roles into your creator account are also explained in this post. If you are crazy to get know about make a Snapchat creator account, then this article for you; below mentioned all headlines, you can check them:

  1. Get a Snapchat Creator Account on iPhone & Android?
  • Way 1: Using Lens Studio
  • Way 2: Making Snapchat Account Public
  1. Getting to Assign Roles to Someone
  2. Removing Someone’s Role or Changing it
  3. Types of Roles on Creator Account
  4. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • How do you get a public Creator profile on Snapchat 2022?
  • Can I find when my Snapchat account was created?
  • Can everyone make a creator profile on Snapchat?

Let’s Get Started!!

How to Get a Snapchat Creator Profile on iPhone & Android?

If you are going to create a Snapchat creator profile on iOS or Android device, then Snapchat lets you two ways that help to create creator profile on your Snapchat account with ease.

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Way 1: Using Lens Studio

Lens studio lets you to make, share and post lense along with Snapchat users. This tool is totally free of cost for everyone, and anyone is able to become a creator. With following few simplest steps, you can easily download and make Lens Studio to get a Snapchat creator account on your phone.

Firstly you have to need get download Lens Studio from it’s officially website and install it on your device; this Lens Studio is unpaid, but it is compatible for Mac and Windows platforms.

Pair to Snapchat

  • Once Lens Studio downloaded, open it on your device.
  • Next, hit on button locating at the upper-right hand of screen.
  • This will display a Snapcode pop up and it is unique for your Lens Studio.
  • Now, launch Snapchat app on your device.
  • Then, you have to get point your camera at the Snapcode.
  • Further keep press and hold the photo of Snapcode to scan it.
  • You will get a pop-up that allowing to Pair with Lens Studio and select the option.
  • Once done it, you will see messages in Lens Studio.

Way 2: Making Snapchat Account Public

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  • Open Snapchat app on your iPhone or Android phone.
  • Tap on <Bitmoji> icon at the top-left corner, and then you will come at your ‘Profile Page’.


  • On ‘Profile Page’; click on <Create Public Profile> tab underneath the ‘Public Profile’ Section.


  • On resulting on-boarding screen, hit on <Continue> button


  • Further, click on <Get Started> button as showing image


  • Again you will receive a pop-up confirmation banner and tap on <Create> option


Important!! By making a public profile, you will view your name on your Snap you have shared to Spotlight or Snap Map. However, Snapchat allows you to customize or remove your profile any time.

  • Now, you have to move back your ‘Profile Page’ and tap on <My Public Profile> tab under the ‘Public Profiles’ section.


  • Now, click on <Edit Profile> option to get customize your profile detail as your choice.


Getting to Assign Roles to Someone

You can also get assign the roles to someone in Snapchat to whom you believe. There are many roles that you will be allowed to assign them. To do this:

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  • Go to your ‘Profile Page’ by clicking at your <Bitmoji> icon at the upper-left hand.
  • Head over the ‘Profile Page’; tap on <Geared Icon> ‘Settings’ option that locating top-right corner.
  • On ‘Settings Page’; find out the <Manage Roles> option and tap on it.
  • Next, you have to select the <Assign new role> option and put friend’s username to get assign a role to them.
  • Your friend must accept the role after receiving a notification from Snapchat’s team.

Removing Someone’s Role or Changing it

You are an account creator as Admins, so you have right to remove or add someone else anytime without getting any hassle. Here’s how:

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  • Visit at your ‘Profile Page’ by hitting at your icon at the upper-left corner.
  • Head over the ‘Profile Page’; click on ‘Settings’ option that locating top-right hand.
  • On ‘Settings Page’; find out the option and hit on it.
  • Search the username of your friend to whom you want to remove or edit.
  • Tap on them and remove or change the assigned role.

Types of Roles on Creator Account

On Creator account, Snapchat lets you many roles like as Profile Admin/ Collaborate, Story Contribution, and Insight Viewer. Every role has own importance and allow different types of permission and get access to public profile.

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Profile Admin

Profile admins has right to handle a public profile, and he can delete any of photos from your public story. However, admins is unable to remove your access from your own public profile.

Profile Collaborator

If you assign the Profile Collaborator role to someone then he is able to see your account insights and also add or delete any snaps to your public profile.

Story Contribution

Story Contributor has right to see all your previous snaps, and he also can remove, add and view insights on their own snaps.

Insight Viewer

If you assign the Insight Viewer role to your friend then he/she has right to track growth and engagement via Snapchat insights tool.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you get a public Creator profile on Snapchat 2022?

Snapchat lets you two options to get a Snapchat creator account and both methods are already shown in the article, you can check them.

Can I find when my Snapchat account was created?

Yes! Open Snapchat app and click on your icon that showing up at the upper-left hand; perform scroll down to bottom then you will able to view exact date when you made your Snapchat account.

Can everyone make a creator profile on Snapchat?

NO! If you are going to make a Snapchat creator account; you must be met few essential requirement then you are eligible to make a creator account. These requirements are already shown in the article; you can see them be careful.

Summing Up

Now i hope that you have completely learnt about how to make a creator profile on Snapchat for iOS and Android phone that leads you to be one of best creator in the among of Snap world. If this article is helpful for you, then please share it along with your friends, family members or relatives over social media platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and more.

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If you have any experience, tips, tricks, or query regarding this issue? You can drop a comment!

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