How to Share Audio on Zoom Meeting? Windows, Mac, & iPhone/iPad!

In this article, we will guide you how to share audio on Zoom meeting in Windows, Mac, and iPhone & iPad. In then end you will say that I can do.

Zoom allows many amazing features to share files and media in all formats along with participants of an online meeting. To share computer audio or sound is most useful feature, if you organize webinars.


How to Share Audio on Zoom Meeting

In this section, we will educate you step by step about how you can share your computer’s audio or sound on Zoom meetings. It is easier task; you can perform it without getting to help someone else.

Now let’s start!!

How to Play Audio while Sharing Video in Zoom Meeting on Windows and Mac

Firstly, you have to need joining or set up Zoom meeting on your system. Then you may be proceeding. And below mentioned all steps;

  • Now sign in your Zoom meeting and join meeting.
  • Click on <Share Screen> option and then you will get new pop up window that ask you what do you want to share.


  • Then new window will be display and gets to check box labeled <Share Computer Sound>, and then click on <Share> button.


  • Now your computer’s sound is ready to share while getting to screen-sharing mode.
  • If you wish to stop your sharing audio then click on <Stop Share> button.


  • Come back to video window
  • And play your video.

This option is most useful along with YouTube, Pandora, and other online video and audio platforms.

Getting to Confirm Sharing Video’s Audio

If you are already shared your audio along with video but you are not sure that it is getting to share or not then you can confirm it. To do this:

  • You have to need hover over Zoom control panel then it will be appearing.
  • If you are already to share your screen then <More> icon will be display and then hover over it. Now open new list.
  • If check mark is mentioned at the front of <Share computer sound> that means your computer sound is sharing.


  • But checkmark is not appeared then again click on <Share computer sound> option.


  • Move back to video window and play your video.

To Share Music and Audio Only in Zoom Meeting

  • Go to toolbar and click on <Share Share> button.


  • Now click on <Advanced> and Select <Music or Computer Sound Only>.


  • If you want to stop your sharing audio then click on <Stop Share> that is appearing top of your meeting screen.


How to Play Audio while Sharing Video in Zoom on iPhone/ iPad

Firstly you have to need setup for avoiding the hindrance during meeting.

  • Press the home button and open the <Setting> app
  • Now hit on <Control Center>, and will be appear the list of options.
  • Press your finger on <+> icon and add Screen Recording to your Control Center.

Getting to Start Share Audio on iPhone/ iPad While Screen Sharing

Zoom allows you to share your audio during screen sharing.

  • Firstly share your screen in Zoom meeting
  • Tap <Start Broadcast> option then again tap on your screen to visible the meeting window.
  • Click on <Share Device Audio> option for getting to enable or disable the sharing of device audio during screen sharing.

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