How to Use Whiteboard in Zoom? On Windows, Mac, Android, & iPad!

In this article, we will guide about how to use Whiteboard in Zoom Meeting on Window, Mac, Linux, Android and iPad. In the end, you will say that it is easier task and I can do it!!

How to Use Whiteboard in Zoom

Zoom allows you few tools that help making your virtual meetings like as real like as possible. One of them tool that more helpful with collaboration is the “Whiteboard” feature, and Zoom Whiteboard is amazing for illustrating ideas on going meeting.

Whiteboard feature is present for all Zoom users including free and paid version. To get access it, you have to need to sign in your Zoom account. And you will come on homepage and get to start a meeting. In this ongoing meeting, you will view option <Share Screen> on the menu bar at the bottom of your screen, and then click on it and new window will be display along with <Whiteboard>. Select <Whiteboard>, and then all members are able to see your whiteboard screen share.

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Zoom’s whiteboard feature is not present on all platforms, because at that time you are able use of Whiteboard Feature on desktop version like as <Windows, macOS, and Linux> and mobile version like as . But at present iPhone is not supportable to whiteboard feature on Zoom.

How to Use Whiteboard in Zoom

In this section, we will teach you about how you can use whiteboard in Zoom meeting on many platforms like as Window, Mac, Linux, Android and iPad; Below mentioned all:

Let’s start!!

How to Enable Whiteboard on Zoom Meeting on Windows and Mac

Almost Zoom share similar user interface on both platforms Mac and Windows

How to Start or Join Zoom Meeting

  • Open the Zoom web portal and sign in with introducing their credential otherwise to invite the other participants for joining the online meeting.

How to Access and Share Whiteboard

  • Make click on <Share Screen> button that is showing at the bottom of window while running Zoom meeting, now you have to choose window that you wish to share window.
  • Making ensure you are present on the basic tap and click on <Whiteboard> and then click on <Share> button on same window at the bottom right corner.


How to Use of Annotation Tools

Here you can use the Annotation panel from top of your screen to choose your suggested tools like as (Text, Draw, or Stamp), and gets to drag your mouse on the whiteboard for using <Zoom annotation>.

Anything which you are drawing on your <Zoom meeting whiteboard> that will be shared along with all participants of video conference.


How to Set Zoom Annotation Settings

  • Firstly you have to need click on <Clear> icon from annotation panel and select <Clear All Drawings>, <Clear My Drawings>, or <Clear Viewers’ Drawings> to wash the entire whiteboard, discard only your annotations otherwise discard only annotations which are added by other participants of Zoom meeting.
  • To save whiteboard, make hit on <Save> icon in Documents > Zoom folder.
  • To share new screen, click on <New Share> button on the Zoom meeting panel, and you can select other object for sharing it along with your participants.

How to Use Whiteboard in Zoom

  • If you want to stop sharing your whiteboard on Zoom permanently otherwise temporarily basis then click on <Pause Share or Stop Share> button that is visible while hovering mouse top of your screen.

How to Use Whiteboard Zoom Meeting on Android

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Zoom is also present on Android smart devices, and you have to go <Google Play Store> and download and install Zoom on your device.

Log in Zoom app with introducing with their username and password on your mobile phone or tablet.

Android version devices allow you to get access and can share whiteboard. To do this, you can follow few simple steps; below mentioned all:

How to Share Whiteboard on Android Phone

  • Once downloaded and installed Zoom on your device, you have to need log in to your account and then getting to start new meeting.
  • Make tap anywhere on your device’s screen, and tap on <Share> button and show few option then tap on <Share Whiteboard> option.


How to Add Annotations

  • Hit your finger on <Edit> icon at the bottom left corner of your Zoom whiteboard, and then you can get your favorite took from expanded panel to annotate as per your need.

How to Wash Annotations

  • Press the <Delete> icon that is available on the annotation panel, and then tap on <Clear My Drawing, Clear All Drawings, or Clear Other’ Drawings> to discard all annotations respectively.

How to Stop Whiteboard Share on Zoom

  • When you press <Close> icon on your screen then you get move back main window.
  • Make tap <Stop Share> button for getting to stop sharing whiteboard on Zoom.

How to Use Whiteboard Zoom Meeting on iOS

Zoom is also present for iOS devices also, but this Whiteboard feature is only for iPad not for iPhone. Here we guide you about sharing Zoom meeting whiteboard.

How to Share Whiteboard on iPad

Firstly same getting to start new meeting and can invite the participants for joining the online meeting, and press the <Share Content> option on the meeting Control Panel, and then again tap on  <Whiteboard> button that is appearing on the menu.

How to Access Annotation Tools

  • Press the <Edit> option that looks as Pencil shape at the bottom left corner then expand <Zoom annotation tools>, and you can tap your favorite icon for adding annotations to the whiteboard.
  • Tap <Stop Share> once your task has been completed.

Sharing Multiple Whiteboards in Meeting

If at present time, ongoing screen sharing simultaneously, and couple of participants are ready to share whiteboard at once. However, to view two whiteboard at a time,  one yourself whiteboard and another participant’s whiteboard. Then you have to necessary enable dual monitor.

Disable Annotation for Others Participants

If you don’t wish to your share Zoom whiteboard to other participants during ongoing meeting, then you have to right disable annotation for others. To do this:

  • Get hover over the <More> option in the meeting Control Panel, and then you can select <Disable annotation for others>.


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