How to Share PowerPoint Presentation on Zoom Meeting? Simple 4 Tricks!!

In this article, we will guide you about how to share PowerPoint in Zoom meeting with using 4 easy ways. In the end you will say that it is incredible easy and I can do it myself.

If you are using Zoom meeting then you can easily present your slideshow PPT to all participants by sharing audio in Zoom.


How to share PowerPoint on Zoom Meeting

In this section, we will spread light about how to share PowerPoint Presentations in Zoom with 4 easy methods. But firstly you must be configured Zoom meeting before sharing PPT.

Setup for Zoom PowerPoint Presentations

If you wish to share PowerPoint slides on Zoom meeting then you have to need few Zoom configurations and confirm.

  • Open both Zoom and PowerPoint
  • Go to Zoom <Setting> that showing as gear icon and click on it.
  • If you decide to use your webcam ongoing Zoom meeting then start Video section, and make ensure that your webcam is already working and selected.


  • Now go to Audio pane, for getting best result you should be use external Bluetooth earbuds or a headset because these are much better than integrated hardware for presentation software Zoom screen.
  • Making ensure that your speakers and microphone are set with using the drop-down options
  • Now click on <Test Speaker> and <Test Mic> to confirm the options.

You should be Fixed if microphone not working in Zoom meeting

Once configured your Zoom you can choose any one method from given four; below mentioned all:

Let’s start!!

Way 1: Using Dual Monitor

If you are working in large or small size organization and this company has to need to share PowerPoint presentation on Zoom meeting on the regularly basis then company should be used the dual monitor system.

On the dual monitor system, getting to start or join Zoom meeting then one screen can display complete PowerPoint presentation in full screen and other screen can be used as a showing presenter’s notes or anything else.

Here, we will guide about how to share PowerPoint presentation on dual monitors in Zoom Meeting:

Let’s start!!

  • Choose the PowerPoint file that want to show in meeting.
  • Now you can either Start or Join a Zoom meeting.
  • Then open Control Panel of Zoom meeting then have to select <Share Screen>.


  • Further, you have to need select primary monitor and again choose <Share> option.


  • If your screen is ready to share then PowerPoint slide show mode by following this route Slide Show tab > From Beginning.

However, if monitor turns on and your sharing is not right one, then have to go to Display Settings, and click <Swap Presenter View and Slide Show>.

Way 2: Using Single Monitor in  Window

It’s not doubt that in first method lets you clear view of presentation and the presenter. But it not possible that each Zoom meeting room has dual monitors. So you can use share PowerPoint slide show in single monitor. It is also work fine in smaller meeting room.

Window option is very helpful for multitasking while getting to share a presentation. To do this:

  • Getting to access PowerPoint file which you wish to share


  • Now choose <Slide Show> option and then select <Set up Slide Show>.


  • Further have to go <Show Type> and select <Browsed by an individual (window)> and click on <OK> button on same window.


  • Get to turn on PowerPoint slide show mode with selecting <Slide Show> option and then <From Beginning or from Current Slide>.


  • Now getting to start or join Zoom meeting
  • Open Control Panel of Zoom meeting and then have to select <Share Screen>.


  • Further hit on PowerPoint window and click on <Share> button.


NOTE: In the single window, you have to right access in meeting chat otherwise other files and applications.

Way 3: Using Single Monitor in Full Screen

Single Monitor in full screen option is also best idea, and full screen slide show means that no getting other onscreen distractions like as no chatting, or opening other files just you focus on presentation itself.

Here, we will educate about how to share full screen PowerPoint slide show in Zoom meeting. Let’s start!!

  • Open the PowerPoint file which you wish to share in Zoom.
  • Now get to start or join meeting
  • Have to go meeting control panel and select.


  • Further select your monitor and click on button on same screen.


  • When you getting to start share screen and then hit on tab and then option.


  • Now your presentation is getting in full screen and then all participants are able to see it clearly.

Way 4: Using Presenter View

If you want to share your PowerPoint slides in presenter view then you can follow few simple steps; below mentioned all:

  • Hit mouse cursor on <Presenter View> in menu that showing top of screen.


  • Then presentation will display as this:


  • The notes are visible in a pane on the right side. You have right to update the size of text in the Notes pane with using two button that is appearing below left corner of Notes pane.
  • Now you can manage the size of current slide, notes and next slide panel with help of mouse to grab and drag the vertical line that separates the two panels.
  • If you wish to share screen in Zoom meeting and go to Advance tab and click on it


  • Here, you can select portion of screen that to be shared. When you choose this option then you can draw the rectangle around the portion of the screen that you wish to share. Move back to PowerPoint. it will visible as this:


  • Green box area is being shared, and you can see your notes and next slide on Zoom but making ensure that your webcam turned on.

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