What is Hybrid Computer: Examples, Types, Advantages, Disadvantages

What is Hybrid Computer: Examples, Types, Advantages, Disadvantages

What is Hybrid Computer

Definition – The hybrid computer is different type of computer that has both features of digital and analog computer. Main objective of designing of this computer is to perform very complicated calculations. Hybrid computers can be used in the large scale organizations to solve logical and technical calculations as well as offer great processing of differential equations.

Microsoft Surface is very eminent type of hybrid computer that offers several versions according to user’s need.

Function – Hybrid computer is developed to solve the specific issue. So, according to requirement, in which different types of components are embedded to perform the particular task. Hybrid computers produce the accurate result rapidly. Hybrid system is totally different to hybrid computer because this is a physically machine, and it is used as analog-to-digital converters.

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Types of Hybrid Computer

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There are three types of hybrid computer. Such as –

  • Large Electronic Hybrid Computer
  • General-Purpose Hybrid Computers
  • Special-Purpose Hybrid Computers

Large Electronic Hybrid Computer

Large Electronic Hybrid Computers were made with using of different hundreds of operations amplifiers in 1960-1980. These hybrid computers are capable to resolve more complicated set of differential equations.

Examples are – freedom space flights, chemical reaction kinetics, human immunosuppressive system, food processing plants, and more.

General-Purpose Hybrid Computers

These types of computers are capable to use numerous applications as well as they have to ability to solve several types of issues. This computer can perform many task concurrently with higher speed, and it help to improve entire performance of system as well.

Special-Purpose Hybrid Computers

These types of computers have fixed programs to solve the specific problem, and mostly they are embedded into physical system such as subsystem simulator, function controller or results analyzer.

Examples are – pneumatic computer uses air bellows and flapper nozzles to generate accurate multiplication, division, squaring, or square-root functions of input signals, and encoding data as air pressures.

Examples of Hybrid Computer

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Hybrid computers are used in several applications. Such as –

  • Petrol pump – Measurement convert fuel flow into currency rate
  • Measurement of patient’s heartbeat
  • Scientific laboratory
  • Applied psychology
  • Control industrial process.
  • Defense sector
  • Airlines sector
  • Ships
  • Cement plant
  • Gas Pump Station
  • Radar systems
  • Scientific calculations
  • Weather system computation
  • Monitoring and controlling nuclear reactor
  • Electrocardiogram machine
  • Echocardiogram machine
  • Ultrasound machine
  • CT scan machine
  • Holtor Monitoring machine
  • ATM machine
  • Hospital – Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Car that runs on gas and electricity
  • Cell phone – Grab analog sound, and transform into digital signals then finally broadcast it on digital data network, and user can receive it and fed into analog speaker.

Advantages of Hybrid Computer

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  • Hybrid computer is mixer of both analog and digital computer.
  • It takes the accuracy of analog but speed of digital computer.
  • It produces the quick and precise result.
  • It helps to solve big equations in real-time.
  • On-Line Data Processing

Disadvantages of Hybrid Computer

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  • Hybrid computer is more costly because in which used several network, nodes, hubs, costly circuits, and more. So it is not reachable for every user.
  • Before designing hybrid computer, must be proper planning for using software, hardware, and other configurations.

Difference between Analog, Digital and Hybrid Computers

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Analog Computer

  • It displays data in continuously form.
  • Its measurement unit is physical values like as temperature and pressure.
  • Its signal’s type is electromagnetic wave.
  • Transmission of analog signal works as without its content.
  • It does not contain its memory unit and computing terminals.
  • No having input/output devices
  • It enables physical devices to determine the continuously variable data.  For example – Thermometer
  • Examples are – Speedometer, telephone lines, Astrolabe, Oscilloscope
  • Applications are – Determine of several physical quantities and other scientific operations.
  • Components are resistors and capacitor.
  • Lack of abilities in all areas to digital computer
  • Slow speed
  • Need technical staff to operate it.
  • Need low level of electrical noise in the circuit to get accuracy.

Digital Computer

  • It displays data in discretely form such as “0” and “1”.
  • It transform all data into binary form (0 and 1), and then it executes all operations on them.
  • Its signal’s type is sequence of voltage pulses.
  • Its transmission is done with content of signal.
  • It contains memory unit for storing result.
  • Having input/output devices
  • It produces the text or visual output along with highly accuracy. For examples – monitor and printer.
  • Examples are – All Personal Computers like as IBM PC, HP PC, DELL PC, and more.
  • Applications are – Home Usage, small or large scale business and other personal usages.
  • Components are logic gates, processors and toggle switches.
  • It can emulate of all behavior of analog computers.
  • Faster to Analog computer
  • No need qualified staff to operate it.
  • No effect of electrical noise in digital computer

Hybrid Computer

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