What is Micro computer? Its Types, Examples, and Uses

What is Micro computer? Its Types, Examples, and Uses

What is Microcomputer

Definition – Microcomputer is known as personal computer like as small computer. Microcomputers are designed with microprocessor as well as it consists single chip that is CPU (Central Processing Unit), data memory (RAM, ROM), and I/O buses; these are connected on the motherboard.

In the technical form, meaning of the microcomputer is a micro controller. It is used in the home appliances such as microwaves, TV, refrigerator, and more.


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Types of Micro computer

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Here, we will explain different types of micro computer with its functions. If,  you are thinking that how many types of micro computer? Then here you will get solution. There are –

  • Desktop micro computers.
  • Notebook or laptop micro computers
  • Tablet and Smartphone micro computers
  • Personal digital assistant and Palmtop micro computers
  • Workstation and Server micro computers
  • Mini Tower and Full Tower micro computers

Desktop Micro Computer

Desktop microcomputer plays the major role in the user’s life because users can perform several complicated tasks in few times without getting any hindrance. This computer is placed on the table, and it is connected to various components through wires such as keyboard, mouse, and monitor and system unit. With the help of these components, users can insert their commands, and get output according to given input instructions. These computers are capable to link internet through Wi-Fi or LAN cable. But it has some drawbacks such as bigger size compare to other Desktop Micro computers (Laptops, PDA, Smartphone, and Notebook). It is not portable because it needs fixed area.

Laptop Micro Computer

Laptop is also known as “Notebook”, and it is designed like as stylish briefcase. They can also perform various complex functions like as Desktop Computer, and they able to run on their in-built battery as well as wall outlet supply. These micro computers are more expensive to desktop computers because in which various small size components are in built such as keyboard, touchpad LCD display, and other internal parts (Motherboard, CPU, Hard disk, and more). Its best advantage is portability.

Tablet and Smartphone Micro Computer

Tablet microcomputers are handheld portable devices along with touch screen interface, and they are small size than notebooks devices but bigger to Smartphone. In which, users can perform both activities (Input/output) on its LCD screen. They are enabled to Wi-Fi and other cellular network for using the internet. On the Tablet, several applications such as word processing and spreadsheets can be run. Sometimes, users can get problems due to lack of its keyboard, but they can use external keyboard if more needed. Some types of Tablets are available in the market such as Apple’s iPad, Microsoft’s Surface or Amazon’s Kindle Fire.


Smartphone is a touch screen mobile phone that is capable to perform various advance functions similar to computer such as install operating system, download different apps, internet access, and more activities.

PDA and Palmtop Micro Computer

PDA stands for “Personal Digital Assistant”, and it is handheld device with great portability as well as smaller in size similar to tablet, palmtop and Smartphone. It has small LCD screen for performing both tasks input/output. PDA is able to make communication with other computers like as laptops, desktops, and other through LAN cable, infrared (IR), Bluetooth, radio beams, Wi-Fi, and radio waves. Users mostly use PDA for maintaining the record to appointment calendars, to-do lists, address books, and for taking notes.

Palmtop microcomputer is known as “Pocket computer”. It is smaller computer than PDA, and it consumes less power due to small size as well as great portable device. Palmtop computers use stylus pen stick instead of keyboard for inserting the input. Due to their smaller size, mostly palmtops do not contain the disk drives, but they use PCMCIA slots for enabling disk drives, several modems, memory management, and another terminal. Mostly, Windows CE operating systems are used in the palmtop computer and other handheld computers.

Workstations and Servers Micro Computer

Workstation microcomputer is also known as powerful one-side computer, and it consist the multiple microprocessors CPUs. Mostly, this microcomputer is designed by one user to operate for particular applications, which is needed the more power compare to ordinary PC.

Server microcomputer likes as computer but it contains the different powerful functionalities, which help to render data to another terminal over the several networks such as local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN). Every type of servers are designed for specific objectives such as Web server run Apache HTTP server for operating the all web pages on the internet, and Mail server is used for sending and receiving emails.

Mini Tower and Full Tower Micro Computer

Mini tower microcomputer is developed like as small tower. Due to compact size, it can be placed on the table with acquiring less space compare to other desktop microcomputers. Input/output devices can be connected with it through different buses.

Full tower microcomputer is full version of mini tower microcomputer, and it also contains the numerous peripheral components such as motherboard, storage device, graphics card, power supply, and more.

Uses of Micro compute 

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There are various applications of microcomputer in different areas such as –

In Home for Personal Usage

Micro computers are used in the home for several purposes such as playing games, entertainment (listen music, Watching movies).

In Business

Microcomputers are playing vital role in every sectors of business because due to use of this computer, massive paperwork has been reduced. Every organization needs microcomputer to process of massive data such as each bank’s employees use computer to perform their task in short duration.

Other sectors where to use microcomputer such as graphic design, architecture firms, film studios, and more.

It is used in the retail sector as software, and it reduces headache because it can manipulate several complex calculation in few time duration like as tax returns, manage invoices and sort out payroll.

Medical Sector

Microcomputers are very useful in the medical line to keep all records of all kind of patients in different areas such as small clinics and hospitals. Several lab technicians use these computers in many sophisticated equipment like as X-ray machines and (MRI) magnetic resonance imaging devices.

Education Sector

Microcomputers are used in the numerous colleges and universities for teaching students on the projectors.

Other computer centers also use several microcomputers for providing computer education to their students.

Data Center Points

Microcomputers can be used to alter massive computing units in the data centers with using micro servers because it is able to consume less power and space.

Mobile Computing Device

Microcomputers are getting more popularity due to use in the mobile computing devices like as PDA, tablet, palmtop, and Smartphone. These devices can be accessed anytime and anywhere with wireless network.

Use as Micro controllers

Micro controllers are enabled with CPU, program memory, and I/O connectors. This system is used in the embedded applications like as medical and office equipment, robot, automobile engine control systems, and more.

Other application areas, where to use microcomputer 

  • It is used as self-customization projects such as robots, tools etc.
  • It is used in several applications such as word processing, well designed presentation, advance graphic work, E-spreadsheet, communications and database management systems.
  • It is used in the Integration of computing intelligence for improving products, services, infrastructure, and machines.
  • It is used in IoT applications in the form of micro controllers such as smart TVs, refrigerators, microwave, and more.
  • Use in “Retro Gamers”.
  • Use in “Micro data center” sector.
  • Use in “Real Estate” sector.
  • Use in defense area for training devices.

Features of Micro computer

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Micro computer has more importance due to their numerous features such as – 

  • Affordable cost
  • Small size
  • Used by single user
  • No need well training for using it
  • Less power consuming
  • Mostly designed for personal usage
  • Use single integrated semiconductor chip
  • Less processing power
  • Produce less heat
  • Mostly microcomputers are portable
  • Several software can be run on the microcomputer

Advantages/Characteristics of Micro computer

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There are several benefits of microcomputer such as –

  • Mostly, microcomputer is used to Design different software and App, but today developers prefer of Smartphone for making them.
  • Some years ago, totally business of share marketing was depended on the phone call, due to lack using of computer. But now all investor use software, which is installed on the microcomputer, and they are able to buy/sell any stocks on their PC.
  • Mostly, users can easy assemble and replace of all hardware part of microcomputer, and they are capable to fix minor problems of computer.
  • No need to highly trained staff for operating the microcomputer to office works. In USA, approximate 70% people use microcomputers at their house.
  • Microcomputers are very useful for students and marketers because they use the computer to perform their research work, as well as they retrieve valuable information from internet and store on other software, which is also installed on the microcomputer.
  • With the help of microcomputer devices, every user are connected to each other through voice/video/text chat and emails. Some online portal like as Facebook allows sharing your opinions online.
  • Some microcomputer devices have great portability so due to their small size they are easily moved from one spot to other spot.
  • Due to low cost of microcomputers, mostly all users are eligible to buy them.
  • Microcomputer allows to multitasking environment for example single machine is able to perform several tasks such as printing and scanning any document, surfing internet, ticket reservation, watching movie, playing and making games, and more.
  • Microcomputers save time for users because they are able to calculate complicated calculation in few time with accurate.

Disadvantages of Micro computer

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Here, we will spread light on the various limitations of microcomputer such as –

  • Due to daily usage of microcomputer, mostly people get addicted to some gambling games and misuse of internet.
  • It has not large storage capacity, if anytime user needs to store extra data then required external storage component.
  • Microcomputer has less computing performance due to use low performing processor.
  • Users can get physical problems such as neck and back pain, eye stain.
  • All motherboards are designed for different types of processors, so users can get problems while upgrading PC for getting higher performance.
  • Microcomputer has not strong protection power, so intruders can easily steal your data with spreading virus on your computers.
  • Today, under 18+ children can use adult content on the internet, and other restricted data are published online which are not authorized by government.

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