12 Advantages and Disadvantages of Inkjet Printer | Benefits & Features

Inkjet printer has two aspects like  as negative and positive, you can also say that inkjet printer contains the various advantages and disadvantages. So, here we will discuss all advantages and disadvantages of Inkjet printer; as well as  drawbacks and benefits of Inkjet printer without any hassle.

Overview of Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printer is a computer hardware peripheral that can be connected wireless or with wired to the computer system. Inkjet printer are mostly used in the home and small offices usages, because they are able to perform basic multi-functions like as print, scan, photocopy, etc.


Inkjet printer helps to provide the higher quality images along with vivid colors. They are cost-effective and easy to operate, and they always ready to get printout without needing any warm-up time.

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Advantages of Inkjet Printer

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In this section, we will spread the light on the various advantages and features of inkjet printer; below explain each one –

Less Initial Cost

In really, the initial cost of this printer is getting to low, and less costly printer is capable to generate image along with better quality. Multi-functional inkjet printer is a least expensive compare to laser printer of similar ability.

So, inkjet printer is best choice for user in the concern of its fewer prices. Due to cost-effective, inkjet printer is used in home and small level companies, and it helps to save time employees as well as enhancing their productivity.

Better Quality for Image and Text

Main reason of using inkjet printer is to take quality image and text as well. It is enabled with resolutions as 1440*1440 dpi (dots per inch), so it has ability to provide better and more accurate replication of the image with better shading and colors reproduction.

Save Startup Time

Inkjet printers help to save startup time, because they do not require the wake up time. They have to capable start printing without getting heat. So, they get to turn on and ready to start printing.

Less Overall Physical Size

Inkjet printers are most compact than laser printers, and modern inkjet printers provide the A3 printing with acquiring less space. If, you have not more space for placing printer than inkjet printer is best choice to be used.


All inkjet printers are available in the market as a light weighted, and they get to start as plug-and-play. They are designed extremely portable for office and home usage. These printers can be replaced one place to other places as per user needs.


Inkjet printers do not make any hindrance to work environment while generating loud noises. They are able to perform their all operations with extremely quiet. They are quieter compare to dot matrix printers.

Disadvantages of Inkjet Printer

There are few drawbacks and limitations of the inkjet printer; below explain each one:

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Low Speed

Inkjet printer gets degrade the speed while printing large documents, because this printer is developed for less volume of printing data. This printer can get much down speed while getting to color printing documents.

Less Durability

You knew very well that inkjet printers get to worse speed while printing in massive printing. Due to over workload, ink cartridges get to damage. Then Inkjet printer’s buying price is less compare to repair the ink cartridges. So, you can say that these printers are less durable.

High Maintenance Cost

Inkjet printers are getting most common problem is ink clogging. They are designed with concern that gets to maintenance automatically, so cartridge must be change regularly basis.

Cartridge Expense

You know very well that initial investment of inkjet printer is cheaper, but after passing some time its expenses can be increased. In the inkjet printer, ink cartridges must be replaced frequently, and ink cartridge is costly than inkjet printer buying price. So, exceeding the overall printer cost.


A special type of ink is used in back side of inkjet printer, and this ink is known as “Aqueous Ink”. Aqueous ink is more water sensitive that means they require few time to get dry. If, some water gets to contact to ink before drying, then smudges problem will be come.

Bleeding Issue

Inkjet printer can get bleeding issues on the papers while carrying the ink sideway. Due to capillary action, ink will be moved from it accurate location because it do not use the highlighter marker on this documents.

Summary: Pros and Cons of Inkjet Printers

Pros and Benefits of Inkjet Printer:

  • Affordable price
  • Able to fine printing and smooth details
  • Produce quality image reproduction and color reproduction. in vivid color
  • Easy to handle
  • Fastest and quieter compare to dot matrix printer
  • Light weighted and small in size.
  • No need warm up time

Cons and Challenges of Inkjet Printers:

  • Ink cartridges are more expensive in replacement.
  • Get degrade performance for printing high volume.
  • Less printing speed compare to laser printer.
  • Due to ink bleeding, blurred effects can be done on the papers.
  • Highlighter marker cannot be used on the inkjet printout.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the advantages of inkjet printer over dot matrix printer?

Inkjet printers mostly spray the ink droplets on the paper through microscopic nozzles; but, dot matrix printer uses the pin to push an ink-soaked ribbon on the paper that produces the image or prints.

What are the advantages of inkjet printer over laser printer?

An inkjet printer has better tonal variety, so it is better at the blending colors. Inkjet printers are capable to print on many variants of paper like a glossy paper. But, laser printers are unable to print on any types of paper that is most sensitive to heat.

What are the features of inkjet printers?

There are various features like as:

  • They are able to print 2 to 4 pages/minutes.
  • They have resolution is about 360d.p.i. Therefore it produces the better print quality.
  • Less operating cost. The only part that requires replacement is ink
  • They have 4 colours cyane, yellow, majenta, and black.

What are the main drawbacks of inkjet printer?

In this article, already we have been explored many drawbacks and limitations of inkjet printer, you can check them.


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