Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Printer | Features of Laser Printer

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Printer | Features of Laser Printer

Before going to ahead this article, you must be needed to read about what is laser printer with their types.


Advantages of Laser Printer

There are various benefits and features of laser printer; below explain each one –

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Better for Large Printing Volume: Laser printers are introduced for printing document in enlarge volumes. This printer is capable to print many pages without getting any paper jams and other issues. So, we can expect that to improve performance while decreasing its price.

Excellent Speed: Laser printers use the laser beam for printing data, and everyone is known that it can move very fast. Laser printer is more faster compare to dot matrix printer and inkjet printer. If, user requires the print paper at the large amount then it is the best choice.

Reliable and Durable: Laser printer is more durable and reliable device because it is a mechanical component. In laser printer, toners are free of cost from drying out and evaporating. The toner is capable to print up to 1500-60,000 pages. So, laser printer can work for many years, if it is used with proper handling and care.

Less Expensive per Print: At the initial stage, laser printer may be higher cost, but this printer is able to print paper in large amount for lesser price. Due to use of toner in the laser printer, it can print various paper compare to ink cartridge of equal price.

Best Quality and Accurate Output: Laser printer is more efficient to print data with sharpness and quality. Laser printer is mainly able to print texts with more sharp and precise. This printer doesn’t get any smears and smudges problems because in which used the laser technology. In the laser technology, toners gets totally focus on the paper directly.

Noise Emission: Laser printers do not generate any noise; it is totally optimized such manner that rarely emits noises.

Disadvantages of Laser Printer

Here, we will spread light on various challenges of laser printer; below explain each one –

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More Expensive: Laser printers are more costly compare to dot matrix and inkjet printers. I agreed that its operating cost is less, but its buying price may be higher. If, any time you need color laser printer, then you have to pay more money.

High Cost Toners: toners’ price is the equal as the rate of the laser printer. You must be double check before buying company product.

Less PortabilityLaser printers are more heavy and bulkier than to inkjet printer, because it contains the imaging drum and other heavy parts that make it large. Due to this, it is limited its portability and discourages to carry around.

Poor Graphics Output: Laser printer is not suitable for high quality graphics and photographers because it has not ability to generate the accurate combination of all colors. If, you want to take high quality color print then it is getting to miss few colors.

Laser printer is used for simple graphic works like as color prints for spreadsheets, charts, and other colorful prints. But it cannot produce complicated graphics.

More Power Consumption: If, laser printer gets idle then it is getting to consume higher amount of power. It contains the fuser elements which are got to generate heat, and your room might be packed to warm.

But, now latest laser printers are available in market which are used power saver mechanism that allows to save power.

Health Problem: Toners are very harmful to humans that are used in the laser printer. The toner uses the powder particles that can be inhaled causing few health issues like as respiratory diseases. Higher power is needed to operate the laser printers, so it produces the ozone that is depleted to ozone layer.

Need Quality Paper: Ordinary papers are not used in the laser printers So, it is used the special designed papers for printing. If, you try to low quality paper then your printer can get halt as well as causing the paper jams.

Summary: The Pros and Cons of Laser Printers

Pros or Benefits of Laser Printer

  • It is long life printer.
  • It is able to print document with fastest speed.
  • It is best option, taken massive printing with low cost.
  • It is more stable machine.
  • It can provide better output on the low quality papers.
  • Provide best graphics quality.
  • Maintenance time span is longer
  • It has high efficiency.
  • It does not make any noise while printing process.
  • It can support different fonts and character sizes.
  • It can to print high-resolution image (1200 dpi) while less consuming time.

Cons or Limitations of Laser Printer

  • Initial buying cost is higher.
  • Color toner cartridge is more costly.
  • Maintenance cost is also expensive.
  • Toner is dangerous to humans.
  • Emit ultraviolet radiation then it gets damage to eyes.
  • Due to produce ozone, environment is getting polluted.

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