25 Advantages and Disadvantages of Mac OS | Pros & Cons

Through this article, we are going to guide about several advantages and disadvantages of Mac OS; and involving with drawbacks and benefits of Mac operating system with ease. Now, i make ensure that at the end of this post; you will definitely fully learn about pros and cons of macOS without getting any hassle.

Introduction of Mac Operating System

Mac OS stands for ‘Macintosh Operating System’ that was developed by Apple Inc., in 1984; that time it was known as ‘System Software’. It can be also considered the pioneer of GUI (Graphical User Interface) operating system. Mac OS has fully ability to offer the functionality and services like as Windows and Linux operating system. Mac OS is designed with considering as privacy and security policies.


Mac OS is specially introduced to operate on Apple manufactured PCs; but by default, it doesn’t support the x86 architecture. Mac OS lets you to do things that we are unable do with other PCs because it was developed along with specific hardware configuration. It comes being with different many stunning apps and it works along with iCloud to keep store documents, images up to date on your system such as iPhone and other Apple devices.

Mac OS Advantages and Disadvantages

Here, you will get education about many pros and cons of Mac operating system over Windows OS; as well as limitation and benefits of Mac OS with ease.

Advantages of Mac OS over Windows

In this section, we will spread the light on various merits and benefits of Mac operating system over Windows; below shown each one:

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Less Virus Attacks and Security Issues:

Mac OS is the second most popular operating system and has fewer number of active users (10% of market share in the desktop operating system), that result in the fewer virus attacks. Therefore, it has not need to install any types of antivirus program.

Enhanced Performance:

As the spectacular performance of macOS for specification, we seem while selecting a team. When you have to need a skilled team to select a MacBook Pro otherwise an iMac; if your requirement are not so higher, then can be chosen the MacBook 12 or a MacBook Air. Therefore, its performance will always be staying as ideal.


Tradition Mac OS is getting an in-built program is known as ‘BootCamp’. Boot Camp lets user to get install Windows, Linux and other OS with addition to Mac OS. It is very easy to configure the BootCamp in your Mac OS x, and also easy to switch between them now. But, newer Apple Silicon Macs are not capable to run Windows.

Excellent Design:

It is the another benefit of the Mac OS is that it has excellent neat and clean design than to their competition. So, this goes to make the use of macOS much more joyful. The first MacBook Air was the slimmest laptop over the world at that time. And till now, it continues to be slimmest desktop version.

Keep Away from Bloatware:

Most of each Windows PCs comes along with some types of Bloat ware; these are built-in softwares that gets degrade the performance of your computer system over time. But, macOS systems are always kept away from Bloatware programs. Mac PCs also have other built-in softwares, but they are only for Apple; therefore they don’t get slow speed your computer as well.

Strong Customer Support:

Apple has better customer service and after-sales support; as well as they are getting the higher customer satisfaction mark around the world. Apple Company always hires the well skilled staff and whenever you got your system damaged they try to provide you with the excellent possible solution.

Higher Stability:

Apple’s users are forgotten about issues along with macOS, because there are not possible to crashes, errors, or bugs. Forget command the ‘Control-ALT-Delete’ and you will never use it again. It is also available on Mac by using the ‘Option-Command-Esc’ key combination.

Simple User Interface than Windows:

While getting stack up against Windows, Mac OS has simplest and clean user interface; and those who are getting familiar along with iOS mobile operating system is going to use in iPhones and iPods. Apple is usually downloaded through the App Store and can be found at a central location known as the ‘Launchpad’.

Multitasking Feature:

Mac OS has also many multitasking features like as to run multiple workspaces that are similar to get open many desktops otherwise home screens. Mac devices are also getting dedicating keys and other H/W inputs like as gestures for switching between apps or workspaces.

Higher Productivity:

Apple is always going to more intuitive and pushes us to be much more creative. At the first, we can get a little bit overwhelmed, if we use the Windows operating system. But, today it is possible to make easy all things on the Mac. Cause of this, it can be increased the productivity being your team. Apple contains the work tools, which ar exclusive to Mac like as iMovie or GarageBand. Mac is also enabled with specialized programs like as Final Cut Pro X; it is considered as best software for the video editing.

Support NTFS and FAT:

Mac OS has ability to read the NTFS or FAT formatted hard drives; unlike Windows is unable to read this Mac formatted drives.

Compatibility with Windows OS:

This is the biggest fears of those users who are using the Windows since there is a panic about not able to use any program or open files that we are using in Windows. Therefore, it has less compatibility to open Mac files on Windows OS compared to Windows files on the Mac OS. But, on the Mac users always have rights to get installation the Windows OS on a disk partition. It is easiest task. Most of users who come from Windows install it whenever they purchase their first Mac system.

Ecosystem with Integrated Devices:

All Apple products are getting the complete integration of components and services; then offer the result in a single dense ecosystem. You know very well that iPhone and iPad are able to work at best, while making the communication being a Mac for getting back up, troubleshooting and managing the all files on the specific device. So, it reduces the need to sync through a cable or move the file in between cloud storage locations.

Optimized Hardware and Software:

Another benefit of Mac OS is that it is able to run along with zero hiccups. Apple is going to both a software designer and a hardware developer. Third-party hardware components are going to choose the based on established, while third party apps undergo tests and also identification for security and compatibility. The great attention to software and hardware integration outputs in the optimized performance.

Get Free Images on App Store:

App store is a commercial product, but even macOS is free of cost; so it cannot be bought individually on Apple devices. But, it can be get download from App store with ease. Therefore, we do thanks to this policy before the fully transition to Mac OS; so it can be get install in the virtual machine and to be test it in the real tasks.

Disadvantages of Mac OS over Windows

Now, here we will discuss about all drawbacks and limitations of Mac operating system over Windows OS; below mentioned each one, you can check them:

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High Expensive:

We know very well that Apple’s equipments are more costly, if you wish to compare we must do it fairly; and as Us $350 Windows computer is not same as a US $3000 MacBook Pro. Make sure that they are not offering the same features and other functionalities. Apple provides the ready-made system to have enhanced performance and from day one, without getting any bugs and fully stable.

Less Availability of Apps & Software:

One of the biggest cons of Mac operating system is that it has a limited number of applications. Unlike Windows, it has a enlarge selection of apps from different categories; as well as getting wider selection of games. Mac OS is not convince for gamer because it is getting worst graphic abilities to run higher graphics games. Mac OS is also restricted for containing some popular software like Adobe Premiere Pro; but it is available for Mac users.

Restricted for Playing Games:

Most of users trust that you are unable to play high level games on your Mac computer system, because these products are not developed specially for gaming. They are containing the fewer amount of graphic memory that is not sufficient for best gaming experience. You can avoid them, if you are crazy to play game.

No Hardware Customization:

When you purchase any Mac system then you are unable to any modification of its hardware components such as graphic card, processor, and etc. Some old Mac models can be changed hardware and RAM, but it not accepted for all Mac systems. Therefore, Mac computer doesn’t allow you to get updating other hardware accessories as internal computer components; just you you have to need to purchase any new brand Mac system as only your choice.

Windows Unable to Read macOS file System:

Mac OS is always ready to read NTFS and FAT Windows format but Windows are unable to read the macOS file system; then you have to need to get install the third-party program in Windows OS to perform it.

Limited to Use Hardware:

The modern version of macOS systems are not ready to support completely USB ports and they also not going to ship along with CD/DVD writer.

Small Community:

Cause of fewer sales, MacBook users have a limited community than a Windows users; that means you are unable to take enjoy the support as you could on Windows PC.

Fewer Ports:

Apple is known very well to add and remove the ports in Mac computers and iMac from time to time. Sometimes ago, it provided only 2 USB port C; but further it reintroduced the HDMI port and SD card slot. But nobody knows when apple will be getting to remove these ports in the next time, so Mac Dock is offering the better post options.

Unable to Run Windows:

Modern Mac computers are available being with Apple’s silicon chip, so they are unable to run Windows operating system; but older Mac system are based on Intel chip by using Boot Camp.

Summing Up

Now, i hope that you have been completely educated about many advantages and disadvantages of Mac OS; and involving with drawbacks and benefits of Mac operating system with ease. If this article is useful for you, then please share it along with your friends, family members or relatives over social media platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and more.

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