10 Different Types of Plotter | Applications & Uses of Plotter

Hi Learner! Today we are going to cover all different types of plotter as well as many applications and uses of plotters with ease. Therefore, i make ensure that at the end of this post; you will fully learn all Types of Plotter without any hindrance.

Overview of Plotter

A plotter is a printing output device that is enabled with vector graphics technology for getting to print vector graphics and it linked to the computer system. Therefore, it is very versatile machine; but sometimes you can get confuse about printer, because the plotter is going to use for line drawing to form a picture beyond of helping dots.


The plotter might be used the several pens and pencils , which can be easily altered out in the order to make drawings of a different color otherwise drawing that having multiple color. Hence, plotters are mostly used for drawing highly resolution graphs.

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Types of Plotter 

As we say there are several types of plotters, we use today. Among of them few have really gained more popularity among users. The most common 10 different types of plotters are as follows:

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Drum Plotter:

As named that drum plotter consist a rotating drum and one or multiple fixed pens of different colors. In this plotter, the paper is inserted on the drum and the cylindrical rotate as based on the signal coming from the computer. Therefore, whenever the drum gets rotates then Pens are also getting to move left and right depend on the input signal, thus the picture is drawn. The most benefits of this plotter is the not restriction to the length of paper, so you can take very lengthy picture.

Drum plotter has two variants like as:

Internal Drum Plotter: It allows paper to wrap at the internal surface of drum.

External Drum Plotter: In which, the paper is getting to wrap at the external surface of the drum.

Drum plotter is going to use as output device into many areas like as engineering drawings, diagrams, construction maps, print graphics (billboards and blueprints), architectural plans, engineering drawings, business charts

Flat Bed Plotter:

The flat bed plotter contains the flat surface on which the paper is fixed, then writing pen gets to move x and y axis according the input signals to make drawing and picture on this paper. Most of flatbed plotters have one or multiple pens along with a many kinds of colors and widths. In this plotter, paper doesn’t take any movement and all motion is offered by pen that is holding mechanism.

Today, flatbed plotters are going to use for quickly draw complicating drawing and structures such as construction maps, modern cars, aircraft, highway design, engineering drawing, CAD drawing, and etc.

Ink Jet Plotter:

Ink jet plotters are getting most popularity especially among artists. It sprays droplets the ink directly on the surface of whatever you wants to print on. These types of plotters offer the print into three or four color palettes. The three colors are used by the inkjets like as cyan, magenta, and yellow. These color are capable to mix to make darker shades like as black. In this plotter, two kinds of technologies are used namely as thermal and piezo-electric. Thermal concept based inkjet plotter use the ink cartridges having of the heating element to spread the droplets of ink while passing the highly current through it. Apposite it, piezoelectric inkjet plotter use the pressure to free up the ink while passing the current through piezo-electric material inside the cartridge.

The inkjet plotters are going to use in the printing for enlarge picture and document such as billboards, hoardings, massive banners, posters, and etc.

Cutting Plotter:

Cutting plotters contain the sharp blades beyond of pens. In this plotter, double coated papers are used along with these printers. These kinds of plotters allow to cut upper thin surface of paper to generate the graphical picture.

Cutting plotters are going to use for taking print different symbols, signs, logos, letters, numbers and so on. They are also used in shoe-making or clothing-making factories to make and cut patterns.

Pen Plotter:

The pen plotters are usually by working along with media as many kinds of pens including colored pens. This type of plotter is mostly used for getting to print otherwise printing in transparent plastic. Pen plotter produces a streak while getting to drawing on the paper or on clear plastic that continues on the whole output.

Thermal Plotter:

Thermal plotters are well-known plotter getting to use in all areas where high-quality designs and products are needed. It uses the pin that is formed as electronically. This plotter is helpful for generating the pin, and then pin is positioned again on the medium exposed to heat that will provide a picture as result.

Electrostatic Plotter:

Apart of the vector graphics, in the electrostatic plotters provides the picture on the paper by using of raster graphics. The toner ink generates the dot-matrix pixels on the surface of paper. This plotter produces the higher voltage charges on the paper, and then these charges attract the toner ink on the paper to create computer-aided designs. Its picture quality is lesser as compare to pen plotters, but they are very fast and most affordable in the cost.

This plotter is going to use as raster graphics to draw the images.

Pinch Roller Plotter:

In the pinch roller plotter, the paper is fixed on the mechanism having the pinch roller. The paper gets to move on these rollers in one side while pen takes the movement its opposite direction.

Wide Format Plotter:

These types of plotters are mostly going to use by graphics companies because it is capable to make very wide color prints. Hence, wide format printer is getting more popularity for graphic artists. This technique is used in this painter can be identically to an inkjet printer otherwise thermal plotter.

10 Uses of Plotters

  • The plotter can be used as a computer printer for getting the printing and obtaining the result of vector graphics and picture with higher resolutions. The plotters allow to draw image and design by using a pen.
  • These plotters are also going to use in the major and minor engineering applications and projects.
  • They can be also used in CAM (Computer Aided Machines) and CAD (Computer Aided Design).
  • The plotters are also used in making designing and architectural plans for buildings and fresh constructions.
  • With the helping of plotters, you can easily developed diagrams and construction maps as well.
  • They are also helped to draw illustrations and engineering drawings along with business charts.
  • The primary use of the plotters is to print agencies where you have to need design and develop enlarge banners, signboards, signboards, and billboards.
  • Many engineers, architects, and graphics designer also use the plotters to achieve their massive objective as designing.

Applications of Plotter

There are many application of plotters, where they can be used with effectively way. Some of them are shown below, you can check them:

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  • Draw charts
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Architectural Blueprints
  • Textile Printing
  • Building Design and Architects
  • Banners and Billboards
  • Diagrams
  • Electric Circuit Layout
  • Construction Designing
  • Printing Press
  • Geographical layouts
  • Line Art
  • Agencies
  • Fashion Industry
  • Garment Industry

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the main 6 types of plotters?

There are many types of plotters available in the market, but some of them are getting more popularity due to its quality of image like as Drum Plotter, Flatbed Plotter, Inkjet Plotter, Cutting Plotter, Pen Plotter, Thermal Plotter and more.

How many types of plotter in computer?

In this post, already we have been explained above all types of plotters in detail with their uses in your computer; you can check them.

What is the use of plotter in computer?

The plotters are going to use print graphical output on the paper. They interpret the commands from a computer to create line drawing on the surface of paper along with one or multiple automated pens.

Where can plotter be used?

The plotter are mostly used in the CAD and technical applications; where they have the benefit of working on enlarge paper sizes while getting to maintain higher resolution.

Final Remarks

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