How to Find Wi-Fi Password on Mac? Using 5 Simple Tricks!

If you are connecting with Wi-Fi one device, but after sometimes you have to need to log in on other devices, then you how to find Wi-Fi password on Mac and Macbook.

how to find Wi-Fi password on Mac

Now these days, to remember Wi-Fi password is most daunting task. If you want to switch your Wi-Fi network from one device to another device, then you need to currently Wi-Fi password to log in into new one device.

Fortunately, if your any relative or friends have to visit at your house for spending time and then they want to use internet on their devices. They will ask you Wi-Fi password to log in into their device to browse internet. Then don’t take headaches to retrieve your Wi-Fi password.

Here we will reveal four incredible easier hacks and you can use one of them and view Wi-Fi password on your Mac.

How to Find Wi-Fi Password on Mac

If,  you are most busy person, and it is not easy to remember or know password for your Wi-Fi network. Then you can find below five easier tricks to find or view Wi-Fi password on Mac.

Let’s start!!

How to Find Saved W-Fi Password Using Keychain Access

Keychain Access is an amazing your Mac’s app that helps you to keep your password and other account information. In Keychain Access, you can look up your current or recently used Wi-Fi password. Here’s how.

  • Firstly open Keychain Access app on your Mac by using Spotlight and type ‘Keychain Access’ into its search bar and then hit Enter key from your keyboard.
  • Next press the <Password> tab on their Category pane, and view the name of your Wi-Fi network.

how to find Wi-Fi password on Mac

  • This will open new window, make double click on your network name that you wish to get Wi-Fi password, and tick the checkbox <Show password>
  • Now introduce your Mac’s administrator’s password and username.

how to find Wi-Fi password on Mac

  • Finally, here you can see your Wi-Fi password on your Mac and Macbook.

How to See W-Fi Password Using Your Router IP Address

With using this trick, you can check current Wi-Fi password on your Mac. Here’s how!

  • Firstly you have to go Apple Logo Menu > System Preference > Internet & Wireless > Network Preference
  • Further, hit on <Advanced> tab and proceed to <TCP/IP>

how to find Wi-Fi password on Mac

  • Now, you will see <Router IP address>, this must be dissimilar according to you using Router Company.
  • Next you have to copy this IP address and then past into your using Browser address bar Like as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.
  • And then, introduce your username and password same as: admin
  • Once done sign up successfully, go to right side panel and select the <Wireless> then expand it, choose <Wireless Security>

how to find Wi-Fi password on Mac

  • Check the <Wireless Password> field and copy it.
  • Now this Wi-Fi internet password can be used to log in to other devices.

How to See Wi-Fi Password on Mac Using Terminal

If you are comfortable with using Terminal command line then you can follow few simple steps below view Wi-Fi password on your Mac.

  • Open Terminal app by using spotlight or Launchpad
  • Now you see black terminal screen, and then type <security find-generic-password -ga {your WiFi Name} | grep “password:”>, hit enter key.
  • If you get popup window for asking your admin credentials then introduce username and password and press Enter key or select <Allow> button.

how to find Wi-Fi password on Mac

  • Now you will see Wi-Fi password on you Mac’s terminal screen.

How to Check Wi-Fi Password Using Third-Party App

1Password is most useful third party app to remember your all saved passwords in your Mac or Macbook.

If you search yourself forgetting Wi-Fi password every time then given three trick are getting frustration you. So we suggest you to use this App.

While using 1Password, just you have to need one master password, and other all passwords are saved within it.

1Password has various features that are very helpful including Sidebar, 1Password mini, Vaults, and etc.

Getting to Reset your Network Router

If you are not able to view Wi-Fi password on your Mac machine because you are try to connect your device to network first time, then you can prefer to reset you network router.

Firstly locate reset button on your router that is mostly embedded into back side, but you can also check other areas on your router. Press and hold this button up to 15-20 second for getting to reset it.

Once done it, you can connect your device with Wi-Fi using default password, and change it to new one and record it for future.

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