Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 7 | Pros & Cons

Hi Learner! In this article, we will explain about various advantages and disadvantages of Windows 7 operating system; and involving with of pros and cons Windows 7 OS with ease. Therefore, at the end of this post; you will definitely fully educate about benefits and features of Windows 7 operating system without any problem.

Introduction of Windows 7

Windows 7 is an operating system that is introduced by the Microsoft, in October 2009. It has a graphic user interface that let you to make interaction with different things at your system’s screen. Windows 7 also enables with feature named ‘Windows Touch’ that gets support touchscreen input and multi-touch functionality.


This operating system is available into three editions like as:

  1. Windows 7 Home Premium: This version is using for home PCs and includes all basic features.
  2. Windows 7 Professional: This version easily installed on business computer system with includes all Home Premium features. Additionally, It has other extra features like as Windows XP mode and Domain Join.
  3. Windows 7 Ultimate: This is the complete version. It also enables with Professional features as well as BitLocker data protection and additional language support.

Windows 7 Advantages and Disadvantages

Here, you will learn all cool stuffs about all merits and demerits of Windows 7 operating system over other Windows versions; as well as limitation and benefits of Windows 7 with ease.

Advantages of Windows 7 Operating System

Here, we are going to explore many benefits and merits of Windows 7 OS over the previous operating system as follow:

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Great Stability:

Windows 7 operating system is a good product of Microsoft as consider being higher stability. It has very rarely chances that you may get stability problems along with Window 7. Some companies are not going to prefer to upgrade their operating system, cause of its stability.

This is the best solution for those organizations, which need to support work. Windows 7 OS has enhanced boot time therefore that users don’t require to long time to get start their system.

Good Visually Attraction:

Due to simple interface of this OS, it makes easy to use. Therefore, its buttons, shape and overall appearance of Windows 7 operating system makes ease to understand. It also allows you to get customize your own themes in your Windows 7 to make it get more attraction. User are also capable to get download few themes and background pictures from internet source.

Best Compatibility:

Windows 7 OS has better software compatibility. So most of all third party softwares are highly compatible along with this operating system. As well as, you can also install of these softwares without getting any issues. They can easily carry out by users with basic computer skills.

Great Multimedia Support:

Some previous versions of Windows 7 get struggle with compatibility issues that failed to play few video formats. Whenever, you choose the multimedia to play, then it is compatible on Windows 7. Because the default video player in the Windows 7 is capable to support for different multimedia formats.

Battery Efficiency:

Windows 7 developed in such a manner that it doesn’t get drain much battery. It enables power efficient along with RAM, Hard disk, Memory Space, and CPU. Windows 7 OS has ability to keep save battery whenever your computer system is getting low in power.

But, this feature is available on the last one version; still users require enabling it manually. Therefore, Windows 7 doesn’t get data loss in power outage condition. And users can expect it to get restart with successfully.

Other Pros of Windows 7 Operating System:

  • Windows 7 get support Virtual Hard Disks. It supports of increase performances of using the multi-core processors.  It assists to sort out the clutter in the desktop by releasing 3 new one features like as Aero Peek, Aero Shake, and snap.
  • It is most secured from the intruders, and it also allows to support with advance touch and handwriting recognition.
  • It also lets you to make the best use of graphic cards from the different vendors.
  • Windows 7 also makes backup and restoration with ease by using BitLocker feature.
  • Windows 7 operating system works as professional and ultimate. This is lightweight, fastest and robust that work in higher volume environments.
  • With installing the ‘DirectX 11’ version; you are able to get optimize the execution of the graphics. It allows an elegant visual experience, especially for graphic designers and audio-visual works.

Disadvantages of Windows 7 OS

In this section, we will spread the light on various limitations and demerits of Windows 7 operating system; below shown each one, you can check them:

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There is no any option that allows to get upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7. That means you are unable to install Windows 7 over the XP as well as your all software, settings, and drivers. But you have one way, Windows 7 will stick available on your hard drive in a folder known as window.old from where you have right to get retrieve your previous files and data.


Mostly, hackers are going to get target to Windows 7 OS, cause of its higher market value. Most of uses are using the Windows 7 that makes it ideal for virus developers worldwide. Therefore this trend already begun along with the past versions of Windows. If you are preferring the Windows 7 then you are might be exposed to a virus.

Not Available Quick Launch Toolbar:

The Quick Launch Toolbar feature was getting more popularity to keep store all applications and files to ignore the fumbling along with the Start Menu. And, users are also able to pin shortcuts to the task bar, windows 7 pins functions differently to old reliable Quick Launch Toolbar.

System Updates:

Windows 7 regularly announces the updates that are normally enlarge in size, and then you have to need the sufficient amount of data for downloading these updates. Beyond of this, these updates will get fill up disk space. So, you must be ready to get assign the required disk space.

Software Compatibility:

Your previous software might be just not ready to work on your Windows 7 regardless of whether you select the 32-bit or 64-bit version. Keeping mind, you should be checking the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor otherwise your software vendor will wipe up whether you can expect your previous software for working.

Hardware Compatibility:

Your PC is being Windows 7 are not able to take full benefits from its hardware manufacture, because newest h/w components from recognized hardware manufacture no going to support Windows 7. For instance, modern processor from Intel and AMD need you to get install Windows 10 on your computer system. Therefore, hardware manufactures to get encourage users to upgrade their operating system.

Active vs. Inactive Windows:

It is minor issue; most of people is going to report not being capable to tell the difference in between active and inactive Windows that are on upper of one another. Some situation, the only one way to tell is to see for the familiar red ‘x’ close button at the upper right of the Window.

System Requirements:

Windows 7 needs the high end computers in respect to get better performance; so Microsoft gets recommend user highly specification for installing the Windows 7 operating system. Windows 7 requires your PC to have minimum 1GB RAM, 20 GB of disk space, 1Ghz processors and a video card compatible of DirectX9. Before getting to install this OS, make sure that your system meets the minimum system requirements.

XP Mode:

If you want to adopt the Professional or Ultimate edition of Windows 7 operating system, then you can take benefits of virtual computing and XP Mode. XP Mode can provide the permanent solution, but sometime it can be a real pain. If you prefer to use the Windows 64-bit and expect to run XP Mode, therefore you can utilize the critical applications, which are not compatible for a 64-bit environment. User might be better off dual booting your system along with Windows 7 and Windows XP to relying on XP Mode exclusively.

Other Cons of Windows 7 operating System:

  • Some users are facing problems like as system is going to hang up after installing this OS.
  • It is more expensive to the previous Microsoft OS.
  • Some users are not agreeing with new features because they require to purchase the additional resources like as RAM and CPU.
  • Some useful features are removed in Windows 7 operating system like as Windows Ultimate Extras, InkBall, Start Menu user interface, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker, and Windows Calendar Windows Mail.
  • If you are using the HP multifunction printer then its drivers must be upgraded to the Windows 7; then this printer is not ready to get respond the print commands. Therefore, users require visiting to the new HP solution Center to fix this issue.


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