How to Minimize Screen on Mac? And Maximize Screen on Mac !!

How to Minimize Screen on Mac? And Maximize Screen on Mac !!

In this article, we will guide you about how to minimize and maximize a window screen on Mac. In the end, you will say that is incredible easier task!!

For those guys who are unfamiliar with Mac system, might be they are not sure how do you minimizing the screen or getting out of full-screen mode, so it is small challenges for them.

How to Minimize Window Screen on Mac

After reading this content, you will be familiar with Mac and you can quickly and easily to minimize and maximize your window screen on Mac, and you can also more efficiently use your Mac’s screen space.

When you will be become more familiar along with Mac system then it can make easier and quick.

How to Minimize Window Screen on Mac

In this section, we will explain about how you can minimize a window screen on Mac with using two simply methods and you can use any one of both:

Now let’s start!!

Primary Method:

  • Firstly you have to press the <yellow icon> that is showing at the top left corner of window, then your screen will be invisible and a small icon of it will display n your dock.

How to Minimize Window Screen on Mac

  • If you don’t use mouse then can be apply keyboard shortcut command <Command + M> to minimize your Mac’s screen.

Secondary Method:

If you are seeing a window in full screen mode, and then you can quickly minimize this window one of following methods; below mentioned both:

  • Simultaneously press <Control + Command + F>
  • You have to need move your mouse’s cursor at the top left corner, and then upper toolbar will be displaying, click on <green button>.

How to Minimize all Windows at Once

Mostly, every keyboard having “Window key“, and then you can press simultaneously

 <Windows key + M key> for getting to minimize all opening windows on your Mac system

While using this keyboard shortcut, you can encounter desktop clutter without making click many on minimize buttons in open windows

How to Minimize and Hide all Windows on Mac

Press Simultaneously <Command + Option + H + M>, and use other shortcut <Minimize and Hide All> for both hides and minimizes all windows open on your Mac.

How to Maximize the Screen on Mac 

Mac OS X allows three tiny buttons at the upper of every window, and with using these buttons you can control all way that current program or window display to user.

There are two simply methods, and with using one of them you can maximize your window screen; below mentioned both:

Maximize with Manually

  • Open your application that you wish to maximize across the entire screen
  • Press at the top left corner of window and then drag window at the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Click at the below right corner of window, and then drag and hold window until it stretches to the bottom right corner of your screen.

Maximize with Directly

  • Press on the <View> menu of window that you wish to maximize
  • Choose <Full Screen> option otherwise get to hold down <Shift-6-Command-F> key simultaneously to maximize your window screen
  • Choose <Full Screen> option again otherwise get to hold down <Shift-6-Command-F> key simultaneously to move back your screen to normal size.

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