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The dot matrix printer is enabled with on impact printing technology. It has a print head that moves back and forth then prints by getting to impact otherwise by striking the ink-soaked cloth ribbon apposite the surface of paper. These printers are most common in the specific environment that needs the cost efficiency as compared to the laser printer and inkjet printers.


Dot matrix printers have been introduced in 1970s and are using in various homes and offices over the world. Still, they are getting more eminent due to its reliability and cost-effectiveness; so making them a better solution for those looking to print on a low budget.

What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Dot Matrix Printers?

In this comprehensive guide will explore about most remarkable advantages and disadvantages of dot matrix printers as well as benefits and characteristics of dot matrix printers, which helping you taken the decision about whether this dot matrix printer is right for you.

Advantages of Dot Matrix Printers over Laser Printer

There are many advantages and benefits of dot matrix printers; below shown all:


The dot matrix printers are getting practically cheaper as compared to other printers, as well as easily available for those who still taking decision for buying this product at the reasonable rates. A dot matrix printers reduce the 6 times cost per page than laser printers.


These dot matrix printers are getting less complex, when it comes to printing with multi-parts forms than for implementing these needs for various separate sheets of output via a laser printer. They are capable to produce the carbon copies of print out apposite of non-impact printers.

Environmentally Friendly:

Are more environmentally sustainability and affordable in order to electrical usage and the volume usage of consumables that are eliminated over the printers.

Provide the Carbon Copies:

As apposite to non-impact printers; this is a better solution of making the carbon copies of a specific print out. Therefore, if you wish to have most sufficient outcome, so this is a great selection.

Less Maintenance & Rugged Durability:

Dot matrix printers are better solution to withstand harsh environments as compared to laser printers. This is because, laser printers are getting most sensitive to grab humidity levels, extreme temperatures, static electricity, and dust particles. Cause of this, it construction and rugged design permits for great endurance and low maintenance and issues identically to low downtime and maintenance prices.

Less Power Usage:

Dot matrix printers need just 3 times less energy as compare to laser printer. This is because; they don’t need the hot roller for getting to heat up, hence keep saving money as well.

Ribbon Replacement Indication:

By the passing of time the printout will be getting fade, then it will be gradual beyond of coming to a sudden halt. Hence, it will make ensure that you will have enough time for replacement the ribbon before coming the crisis.

Better Reliability:

While using of tractor-fed continuous forms paper, these types of printers is great reliable paper feeding system to cut-sheet media; as well as keeping to maintain the printing order. Hence, they are getting to continuous feed decreasing the need for regular paper changes.

Some Benefits and Characteristic of Dot Matrix Printers

  • Dot matrix printer is small in size.
  • A dot matrix printer is able to print both graphics and text.
  • These printers are easily available in the market.
  • These printers are getting to tolerate dirty and hot conditions as are found in the industrial environment.
  • This printer is best solution on continuous form paper and also helpful for data logging.

Disadvantages of Dot Matrix Printers over Laser Printer

In this section, we are going to cover many disadvantages and limitations of dot matrix printers in detail; below mentioned all, you can read them:

Not Sufficient to Produce High Resolution:

Dot matrix printers are not capable to provide the output as higher quality. It is most restricted to color printout, as well as having the low speed as compared to other printers as non-impact. Thus, the print quality of this printer is not attractive in general. Instead of, these dot matrix printers get the bad impact the printout readability of the scanner.

Easily Pins Gets Bend:

A dot matrix printer’s head can be easily damaged as pins can bend. At once, the printer also produces the noise at times while getting to hit ribbon by pins at the paper.

Slow Speed:

A dot matrix printer is getting very slow sped as compared to the laser printer.

Making a Noise:

When the pins hit the ribbon on the paper; than dot matrix printers produce the loudly noise.

Manual Sheet Alignment:

Needs the single sheet of paper that can wound and aligned by your hand that can be more time consumed as well as prone to regularly jamming as compared to laser printers

Summary: Pros and Cons of Dot Matrix Printers

The following is the summary of the advantages and benefits of dot matrix printers like as:

  • A dot matrix printer is getting very low printing price per page than laser and inkjet printers. It is going to use in such areas where lowest printing cost is most important as compare to quality.
  • These types of printers are also most cost-effective, and they are also getting lowest repair prices.
  • Ink ribbon gets the longer storage and idle life, and it doesn’t dry out with ease. The printer is unable to stop midway while printing even though the ink is running lowest.
  • Dot matrix printers are also getting to support for fanfold paper along with tractor holes and regularly papers.
  • Dot matrix printers are based on the impact printers that are able to print on the multi-part stationery otherwise make carbon copies.

Now, we are going to show the summary of disadvantages and drawbacks of dot matrix printers; below shown all, you can check them:

  • Dot matrix printers produce the less printing resolution, so it is most comfortable for the printing both graphic-intensive and color-intensive printouts.
  • As you know about the this printer has slow printing speed as compare to laser and inkjet printers, hence it is not best solution in the settings that need higher-volume printing.
  • Dot matrix printers make the loudly noise while executing its operations; therefore it is not most convince in setting that need minimal distractions.
  • While using the single sheet paper might need wounding in and aligning by your hand that can be taken more time consuming.

Wrapping Up

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