Dual Core Processor? Meaning, Advantages, Disadvantages

Dual Core Processor? Meaning, Advantages, Disadvantages

What is Dual Core

Meaning – Dual core means that two processors are embedded into one integrated circuit, so their caches and caches controllers are combined into single chip. Both processors are linked with each other, and due to this linkage, dual core is capable to execute their operations up to twice as fastest compare to single core processor.

What is Dual Core Processor

Definition – Dual core processors are more useful for multitasking environment because both processors perform their operations independently. It is capable to execute 64 bit instructions as well as it is hyper threading supportive. For example, if you are doing two tasks same time such as listen music and playing game then one processor can handle one task like as listen music and other processor manages your gamedual core processor

There are few popular dual core processors, like as

  • AMD – A4-3300, Opteron, AMD X2 and Athlon-64
  • Intel – Intel Core Duo, Pentium 4 Extreme Edition and Xeon

Dual Core Processors use two types of buses such as “Front Side Bus” and “Hyper Transport Bus”. Hyper Transport Bus is more useful for increasing the clock speed because in which their bandwidth is not shareable between the multiple CPUs.

History of Dual Core Processor

  • First dual core processor was developed by IBM, in 2001.
  • Intel Pentium EE 840 was introduced in April, 2005 that was used for home computers.
  • Then, IBM developed IBM’s Power 4 processor for specific server types of applications, and it was not compatible for home purpose.
  • Then, AMD and Intel were getting concentrate on enhancing their clock speeds.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Dual core processor

There are various benefits and limitations of dual core processor. Such as-

Dual-core Advantages over Single-core

Dual core processor has excellent performance compare to single core processor. It is capable to spit their data for processing by several units. Dual core processor has to move between different types of threads compare to single core processor because single core processor can manage two threads at once. Due to use of “Hyper-Threading”, its clock’s speed cannot be increased.   

Dual-core Advantages over Multi-core

Dual core processor lets you excellent battery life on your mobile compare to like same speed of multi core processor. Dual core has great clock speed to multi core processor.

Dual-core Disadvantages over Single-core

You know, that single core processor’s performance is getting down compare to dual core processor. But some time, single core can perform outstanding to dual core when CPU’s clock speed is getting higher that is measured into GHz. 3.8 GHz single core processor is capable to outperform then 1.8 GHz dual core processor while processing in single task.  Few programs are not able to run on multiple cores then single core CPU helps to execute those programs to dual core processor. Single core processor has good battery life on the mobile compare to dual core processor because single core consumes less electricity.

Dual-core Disadvantages over Multi-core

Dual core processor has not good ability to control multiple tasks at once but multi core processor can perform it easily. Multi core processor has four cores so it can handle for threads otherwise 8 hyper threading at same time duration, that can decrease the need to alter threads than dual core processor.

Other Disadvantages are:

  • Produce more heat compare to single core processors.
  • More expensive than single core
  • Due to overload, sometime Dual core processor’s performance can get degrade.

Features of Dual Core Processor

  • To use less energy
  • Its caches performs excellent compare to two chip design
  • Occupy less space, because all functionality of two chips is presented in single chip.
  • It allows user friendly entertainment system.
  • Reliable and test technology
  • Dual core processor’s design is more stable and reliable.

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