What is Processor in Computer? Types of Processor

What is Processor in Computer? Types of Processor

What is Processor

Definition – Processor is known as “Microprocessor“, and it likes as small type of chip that is placed in the computers and another electronics components. Processor can manage all instructions such as arithmetical, logical, input/output (I/O) and other basic instructions, which are created by hardware or operating system. Its main job role is to obtain input from input devices and then produce the accurately result on the output devices. Now these days, more advance processors are available in the market, which are capable to control trillions of instructions in per second. 


Processors are used in PCs as well as they can be used into other electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, PDA, and more. Intel and AMD are main companies, which are produced best quality processors in the market.

Basic Components of Processor

  • ALU stands for arithmetic logic unit, which help out to execute all arithmetic and logic operations.
  • FPU (Floating Point Unit) is also called the “Math coprocessor” that helps to manipulate mathematically calculations.
  • Registers store all instructions and data, and it fires operands to ALU and save the output of all operations.
  • Cache memory helps to save more time in travelling data from main memory.

Primary CPU Processor Operations are

  • Fetch – In which, to obtain all instructions from main memory unit (RAM).
  • Decode – In this operation, to convert all instructions into understandable ways then other components of CPU are ready to continue further operations, and this entire operations ar performed by decoder.
  • Execute – Here, to perform all operations and every components of CPU which are needed to activate to carry out instructions.
  • Write-Back – After executing all operations, then its result is moved to write back.

You can enhance Speed of Processor

The processor’s speed is totally depending on the ability of your CPU. You can boost up the speed of processor as well as increase the processor functionality. If, your CPU is getting unlocked then you are capable to over clock, its means you can increase the frequency of your CPU instead of its standard specifications.

If, you purchase the processor that is locked then you have not chances to increase the processer’s speed.

Types of Processor

Here, we will discuss about different types of CPU (Processors), which are used in computers.

If you know how many types of CPU (Processors) are there, then short answer is 5 types of processor.

Single Core Processor

Single Core CPUs were used in the traditional type of computers. Those CPUs were able to perform one operation at once, so they were not comfortable to multi tasking system. These CPUs got degrade the entire performance of computer system while running multiple programs at same time duration.

In Single Core CPU, FIFO (First Come First Serve) model is used, it means that couple of operations goes to CPU for processing according to priority base, and left operations get wait until first operation completed.

Dual Core Processor

Dual Core processor contains two processors, and they are linked with each other like as single IC (Integrated circuit). Every processor consist its own local cache and controller, so they are able to perform different difficult operations in quickly than single core CPU.

There are some examples which are used as dual core processors such as Intel Core Duo, the AMD X2, and the dual-core PowerPC G5.

Multi Core Processor

Multi core processor is designed with using of various processing units means “Cores” on one chip, and every core of processor is able to perform their all tasks. For example, if you are doing multiple activities at a same time like as using WhatsApp and playing games then one core handles WhatsApp activities and other core manage to another works such as game.

Quad Core Processor

Quad core processor is high power CPU, in which four different processors cores are combined into one processor. Every processor is capable to execute and process all instructions own level without taking support to other left processor cores. Quad core processors are able to execute massive instructions at a time without getting waiting pools. Quad core CPU help to enhance the processing power of computer system, but it performance depend on their using computing components.

Octa Core Processor

Octa core processor is designed with using of multiprocessor architecture, and its design produces the higher processing speed. Octa core processor has best ability to perform multi tasking and to boost up efficiency of your CPU. These types of processors are mostly used in your smart phones.

List all types of Intel and AMD Processors

Intel Processors

Athlon XP

Athlon 64
Mobile Athlon 64
Athlon XP-M
Athlon 64 FX

Turion 64
Athlon 64 X2
Turion 64 X2
Phenom FX
Phenom X4

Phenom X3
Athlon 6-series
Athlon 4-series
Athlon X2
Phenom II

Athlon II
E2 series
A4 series
A6 series
A8 series
A10 series

AMD Processors

80286 (286)
80386 (386)
80486 (486)

Pentium w/ MMX
Pentium Pro
Pentium II
Pentium III
Pentium M
Celeron M

Pentium 4
Mobile Pentium 4-M
Pentium D

Pentium Extreme Edition
Core Duo
Core 2 Duo

Core i3
Core i5
Core i7
Core i9

List of CPU Manufacture Companies Are:

• Apple
• ARM Holdings
• ASRock
• Centaur Technology
• Integrated Device Technology (IDT)
• Qualcomm
• Gumstix
• Intel

• Microsemi
• Samsung
• Motorola
• Hewlett-Packard (hp)
• Dell
• Acer

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