What is Sound Card? Function, Types, Uses & How Does it Work!

Sound card is also known as ‘Audio Adapter’ or ‘Audio Card’ or ‘Sound Board’.

A sound card is a hardware component as rectangular shape. It have many ports at the back side to attach audio device such as speaker, microphone, etc.


What is Sound Card?

Sound card is also an expansion card or IC that generates the sound on your PC that can hear with helping of headphones or speakers. Although, you don’t need to additional sound card because, it enables mostly built-in the motherboard on each computer.

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If you want to get better sound for playing game then you can also install a good sound card on your computer. Therefore, you can prefer to use breakout box that has several audio connectors. It embeds into sound card, connect this box through USB or Firewire port.

Through this article, we will explain you full detail about several types of sound cards, uses, functions and so on.

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  1. Functions of Sound Card
  2. How Does Sound Card Work?
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  • What is sound card example?
  • What are the types of sound card?
  • What is the benefit of a sound card?
  • Is a sound card input or output devicve?
  • Can Sound card port used for external audio sources?

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Types of Sound Cards

Now these days, there are different kinds of sound cards that easily available in the market with less price. Few sound cards are built-in on your computer’s motherboard, but some you have to need attach via USB or FireWire ports. Therefore, you can prefer them as you’re convince; below mentioned five types of sound card, check them:

Motherboard Sound Cards

Motherboard sound cards are available mostly each types of computer system in modern era. This card is building in along with PC’s motherboard, so you can say it as sound chip. Now, you don’t need to install any external sound cards with your Computer.

These sound cards were most costly when firstly introduced in the marketplace. Computer sound technology became available with lesser cost, miniaturization technology got let computer hardware manufacturers to provide sound into one chip. So, now these days, almost all motherboard sound chips get affordable for all computer owners.

Standard Sound Cards

Standard sound card allows to make connection internally your computer with one of slots. It lets you provide great performance compare to motherboard sound chips, because it made with its own processor chips. So you can say that this sound card perform on the base of using of computer’ processor. While, you playing games, standard sound card offers better result as it makes less a load of main PC’s processor. 

External Sound Adapters

External sound adapters have almost all features similar standard sound card. Its shape likes as small box that enables all connection with using of USB or FireWire port, beyond of, using as internal expansion slot.

They also are having other additional features that are not available into standard sound card, like as physical volume control knobs and extra input and out controlling system. You can easily swap an external sound adapter to new PC as standard sound card. You can also upgrade the sound of your laptop or PC by using USB or FireWire expansion slots.

Internal Gaming Cards

Gaming sound cards have own separate processors, which provide better audio, erasing the work of making it from your PC’s CPU. They also contain own set of inputs/outputs that mostly have good shielding and, like as lesser noise levels compare to inputs/outputs embedded into your computer system.

Mostly gaming sound cards enable with advanced technology that let assist to locate created sound in 3D space and it is easier to hear.

Audiophile and Recording Cards

These sound cards offer ultimate sound quality, and these special cards are using either the audiophile market or the professional audio market. Audiophile sound cards contain massive shielded outputs/analogue circuitry that objectives to both decrease the noise levels, then accurately generate sound signals. 

Uses of Sound Card

The main aim of using sound card is to offer audio that lets you to hear with playing song and watching movie along with several formats and degrees control system. There are various sectors where this sound card is using; below shown few areas:

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Real life Applications of Sound Card are:

  • Playing game and watching movies
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • To make attractive business presentations
  • Listening music & Audio CDs
  • To create and play MIDI
  • Using into Voice recognition
  • Using educational software that means while watching educational tutorial, you can hear sound to improve the experience in education.
  • Using to record dictations

Functions of Sound Card

Sound card is an expansion hardware part that is using into PC to grab and send audio. Software applications and device drivers let you help to get configuration in this sound card.

Computer input devices receive audio data like as microphone, and output device are linked to spread the audio data usually headphones or speakers.

Sound card lets to convert incoming digital audio data into analog so that headphones can play it. In the opposite scenario, this card can also convert analog audio data from the microphone to digital data that can keep to save on the computer by using audio software.

How Does Sound Card Work?

When you will try to listen to voice of sound card then sound in the form of digital data waveform.wav or mp3 sent to sound card. DSP (Digital Signal processing) lets to process the digital data by using of DAC (Digital Analog Converter). Once converted digital signal into an analog signal that gets amplify, and analog signal will spread via speaker.

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If you get ready to record sound with using of a microphone, then this sound will process into analog format by using DSP, the mode ADC (Analog Digital Converter: Convert analog to digital). Then it converts the analog signal into digital signal that is stored into table format or regular waveform written .wav (wave) in a disk or compressed into other forms such as mp3.

Sound Card Connections

The image is an example of a sound card audio ports or audio jacks on the rear side of your PC with attached color and connectors symbols. Here shown you 5 audio jack are using with devices that using 3.5 mm mini plug.

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  • With surround sound or loudspeakers, digital out uses (white or yellow; words: “Digital” or “Digital Out”).
  • Sound in or line in (blue; Arrow pointing into waves): This connection uses for external audio device like as record player, tape recorder, etc.
  • Microphone or Mic (pink): This connection uses for headphones or microphones.
  • Sound out or line out (green; Arrow pointing out of waves): This uses for primary sound connection such as speakers or headphones. This sound card also contains the second (black) and third (orange) sound out connector.
  • FireWire (Not Shown Image): This uses for high-quality sound cards like as video cameras and other devices.
  • MIDI or joystick (15 pin yellow connector): This connection is useful for connecting MIDI keyboard or joystick, MIDI or joystick.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a sound card used for?

Main aim of using sound card is to convert digital audio signals to analog signal, as apposite analog audio signals to digital ones.

What is sound card example?

The best example is to get turn your iTunes files into music on your MacBook system, but hardware parts let to generate and store this sounds.

What are the types of sound card?

There are five kinds of sound card, which are using in daily life. We already explained it above in this article, you can check them.

What is the benefit of a sound card?

The main advantage of this card is that it will decrease the CPU usage and get freeing it up for executing another task like as watching movie or playing game.

Is a sound card input or output device?

Sound card is an audio output device that offers the input/output of audio signals to and from PC, it is controlled by computer programs.

Can Sound card port used for external audio sources?

Yes! For example – speakers and headphones

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