20 Advantages and Disadvantages of DNS | Benefits & Features

Hi Friends! Today, we are going to illustrate about many advantages and disadvantages of DNS server; as well as benefits and features of domain name system with ease. Through this article, you will get to know about various pros and cons of using DNS server without any hassle.

Overview of DNS Server

A DNS (Domain Name System) is special computer server that has a database of lots of IP addresses, which are associated with domain names.  DNS server is going to use for matching the website hostnames to their respectively IP addresses. Each device is linked to the internet that has own unique Internet Protocol address, which assists to identify it, based on the IPv4 or IPv6 protocols.


DNS server allows to convert URLs and domain names into IP addresses, then all computers are capable to understand and use them. For example, when anyone put the <digitalthinkerhelp.com> into own web browser then server behind the scenes making map that name to the corresponding IP address like as 125.0.568.45. This process of lookup and translation is known as the DNS resolution.

Advantages of Domain Name System (DNS)

Here, we are going to explain about many features and benefits of DNS server; below shown each one, you can read them:

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Depended Upon The Internet:

Internet has been become the most important part of our real life because people and organizations are unable to carry out their works without using of internet. Therefore, DNS allows it to make easy to use the internet by keeping to remember whole IP addresses. At the final, that without DNS, internet has not any value over the world.

Easily Keep Remember:

User can easily to keep remember the domain names beyond of IP address, because domain names are assigned with any name like Instagram and twitter.

Internal Element of the Internet:

The DNS (domain name server) is an internal segment of the internet; without using the domain name server, internet can’t anything. All websites are   running on the internet; and requires the DNS server for loading those websites. The domain server allows to search the IP address of the website.

Most Secured:

Few DNS servers are especially designed for fulfil the objective of security, because it has been become most important part for your work or home connections. If, any intruder tries to hack this server then their attempts are prevented for gaining to get access into your systems. If it is a enlarge organization along with a lots of precious information then you have to need other security system as well.

Search Engine Friendly:

Users are able to find any website by using the search engine because the search engine does work more fast and they don’t require to keep remember the IP address of any website. They only require the name of web pages; and all websites are most related to their names. Let’s assume that you have a tumbler.com website then tumbler.com/about is the another web page of the same website. It is easiest for a search engine to keep remember the relation in between the domain names and their web pages.

Modification in IP Address:

Whenever, any website wants to update its IP address then entire website’s working doesn’t affect because it is the magic of a DNS server. It is able to get update automatically its database along with new one IP addresses. But, users don’t take headache to remember the new IP address. Just, you have to type the website name and DNS server will link this website with a new IP address.

Having Two DNS Addresses:

Each website contains two different DNS server addresses, because if one address gets fail by chance then other address takes the responsibility to fix the domain name to an IP address. First name server is primary then other is secondary. Whenever, the primary nameserver is getting to halt then request towards to the secondary nameservers. With the helping of two domain nameserver’s website will perform perfectly as compare to other.

IP Address Conversion:

DNS servers let users to get categorize and archive the search terms without getting to need to keep remember the IP addresses. The whole domains are changed into IP addresses, whenever the name is provided to the search engines. So, you don’t have to require memorize IP address for each website that you get access regularly.

Fastest Speed:

DNAS servers are linked with other higher speed internet, and the response time of those servers is fastest. They are capable to find out the IP address with in micro second. Whenever, any domain name server is unable to search any IP address then this request towards to nearest DNS server. Today, lots of servers are doing to work over the internet and they are attached with each other. The main objective of DNS server is to find the IP address instantly.

Good Stability:

Due to few reasons, the website’s IP address might change. Therefore, users have to need to keep up to date of this data too. It can be most laborious work but for facilitating this, DNS server is getting update IP address as constantly; so user can ignore the important efforts.


It is most easy to utilize the DNS server because they are flexible as well. They can be easily getting to set up. You have to need only to keep remember the nameserver of the website, and then other tasks are getting to perform at the background by helping of hosting companies.

Great Load Balancing:

Whenever any DNS server receives several requests then new obtained requests are moved to the nearest server that mean load balancing is managed by the servers as good manner.

Disadvantages of DNS Server

There are many limitations and drawbacks of domain name system; as follow:

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Managed by One Organization:

ICANN only allows to registry control under itself that means no other companies will be authorized to control them. ICANN is called as a non-profit organization that originates from one single country.

Not Reveal Client Information:

The information that is related the clients who get started with name resolution don’t normally get carried by domain name server queries. Cause of this server edge, it will be capable to get know about IP address of DNS server; then it can be manipulated by intruders.

Server Crash:

Whenever, the DNS server is getting to break down, then world wide web also will be crashed as well. As well as, the availability of back up servers and root servers would erase too. When the server has been crashed the connection to the local network will be getting to disconnected not letting the clients to arrive them.

DNS Attacks from Wrong Names:

Few hackers have own similar domain names, which are getting more popularity. They buy similar domain names and make fool the guys for getting benefits from them. When any user put by mistake any similar domain name of any popular website then user towards to direct to the false website that look wise same as the original website. Then false website will get your precious information like as your login detail.

Halt Internet:

Let’s assume that DNS server get a virus attack then the websites connected along with the DNS server also not getting load. This is most harmful problem because if tons of websites is getting stop working then webmaster’s business gets damage.

Difficult to Troubleshooting:

It is most difficult task to troubleshoot of DNS issues. Cause of its distributed nature and geographical regions.

Master-Slave Relation:

The DNS servers perform as a master-slave manner. One DNS server works as a master and other acts as slave. The main DNS server always guides to other DNS servers. When the master gets fail then other DNS servers also become as unresponsive manner, because they are unable to forward their responsible to the master server.

Final Verdicts

Through this blog post, you have been fully educated about several advantages and disadvantages of DNS server; as well as benefits and features of domain name system with ease. If this article is useful for you, then please share it along with your friends, family members or relatives over social media platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and more.

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