Advantages and Disadvantages of MAN Network | Characteristics & Features

Hello Leaners! Through this blog post, we will are going to explain about many advantages and disadvantages of MAN network; involving with characteristics and features of metropolitan area network with ease. So, i make ensure that after reading this article, you will fully learn about pros and cons of using MAN network without any hassle.

Overview of Metropolitan Area Network

Metropolitan area network likes as LAN network (LAN), but it can be scaled to an entire city, collage or city, otherwise other government territory. MAN network allows connecting the multiple LAN networks that is large to LAN networks, but smaller to WAN networks. It can also cover large geographical regions and link users around the world.


MAN network usually make the communication faster; and it can be offered the higher speed carriers like as fiber optic cables. It also allows to transfer the data as moderate in speed and propagation gets delay are moderate also in the MAN networks. Metropolitan area network has less fault tolerance and much more congestion in its networks. MAN networks use the many network devices to transmit data like as wires and modems.

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Who Prefers MAN Network?

MAN networks are mostly used by those users who have to require higher speed connectivity and possess edge points spread throughout a geographical location like as telephone network. MAN networks also offer many pros to users that it is not flawless.

Metropolitan Area Network Advantages and Disadvantages

In this section, we are going to explain about many benefits and limitations of MAN network; as well as pros and cons of Metropolitan Area Network with ease; below shown each one in detail, you can check them.

Advantages of MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

The benefits of MAN network are as follows:

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Less Expensive:

The MAN network uses the less number of resources than to WAN (Wide Area Network); then its implementation cost will be decreased. When we will try to merge both WAN and MAN network then it will be getting less expensive. Therefore, MAN network’s data can be easily kept manage with efficiently at the centralized manner. So, you can say that it is a highly cost effective network system.

Sending Email Service:

Over the MAN network, email can be sent with quite efficiently. Each email that is sent via MAN network is free of cost and at the higher speed.

Higher Speed to WAN:

Mostly, MAN networks utilize the fiber optics cables for data transmission. Fiber optics cables have abilities of providing the speed up to 1000Mbps. Therefore, information and data can be easily transferred at the higher speed.

Sharing of Internet:

By using of MAN network, users are able to share their internet connections along with other users. By adopting this way, all MAN users can take more experience of higher speed internet connectivity.

Conversion from LAN to MAN Easily:

As shown earlier that MAN network is a combination of two or more LANs (Local Area Network). So, MAN network is a quickly way to link two fast LAN networks together. Local Area Network has fastest configuration of links.

High Security:

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) is a higher security level compare to WAN networks.

Disadvantages of MAN Network

The drawbacks of MAN network are as follows:

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Difficult to Maintenance:

Usually, MAN network is more difficult to keep manages whenever it becomes enlarge. This is mainly cause of going to safety problems and other extra configuration set up.


It has more possibility to get hacker attack over the MAN networks are very higher than to LAN networks. Hence, data has the tendency to get trap easily. In the respect of securing the data, well skilled staffs and protective equipments are required.

Technical Assistance:

For getting to set up a MAN network without any faults, then it needs the technical staff with good experience. Therefore, the technical assistance requires to from the network administrators and experts. Cause of this, can be overall enhanced the installation cost.

Wire Requirement:

You have to need more extra wires for its operation than LAN and WAN networks. If you want to connect two different LAN networks then to be required more wires; then its cost will be increasing over the network as well.

Internet Speed:

To perform its operations, MAN network needs the fiber optic cables that are more expensive, therefore it can’t operate on the traditional copper wires, which are usually present on a telephone. Hence, when you install the MAN network then users have to get less internet speed.

Required Skilled Staff to Set up:

It is going to set up a MAN network to be needed the skilled technical staff that can properly set up this network. Skilled staffs mean network administrators and trouble shooters.

Characteristics of MAN Network

There are many features and  characteristic of MAN network;  below shown all:

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Features of MAN Network:

  • It offers the highly-efficiency data transmission.
  • Its ownership is public or private.
  • MAN network is going to cover enlarge geographical area such as cities, town, and continents.
  • MAN network uses the dual bus that assist the transmission of data in both sides at a same time.
  • Enhances the efficiency of getting to control data
  • It offers the great backbone for a enlarge network; as well as provides the good access to WAN network.
  • It contains the system for local video surveillance.
  • Its data rates are sufficient for distributed computing applications.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the main advantages of MAN networks over WAN?

The primary pros of metropolitan area network over a WAN network is the higher bandwidth enabled by the dedicated links of a MAN network.

What are the main two disadvantages of MAN network?

MANs have many limitations over the WAN like as:

  • It is difficult to keep maintenance.
  • It has to require skilled staff to set up.
  • Need the technical assistance

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Metropolitan Area Network?

In this post, already we have been described above various pros and cons of MAN network; you can check them.

What is the main feature of MAN network?

MANs allow to interconnect multiple LAN networks with ease and its network range is 5 to 50 km.


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