How to Change Cameo Selfie on Snapchat (iPhone/Android)? Full Guide

Are you wondering about how to change Cameo selfie on Snapchat? Don’t worry! Now, you have to come at right place where you will learn about to change cameo on Snapchat app from iPhone or Android phone without getting any hassle.


Cameo feature was introduced by Snapchat, in 2019. Then their users can insert DM chat along with someone and visit the Cameo page.

Snapchat cameo is similar as Bitmoji but each cameo grabs your selfie face on it. That means, each cameo character contains your face linked which will work just similar as Bitmoji. You can also send cameo on your chat message such as GIFs or Sticker.

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Each Snapchat cameo is animated character similar as GIFs. If you have to try type some text on your chat like as ‘sad, breakfast, hate’ then Snapchat will automatically display an animated cameo crossponding your searched any words.

Snapchat also lets you to make cameo by taking any picture or selfie, that means you have to use your real face to do cameo on Snapchat, then AI will identify the real image of real face that is further moved into cameo. User can also select both female and male while making cameo on your Snapchat account, and it can be made double cameo along with person that already engaged with cameo.

Why Do You Change Snapchat Cameo Photo?

Due to many reasons, you should be changing your Snapchat cameo picture; below shown few causes, you can check them:

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Just For Fun: If sometimes, you are feeling as boring, then changing the Snapchat cameo could be fun. So you are able to make a lot of selfies with using expressions and emotions.

Not Feel Safe: No body feels safe along with their picture, which they have shared over the internet. Then few people have trust problem and don’t wish to allow other people have their real identities. When you feel same, then you have to go change your cameo photo whenever you wish.

Re-establish Your Identity: whenever you have bad time in past days and wish to re-establish your identity once again, then it could be a best time. You can heal your previous wound and show other people that you also have life outside.

How to Change Cameo on Snapchat

In this section, we will give a tutorial about how to change Cameo selfie on Snapchat account for iPhone or Android phone. If you are unpleased with previous cameo photo then you can easily change it; below shown all steps, you can navigate them as you choice:

  1. How to Change Cameo Picture on Snapchat for (iPhone & Android)
  • First Method:
  • Second Way:
  • Alternative Method:
  1. How to Change Cameo Friend on Snapchat
  2. How You Can Change Text on Snachat Cameo Selfie?
  3. What to do, if Snapchat Cameo is Not Working?
  4. FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)
  • Can I Change the Snapchat Cameo Photo?
  • Why Cameo selfie Not Changing on Snapchat?
  • How many times you can change your Snapchat cameo selfie?
  • How to do two person cameo Snapchat?

Let’s Start!!

How to Change Cameo Picture on Snapchat for (iPhone & Android)

If people aren’t satisfied with their first cameo selfie photo, then Snapchat lets them allows to change cameo picture by using simplest process that help to change cameo selfie whenever you wish it.

First Method:

Once you have taken selfie that you wish, then you can keep save it and use it to future cameo. Whenever you wish to change it, just you can follow few basic steps:

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  • Firstly you have to launch your Snapchat app on your iOS or Android device, and log in along with their credential detail.
  • Once logged in; go to <Chat Section> and choose one of your friends. Relax! You don’t require to share your cameo straight away.


  • Next, click on <Smiley> icon that showing next to chat box, select <Cameo> and hit on <More> option


  • Further, you have to tap on <Cameo> icon that locating at the bottom of screen.


  • Keep long press on ‘Cameo‘ that you wish to use on your Snapchat app.


  • Then you will see context menu and choose the <New Selfie> then take new picture, and with it you can send a new cameo with in few seconds.


  • Further, you have to need take a picture and click on <Create my cameo> button.


  • Now you are ready to use your new one cameo on your Snapchat app account.

Second Way:

  • Launch Snapchat app on your iOs or Android device
  • Next, you have to click on <Chatbox>
  • This will open one of your friends’s chat.
  • Further, tap on <Smiley Face> icon near the chat bar.
  • Then you can search your already made cameos, then keep long-press on one cameo and hit on <New Selfie> option.
  • Now, you have to create a perfect selfie for Snapchat cameo.
  • Then finally, you can take your gender, and that’s done.

Alternative Method:

If above shown both methods not working for you due to some reason, then you can use this trick.

In this way, you have to delete your Snapchat cameo selfie and then again re-create one.

Delete Snapchat cameo, navigate this ‘Profile’ > ‘Settings‘ > ‘Clear My Cameos Selfie’ > ‘Clear

Once deleted it, you have to create new Snapchat cameo. If you don’t know about it then read this article how to create Snapchat cameo.

How to Change Cameo Friend on Snapchat

If you are unable to share a picture along with few friends, then Snapchat lets you to feature friends in memorable two-person cameos. Hence, you can also select from many backgrounds and then just append your friend’s selfie to make cool stuff unique.

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Snapchat grants permission that who you want to share your cameo with, but must be allowing you to use by them; here’s how:

  • Open you Snapchat app on your iPhone or Android device.
  • Once opened it, tap on <Your Profile> to get access the ‘Profile Page’.
  • On ‘Profile Page’; click on <Shaped Geared Icon> ‘Settings‘ option locating top-right corner.


  • Head over ‘Settings Page’; tap on <Use My Cameo Selfie> underneath ‘Who Can’


  • On next page; you can choose “Everyone”, “My Friends” or “Only Me” depending on your preference and get full access to your cameo.


  • If you allow your friends to take cameos along with your, then it goes both ways. You are able to click on their chat, tap on <Cameo> icon and send them a solo cameo or cameo where you star together.

We never suggest you to allow everyone to use your cameo selfie though, because why to give permission strangers to do this. Hence, you should be keep your selfies to yourself and, of course, share them along with your friends.

How You Can Change Text on Snachat Cameo Selfie?

Your cameo looks even pretty if you add few texts into it. The templates can easily contain text that can be moved around your cameo and fit into it theme. If you have taken decision to add some word or line of text in your created cameo, then you can follow few simplest steps one by one:

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  • Launch Snapchat app on your device
  • Go to your chat where you want to send your cameo to.
  • Next, type the text in to text box, you wish to send.


  • Further you will see a <Smiley or Emoji> icon at the right hand of ‘Text box’, and Tap on it


  • Next, new menu will be appear and second option is <Cameo>.


  • Every cameo having the text that you typed so you can select what to send
  • Now finally, click on it, hit on send and your friend will get your cameo along with a text.


What to do, if Snapchat Cameo is Not Working?

If you are unable to change your Snapchat cameo otherwise cameo invalid picture then relax. It’s not big problem; with following few simple tips to fix this issue. Here’s how:

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  • Sign out and Sign in your Snapchat account.
  • Check your internet connectivity that it is reliable or not before getting to update cameo photo.
  • Never use face mask and other related item.
  • You face should be place right into the center.
  • You never use other pre-made.
  • Don’t get smile while getting to change your cameo selfie.

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

Can I Change the Snapchat Cameo Photo?

Of course! You can do it, every Snapchat user have a right to change the photo of Snapchat cameos, whenever they are unhappy with previous photo for some reasons.

Why Cameo selfie Not Changing on Snapchat?

If you face not place at right into center and try to smile, then you are unable to change your cameo selfie on your Snapchat account.

How many times you can change your Snapchat cameo selfie?

No limitation, as much you want, can change your Snapchat cameo selfie.

How to do two person cameo Snapchat?

There’s no one perfect method to do a two person cameo Snapchat, but here’s one way that can work for you:

  • Have both user launch the Snapchat app and hold their phones same time so that they’re in frame.
  • Next, click the screen to take a picture.
  • If you wish to add text or drawings, hit on pen icon and draw on the picture.

Bottom Lines

Now i hope that through this article, you have been learnt about how to change Cameo selfie on Snapchat by using our tricks. If you agree that it is helpful content then please shares it along with your friends, family members or relatives over social media platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and more.

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If you have any experience, tips, tricks, or query regarding this issue? You can drop a comment!

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