10+ Features of NoSQL Database | Characteristics of NoSQL Database

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NOSQL database is a ‘Non-Relational Database Management System’ that introduced by Carl Strozz in 1998. It is capable to accommodate a wide range of data models like as key-value, document, columnar and graph formats. It doesn’t allow to need a fixed schema.

The main goal of using NoSQL database is to distribute data stores along with humongous data storage needs. Mostly, NOSQL database is going to use for real-time web applications and Big data like as Twitter, Facebook and Google.

Features of NoSQL Database

Here, we are going to explain many key features of NoSQL databases in detail. Below shown each one, you can check them:

Compatibility Multiple Data Model:

The relational databases usually need data to place into tabular format. Next, they are capable to get access and analyse it. So, they are getting to hassle for data handling, and needing the information to get well structured, before ingest it.

But, NoSQL database has not any restriction; where are needing the compatibility along with multiple data models. It has higher flexible regarding data handling. Then, it is capable to ingest unstructured, structured, and semi-structured data along with same speed. This is most convincing for helpful for specific applications that needed the specific data models.

Architectures and developers can select a NoSQL database makes deal with easiest control different agile applications development needs. Few popular data models enable with document, wide-column, graph, and key-value. Hence, this is getting to support multiple data models that allows you to use the identically data into different data model without handling a fully different database.

Non-Relational Data Model:

NoSQL databases is unable to build the relationship in between the individual records. Where single record is mostly storing as a individual JSON document, and replicated over the multiple terminals.

Best example is about music bands for non-relational model. Here, BandID, Band Name, Country, Genre, Label, AlbumID, Album Name, and Release Date attributes kept into one Radiohead document. When you have to need to search out the release data for the Radiohead album, Ok computer, the response is very lightning fastest.

The query serves the output instantly as it doesn’t require fetching information for many tables, instead of a single entry. Every relevant record into the database requires to update, when you wish to append an attributes like as a streaming service. Hence, NoSQL database is better solution for huge amount of data that don’t need to get structure otherwise related at further point.

Enhanced Scalability, Availability & Data Handling through Peer-to-Peer Architecture:

You know very well that relational databases are scalable. Next, their traditional server-client architecture makes both vertical and horizontal scaling a resource intensive process. Unlike, NoSQL database makes the solution that serve a serverless, peer-to-peer architecture with consistent properties among all terminals. This helps to simplify scalability, and higher adaptable for cloud applications. 

NoSQL database uses the sharding to scale as horizontally; then data will divide and placed on the multiple machines in this process to keep its ordering. Due to its higher flexibility, NoSQL lets it to manage the vast data amount efficiently. With the help of auto replication ability of NoSQL, it makes ensure higher availability.

Flexibility for Schema:

The all data allows to store in non-relational database normally has no fixed format that means free form otherwise no-schema manner. Due to this, NoSQL database is getting to characterize by flexible schema.

Having the Global Data Distribution:

Development of NoSQL database is to make the distribution data at the global scale. That means, it is capable to use various sites involving many data centers or cloud regions for read/write operations. Whereas relational database is going to use a centralized application that is location dependent, especially for write operations.

With using the key benefit of distributed database along with masterless architecture that you are able to keep maintain regular availability because make replication of data along with many copies.

Most Comfortable for Developers:

As you known that NOSQL database has a flexible storage structure like as MongoDB is a popular NoSQL database that is getting to use a document structure in its data storage. You are capable to keep store data into both structured and unstructured manner into a NoSQL database.

Cause of this flexibility, most of document formats match the object format is most programming language. It makes deal for developers to enter new data into database without getting to normalize the new data entry along with an existing format in a database.

Horizontal Scaling:

The scaling in the database serves to enhance the storage capacity of the database as application user start to grow. The numbers of users are increasing of the application that would be necessary an increase in the storage space of an application in the respect of storing the data of new one user. But, NoSQL database is getting to horizontal scaling feature that enables with adding the extra nodes to the database, then it shares the increasing load of storage.

NoSQL Data Model Allows Quicker Queries:

NoSQL database doesn’t allow to data model as fixed tables along with fixed rows and columns. Apart of this, it enables with graphs being nodes and edges; as well as key-value pair and other formats. Due to flexibility of data entry format lets for easiest data entry in the NoSQL databases. Hence, this makes deal for easiest retrieval and manipulation of related data in any given database activity.

Having Zero Downtime:

At the finally, NoSQL databases are getting to robust and feature at minimal downtime. It is done by using the masterless architecture implements this down time, and allows for various copies of data to be kept maintain over different nodes. If anytime one node gets fail, then don’t worry; because another node has a copy of the data for easy, fastest access.

Characteristics of NoSQL Database

In this section, we will describe the basic characteristics of NoSQL database (Non-Relational Database) with ease; as follow them:

  • NOSQL database system keeps store and retrieve data from many format like as graph databases, key-value stores, column-family stores, document stores, and rows in table as well.
  • It helps to fetch your data by using of simplest interface without using of joins.
  • NoSQL database allow you to keep store your database at the multiple processors and maintain higher speed performance.
  • Most of NOSQL database is getting leverage with low cost commodity processors that have separate disk and RAM.
  • If you wants to attach additional processors then you get a consistent enhance in its performance.
  • NoSQL database also provides the solution to a one way of storing, manipulating, and retrieving data. So, it is innovative.
  • NoSQL is a schema free system; so it allows you to drag and drop your data into a folder, then query it without making an entity-relational model.

Final Remarks

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