What is Gateway in Networking: Types, Examples, Functions, Uses, Working

What is Gateway in Networking: Types, Examples, Functions, Uses, Working

What is Gateway in Computer Network

Definition: Gateway is a network hardware device that is used for making communication in between two networks with different transmission protocol together, and it is an entry and exit “Gate” for the networks that helps to bypass the all data with the gateway prior to being routed. Gateways can be used for both WAN and LAN interconnects.


The gateway acts as a “Translator” in between two different systems that is used dissimilar communication protocols, data format or different architectures. It may be a server, router, firewall or other network device that allows to flow the traffic in and out of the network.

Types of Gateways in Networking

There are two different types of network gateways which are divided on the basis of direction of data flow; below explain each one –

  • Unidirectional Gateways
  • Bidirectional Gateways

Unidirectional Gateways: These gateways allow to broadcast the data only single direction. All changes are made in the source terminal, and they are replicated to destination node or application. But, they do not permit any change in the destination node are not replicated in the source node. These types of gateway work as archiving tools.

Bidirectional Gateways: Bidirectional gateways are capable to flow the data in both directions. In these gateways, all changes are made to the source node are replicated in the destination and vice-versa. These types of tools are capable to perform all tasks as synchronization tools.

Other different types of gateways, but they have various variants on the basis of their of functionalities; below mention each one –

Examples of Gateway

You can also say examples of gateway in the computer network; below mention the list –

  • VoiP Trunk Gateway
  • Network Gateway
  • Internet-To-Orbit Gateway
  • Media Gateway
  • Payment Gateway
  • Default Gateway
  • IoT Gateway
  • Cloud Storage Gateway
  • Email Security Gateway
  • Web Application Firewalls

Network Gateway: This gateway provides the best interface in between two dissimilar networks which are operated by different kinds of protocols.

Internet-To-Orbit Gateway: This gateway helps to make connection in between the devices (which are connected with Internet) to satellites and spacecraft orbiting the earth. Examples are – Project HERMES and GENSO (Global Educational Network for Satellite Operations).

VoiP Trunk Gateway: This gateway allows to transmit data in between the plain old telephone service devices such as landline phones and fax machines with the help of VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol).

Media Gateway: This gateway allows to broadcast data into audio and video transmissions.

Payment Gateway: This gateway provides the security for receiving and paying the online payments.

Default Gateway: Default gateway allows to get access external networks while not specifying another gateway.

IoT Gateway: This gateway allows to assimilate the sensor data from IoT (Internet of Things) devices into the field and then it translates them in between many sensor protocols before firing it to the cloud network. They are getting to make connection with user applications, cloud network, and IoT devices.

Cloud Storage Gateway: This gateway allows to make translation for storage requests along with different kinds of cloud storage service API calls like as – SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) or REST (REpresentational State Transfer).

Email Security Gateway: It allows to facilitate the transmission of all messages the break organization strategy or will move data with malignant purpose.

Web Application Firewalls: It allows to push the traffic to and from a web server and monitors the application layer data.

Functions of Gateway in Computer Network

Gateway is used to perform various functions in the computer network; such as –

  • It allows to move the all information over the Web and provides the entry gate for several networks then users are able to perform many tasks like as send email, navigate the Web Page, buy any product and services over the Web, etc.
  • It plays the role as bridge in between the sensors internet devices.
  • With using of gateway, battery life of sensors and other devices is getting to boost up.
  • With using of gateway, it allows to make communication with sensors and internet devices over the various protocols and then translate data into standard protocol that to be transmitted to the cloud.
  • It helps to reduce the latency while preparing the information.
  • It allows to get reduction of the number of sensors and devices connected to the web.

Working of Gateway | How does it Work?

Network gateway is a center point of the many networks that has ability to access other networks. In the Intranet, router plays the role as a gateway node that attaches the network is known as the “Gateway”. But, in the large scale organizations, the special computer controls the traffic in between the networks as a gateway points. In the commercial enterprise, the computer server acts as gateway nodes and it can also plays the role as proxy server or firewall at times.

Gateway can be connected with router because router has all information that where to send data packets then network switch take decision for in and out path of gateway for arriving the designated packet, and here operating system is used for sharing internet behaves such as gateway and built the connection along with internal networks.

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