Advantages and Disadvantages of Gateway in Networking | Features of Gateway

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gateway in Networking | Features of Gateway

Gateway is special type of networking device that helps to make interconnection multiple devices with each other to different types of networks, and they can make communication. In the simple words, it plays the role as entry or exit gate for the other networks.

In this post, we will explain various advantages and disadvantages of Gateway in Networking, and through this article, we will spread the light about pros and cons of gateway in Computer Network.


 Advantages of Gateway in Networking

There are various benefits and advantages of gateway in the computer networking; below explain each one –

Connectivity: Gateway provides the better connectivity with other different networks, and it also helps to scale the network with linking the multiple computers along with other systems together. So, due to this, different types of computers have ability to access the same type of information.

Better Flexibility: The gateway is getting more flexibility for your network because it is capable to translate all information from computers along with different kinds of systems.

Protection from Unwanted Users: Gateway allows user authentication for getting to improve the security. In concern of security, user ID and Password are installed on the network gateway, so unwanted users are not able to access any type of information from the network. Due to this security, only authorized users have only right to access to all information over the entire networks.

Filtering Ability: Filtering process is another major ability of gateway, because it can perform the filtering process with inspecting every data packets when they are passed via gateway.

Domain Control: While increasing of large number of collision and broadcast domain, network provider has assured that they are capable to offer better bandwidth. Network gateways have ability to manage collision and broadcast domain.

Protocol Converter: A gateway has capability to convert the data packets as per the destination needs. If, anytime destination network has different types of requirement then it can also convert the all data format as per then need. So, it is also known as the “Protocol Conversion“.

Features and Characteristics of Gateway in Networking

  • Gateway uses the full-duplex mode of communication.
  • It has ultra data transmission speed amongst all network linking devices.
  • It is capable to encapsulate and de-capsulate the data packets.
  • It can control the all traffic issues with effectively.
  • Gateway can operates up to layer 5 of the OSI model.

Disadvantages of Gateway in Computer Network

There are various drawbacks and disadvantages of gateway in the computer networking; below explain each one –

Configuration: There is getting more difficult for Configuration of devices through a gateway. So, skilled system administrator is needed for this purpose.

Time Delay: Network gateway takes more time for translating the information, so it cannot instant transfer information. It gets to back old cache information which is not cleared. Due to this, it can take more time for producing the accurate result.

Implementation: Oftenally, gateways on default are configured on the router itself. Network administrators are getting more difficulties for installing them.  Due to this, its cost can get higher.

Connection Droppage: There are getting more probability of failure happening at the gateway, so it can get drop the communication. Anyone devices are not capable to communicate until issues are sorted out.

Troubleshooting: Each computer has different protocol over the network which is connected with each other. If, any problem is occurred then every computer has needed to troubleshoot individually.

Other Drawbacks of Gateway Are:

  • Complex to design and implement
  • Implementation cost is higher
  • Need skilled Network administrators
  • It has not ability to noise prevention.
  • Due to protocol conversion, transmission rate is getting slow.
  • Makes a lot of latency

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