Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Networking | Benefits & Features

In this article, we are going to explain about many advantages and disadvantages of computer networking; and involving with benefits and features of computer network with ease. I making ensure that after reading this article; you will definitely fully aware about pros and cons of computer network without any hassle.

Computer network means to connect multiple computer system with each other through physical medium (Cable or Wire) or wireless medium and this architecture is known as “Computer Network“.

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In traditional computer networks, single computer machine, workstation, and servers are linked one by one through Ethernet and other cables. But now, advance technologies are released in market in which to make connection between multiple points through wireless technology.

Before going to ahead of this post, you must be known about some fundamental of computer network, such as

Advantages of Computer Network

There are various benefits of Computer Network such as –  

Shareable Platform:

Computer networking provides great shareable platform to exchange the all information from one computer to another computer over network. These data has different variant like as email, blog post, newsgroups, video conference, and more.

Great Collaboration:

On the computer network, multiple persons can login on the same platform at a time, and their location may be (remotely) different areas over the world. All people are able to login into their account on their location and can be accessed all data or files. Now these days, computer networks are become more advance, and they allow to global collaboration for all variants of groups.

Cut-off cost with joining of Computer Network:

Tandy 1000 had more costly with $1200 in 1984, and that PC clone computer was designed with cost affordable to use for word processing and home computing. But it was not able to access internet. But now all computing devices are cheaper, and they allows to access internet with 4G and 5G speed.

Off-line Data Storage:

Now these days, several threats are getting via internet, technology structure, and computer system. So today, it is more necessary to save all information off-line, which is flowing over the network for getting protection for the intruders. In future, if anyone wants to access old stored data then those data can be accessed from storage devices.

Portable Connection to Computer Network:

Today, it is not difficult to make connection with computer network. All computers has inbuilt programs that help to connect another devices just with clicking on the shortcut prompt. For examples, every smart phone has Wi-Fi that helps to make connection over network.

Personalize Connection to Network:

Today, it is getting more fraud via network like as Cyber crime. So to decrease the probability of cyber threats, computer network provide great tools, which are leading to protection as well as increasing productivity. It offers to some access authority that helps to access specific data with trustworthy person.

Other Advantages Are:

  • Computer network allows multiple persons to access internet with single internet connection (ISP). So, no need to purchase separate cable for every computer system to access internet, because it helps to reduce the cost of accessing internet.
  • With using of computer network, many problems can be solved. For example – if you are using medical emergency then to begin crowd funding page, Over the internet everyone can share own experiences then can be build up large audience.
  • Computer network helps to save money with sharing single (printer, plotter, Fax machine) via multiple computers. In network structure,  no required to connect separate printer with every computer.
  • Due to computer network, entrepreneur opportunities are generating. For example – Fiver, Freelance, Guru, Upwork, and other online portal are deliver freelance opportunities to buyers and sellers. If you want to become millionaire then you can accept several platforms such as write a blog, sell products on Amazon, or create YouTube videos because of computer networks.
  • Computer networks are delivering several opportunities to education, because many universities deal in online education, and provide online degree like as IGNOU University. It is possible with help of computer network.

Disadvantages of Computer Network

There are some limitations of computer network, such as –

Less Independency:

In the computer network, to perform all tasks with using of computers, its components, network operating system, and servers. SO computer networking is totally depend on their hardware parts, if any part of network is get break down then network system get halt, and network system is useless without those component.

Protection Problem:

In networking system, huge number of persons are perform their tasks such as use resources for sharing their data form one point to other destination. So, here it can be increase the probability of getting illegal activities.

Less Robustness:

Due to break down the central server of network system, the entire computer network gets become fail, and if any bridge server gets damaged then computer network performance also get degrade. So we can say network system has lack of robustness.

Possibility to get Virus and Malware:

All computer terminals are connected with each other on the network architecture. If any computer gets infection then viruses and malware can be infected to entire network.

High expensive of Network:

Cost of network system can be getting high because it is depend of using their cabling and equipments.

Need Technical Staff:

Computer network always contains the big architecture, so to manage of that network need technical staff. In the network structure, having various technical connection and different configuration, so it is not easy task to perform by unqualified person.

The Bottom Lines

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