UNIX Features | Advantages and Disadvantages of UNIX OS (Operating System)

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UNIX Definition

Unix, trademarked as UNIX. UNIX is a multitasking, multi-user operating system for servers, desktops and laptops that are developed for flexibility and adaptability. UNIX operating system is firstly designed by Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie at AT&T Bell laboratories in 1970. UNIX system have a file system that is containing is a hierarchical structure of files and directories where user are able to keep store and access information with helping of files.


Everything in UNIX is file or process. A process is an executing code that is identified by a unique PID is known as ‘Process Identifier’. A file is a group of data, which are made by users with helping of text editor, running compiler etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of UNIX Operating System

In this section, we will cover many advantages and disadvantages of UNIX OS in detail. Let’s get started!!

Advantages of UNIX OS

There are many advantages and benefits of UNIX operating system and pros of UNIX OS; below shown complete list:

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  1. Open Source
  2. Safe and Protective
  3. Portability
  4. Lightweight
  5. Great Stability
  6. No Require Anti-virus
  7. Like as MS-DOS
  8. Multitasking Nature
  9. Great Flexibility
  10. Getting to Software Updates
  11. Having Many Variants
  12. Graphical User Interface
  13. Easy to Find Expert
  14. Great Compatibility
  15. Networking System
  16. Installation Process
  17. Modular Format
  18. Fewest Code Execute
  19. Availability
  20. Beneficial for Web Hosting
  21. Less Memory Consumption
  22. Best Community Support

Features of UNIX Operating System

Now, here we will discuss the features of UNIX OS one by one in detail.

Open Source

UNIX is an open-source operating system that means its source code is easily available on the internet. If you have programming skill then it can be customized, contribute, modify, distribute, and enhance the code for any objective with ease.

Safe and Protective

UNIX operating system offers the safe and protective platform that lets multiple users is able to make interaction along with server online without any security concern. Users can easily make interactions with UNIX OS quickly and avoid any technical bugs.

I accept that UNIX is not fully safe, but it has fewer vulnerable compare to other. Every application requires the authorization by admin user. UNIX provides the UID and GID for getting to handle all permissions for all users, and files are controlled by users via these permissions.


UNIX OS is designed by implementing the C language so it has great portable operating system. That means this types of operating system can be used easily on any system like as PC or Mac. Today, C language is getting more popularity so mostly programmers prefer to work easily with this C language. User can also easily make communication along with hardware with helping of C language.


UNIX operating system is lightweight OS. So you have to need less resources to run it compare to other operating system. Mostly, UNIX distribution needed as little bit as 128 MB RAM along with similar amount for disk space.

Great Stability

UNIX operating system is great stable to other operating system, so UNIX doesn’t need to reboot the system to get maintain performance levels. It has less possibility to get hangs up or slow down.

No Require Anti-virus

As you already aware about that macOS, Linux, Ubuntu, Chrome OS and Android are designed by helping of UNIX operating system. So this operating system is preferred as protective from any virus, so as initially develop Chrome OS you don’t require to install any anti-virus.

Like as MS-DOS

If, you are getting more experience by using of MS-DOS in Windows then it becomes easily for user to implement UNIX OS, because their commands and user interface is mostly like as MS-DOS.

Multitasking Nature

UNIX operating system is a multitasking OS that means user are able to operate many program in UNIX operating system, as well as all programs run in parallel by using many types of multiprocessor.

Great Flexibility

Unix OS has most flexibility that means it can be used for many embedded systems sever applications, desktop applications, and so on. It also offers many restriction options for certain computer system. So users are only able to get install only mandatory components for the system.

Getting to Software Updates

In UNIX, users have control to get software updating, so you can easily to choose the needed updates. Here, enlarge number of system updates are presented. And these updates are more faster compare to other OS. So, you can easily to get system updates without getting any hassle.

Having Many Variants

Here, different kinds of UNIX OS variants are presented, If you are not getting to suitable by using UNIX then you can use other alternative as your convince like as Linux, Ubuntu, macOS or Redhat. Users are free to implement any types of UNIX operating system on their system.

Graphical User Interface

UNIX operating system is a command line operating system, but it also offers an interactive user interface that similar to Windows.

Easy to Find Expert

UNIX OS is more than 50 year old so you can easily to hire many developers who are available in the market. They can assist you to fix your issue related to your operating system. Today, UNIX developers are most demanded because many cloud based applications work on UNIX system. For example: mobile operating system such as iOS and Android and other online servers also designed by using UNIX OS.

Great Compatibility

UNIX OS is a better compatibility along with enlarge number of file formats, and it can support mostly all types of file formats.

Networking System

UNIX OS offers the most powerful support for computer networking system. The client server architecture can be easily designed to UNIS OS. It also offers many commands line tools like as mail, telnet, ssh, ip, and more for making connectivity along with the other systems and servers.

Installation Process

UNIX’s installation process is easiest to other operating system like as Windows, and it takes only fewer times. On installation process, UNIX needs few user input, and it doesn’t need much more system configuration even it can be easily installed on old system along with less configurations.

Modular Format

Unix OS’s utilities are developed in modular format. If you having good skill over programming language then you are easily able to construct small programs in modular form and then unite the modules and all modules will execute frequently throughout the system.

Fewest Code Execute

In GUI (graphical user interface) system, sometimes we have to require made many mouse click to get perform some certain  task, but in this phase of UNIX we can easily write on command in CLI and that task can be completed.


In UNIX, all kind of data is kept stored in the files, and working along with these files in OS becomes fastest and can be easily controlled by UNIX.

Beneficial for Web Hosting

As you know UNIX operating system is free of cost and most protective operating system, so it is implemented by mostly web hosting organizations. Most of web hosting servers implement utilities such as DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), DNS (Domain Name Server), web server and so on.

Less Memory Consumption

UNIX operating system is going to use fewest memories while executing any sophisticated programs. UNIX operating system is able to manage virtual memory perfectly, because virtual memory expands as more programs come into primary memory. Unix OS is able to perform Mostly task by implementing less resources.

Best Community Support

Unix OS offers a enlarge community support, so we are able to find out from many sources. There are various forums presented on the web to get assistance user. Furthermost, developer from the several open-source communities are always ready to assist us.

Disadvantages of UNIX operating system

In this section, we will spread the light on various challenges and limitations of UNIX operating system and drawbacks of UNIX OS; below mentioned all one by one, you can check them:

Less Friendly-User

Before going to use the UNIX OS, you should know about different types of commands. UNIX is designed mostly for the programmers, not for the novice users. Sometimes, few experienced users also getting to feel hassle while using of UNIX’s commands because many commands are mostly difficult to use them.

Not Proper Documentation

UNIX operating system has poor documentation, because if any user gets any issue then he will go to consult expert programmers and grab the online help from documentation is very daunting task. Whereas macOS and Windows are getting proper documentation then you can easy to follow documentation that is freely present over the online.

Hostile GUI (Graphical User Interface)

UNIX is basically command-oriented operating system, but although it has graphical interface support. Therefore, users are getting more challenges to use it.

Need Learning the Primary Features

You should be getting to know about how UNIX user inserting the commands works to use on this operating system. So, make communication along with UNIX is not too difficult; that means all users are able to get access quickly.

Less Technical Support

UNIX has not proper technical support which can get delay the resolution of unwanted bugs.

Require the Skilled Users

UNIX is not easy to use operating system than macOS or Windows OS. Therefore, it is going to prefer experienced users with being at minimum of computer knowledge.

No Having Quality Control

UNIX operating system is an open-source OS, therefore it can make mistrust in the user.

Cryptic Commands

UNIX OS has various commands, which are used the cryptic words. So, new users can face many challenges to get proper ideas of working those commands. Few commands are used with being special characters then difficult to understand for casual users. Whenever, you try to use any wrong character in the command then your system will going to begin unknown works that might be erasing or alter some data from your computer system.


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