20+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Star Topology | Features & Characteristics

Hi Guys! Today, we are going to explore in detail about what are advantages and disadvantages of star topology network; as well as involving with characteristics and features of star topology with ease. This is unique article over the internet; therefore, i make ensure that after reading this post; you will definitely fully aware about benefits and drawbacks of star topology without getting any obstacle.

Overview of Star Topology

A star topology is a Local Area Network that allows every network components to link as physically with a central node like as hub, network switch, or router. Star topology network has a centralize hub that works like as server and other linked nodes work as clients. Whenever, the central node gets a packet from an attaching node, and then it can move the packet on to other nodes over the computer network. The start topology is also referred as a Start Network.


Apposite the Mesh topology, each device are unable to make communication directly in between the device into the star topology; it only allows to communicate along with of a centralize hub. It is going to depend upon the type of network card installed in every computer system, and coaxial cable or RJ-45 cable is used for a star topology. As similar a bus topology, deploying a computer network that makes star network is very simple and easiest.

Star Topology Advantages and Disadvantages

Here, we will guide you about various pros and cons of star topology network; as well as limitations and benefits of star topology with ease.

Advantages of Star Topology

There are many merits and benefits of star topology network that are listed below; you can check them:

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Star network is going to use as very sensitive in the error detection; as well as it is easiest task to identify the error into large network. Any computer system can be added to the network along with the point to point connection to the central hub therefore error detection is fastest process. It also lets you to get install and reconfigure the computer network.


The centralized management lets you help to monitor over the network by using the central hub, switch, or computer.

Good Reliable:

Whenever, if anyone cable is halted, then rest network will still work properly. Therefore, the Failed node or link doesn’t bad affect the remaining network.

Faster to Transfer Data Rate:

The star topology network is getting fastest speed as a transfer data rate from one node to other nodes. The central hub works as single booster and repeater also going to make the network faster.

Highly Performance:

A star topology network allows each node gets link to the central core along with their cable, and then data collision chances will be minimal. Cause of this, this system’s performance will be highly increased than to other networks.

Easy to Manage:

It is easy to get fault detection because the link is usually easily monitored, then it will be going to easy identify the failure, and fix it.

No Occur Data Collision Problem:

In the star network, data is going to transfer via hub therefore there is not possibility to occur data collision into network. So, all data flows from one system to another system to arrive the target point. The bus topology allows only one machine can be sent data at a time; whereas the star topology is able to travel data from many computers at a same time.

No Point-to-Point Connections:

The star topology is most helpful for the network for any size, then there will be get zero risk of signal reflection along with the network that makes a secured way to transmit the data packets with unicast communication and point-based communication connections.

Ideal For Enlarge Network:

A star topology is the best ideal for the large network, because it is most capable to transfer data at the higher rate without getting any data collision problem. The large numbers of hubs can be linked to develop the large network.

Easy to Add & Remove Nodes:

You can easily add any new one node to the network; as well as it is also going to easy remove any computer or workstation from the computer network without getting any hindrance to network connection. Just you have to need one port to make connection for connecting one new one node into star network. For getting to link a new device over the network; you also have to need one point to point cable for device to the hub.


While using the star topology, you can easily to scale the length of network by adding the multiple stars along with a core device at the middle as a server.

Great Solution for Businesses:

If you are running the business then a star topology is a good solution for you. Star network can also be made a wireless where all nodes attach along with central hub wirelessly. Just you have to need only credential details to link to the network wirelessly.

Disadvantages of Star Topology

Here, we are going to show the list of the various limitations and drawbacks of star topology network; each one is explained at the below:

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High Expensive:

While, you are going to compare the star topology along with ring topology and bus topology then it has to need more cables and other network devices like as hub, switch or router for making this network, then it is more costly.

Highly Dependent on The Central Hub:

If central hub gets fail, then entire network will be get halt because none of devices are unable to work without using a hub.

Performance Depends Upon The Central Device:

The performance of entire network depends upon the quality of the hub; if it is better to handle the large traffic then it will be provide better performance, otherwise this network offers the degrade performance as attaching new one devices. The main concern about the star topology’s performance totally based on that how many devices are linked to the central hub.

Highly Maintenance:

Network hub needs a lot of resources and regular maintenance because it is totally depends on the central system of the star network.

Intended to Damage:

A star topology is going to use more cables or wires that make more potential damage exposure, then it requires with behind walls, under floors and via other hassles to arrive the targeted workstations or peripherals. If LAN network needs the installation work on the exterior of the infrastructure, then it can be more susceptible with changing the weather condition or wildlife affect.

Less Data Transfer Speed with Wireless System:

If you are going to require the network to bear massive load then a wired topology network system is better to wireless system.

Port less Hubs:

Few hubs are available without physical ports; hence there is only one solution to link wirelessly via Wi-Fi or mobile network.

Stable Network System:

Today, wireless star topology network are available in the market, but mostly still depend upon the wired connections that means the constant length of wire is restricted the movement of single workers. Cause of this, it can decrease the productivity levels over time because one gets bound sit at a certain distance from the centralized hub device.

Features of Star Topology Network

In this section, we will spread the light on the many characteristics and features of star topology network with ease, as follow:

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  • It is easy to install and each node is linked to the centralized network hub.
  • In the star network, if anyone node gets fail or stop working then not affects the entire network; still it works as before.
  • It doesn’t need more maintenance.
  • It has high level performance.
  • Centralized hub is giving the commands to regulate the whole network.
  • In which, all nodes are getting to attach with central hub or network switch; cause of this, it provides the fastest data transmission rate.
  • Star topology network has some primary devices as central device, named as ROUTER, HUB, or SWITCH.
  • Most of cable is going to use in the star topologies than to bus topology.

Final Remarks

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